The Keys to Transitioning Healthcare: Empowerment, Education, & Prevention

FM -

Any idea if it’s the SHU level of the pepper or the combo of the heat rating and something specific to a cayenne pepper?

If it’s just the heat unit rating I’m figuring a dose of Dogs’ Habanero Tea would be sufficient to raise the dead - in the event the cayenne tea didn’t work. 

This has come up from time to time, but now is as good a time as any to bring it up.
Does anyone out there have any experiences with local honey and allergies? 

I used to get bad sinus infections triggered by the spring pine pollen bloom like clockwork.  We were at our local Farmer’s Market a few years ago and one of the farmers told us that local honey was effective against minor allergies.  I wrote that off as a sales pitch.  (It worked, I bought the honey anyway).  A couple of months later, Cat and I went to a beekeeping class taught by a friend of ours - she insisted that a tablespoon of local honey would prevent allergies.

Well, if Doris the Master Beekeeper says something like that, I am inclined to listen.  Doris is 86 and would put most people I know to shame.  She mows her daughter’s 18 acre farm every 10 days - for fun and because it gives her “a couple of hours to think and enjoy the outdoors”.  As I am wont to do, I digress…

Anyway, I started snorking down a tablespoon of local honey each morning and haven’t had a sinus infection in three years. 

Raw, unfiltered, local honey is the key.  It contains bacteria local to your community and greatly enhances the immune system.  Raw milk has also helped my wife and son who both suffered greatly from seasonal allergies and my son who was asthmatic hasn’t suffered from asthma ever since we started him on raw milk.

  DIAP ,
   The honey works well  for my families allergies .   I started a hive  so we have it  when the SHTF  …

  We use the honey to heal burns , scrapes , wounds .  

  BUT it does not work for Mold or feather allergies .   There has got to be something else out there to build up immunities to these …  I have just not found them yet  .  However when mine get into this kind of sinus infection I use the Colloidal Silver to kill the infection .  I have a local gal that makes it and only charges $25 a pint .   Way better than $20  for two oz . that I used to order .    You have to use it for ten days on ten days off if I remember right  to make sure the bacteria is all killed .

 OH Yess  I believe that habanero tea would do the trick !

  I just think it is totally Amazing the health benefits in the nature around us .   It makes you so appreciate the wonders of it all .

  I do suggest to anyone who has been in the military and shot with sooo many immunizations to consider Footbath detox .    There are are a few out there I like the EB one  but there are cheaper versions .    It helps clear the  lymph’s , heavy metals, virus ,  kidneys , liver .   When you get these detoxing your body can work better at healing itself .  Just an Opinion … I do not sell them or anything . I am amazed at the  gunk that comes out of my feet each time I do it .  Made me quit dying my hair and drink more water . 


 Got to go shake my  new batches  of Cayenne Tincture , sea weed tincture and  the cranberry tincture .  Wish I would have snagged some dandelion root  this summer .  I may have to go out of state to  stock up on the vodka  or the  Church deacons will be worrying and paying me a visit LOL .

joemanc, r u kidding me!!! MMS.    Your a funny guy, are u getting a kickback?    Your probably Jim Humble himself?
Stick with the healthy eating, there are no magic potions.

FM -

I heard about these Fott bath things a couple of years ago, didn’t pay it much mind.  You are the second person I’ve heard recently who has mentioned these Foot Bath Detox things so I googled.  Here’s what I found - and strictly from a chemistry standpoint - this article makes sense to me.

Any Chem Es out there who want to weigh in?  Or folks who have an opinion on the Foot Bath Detox?  Even my music fest hippie buddies kind of chuckled when I brought it up the first time I heard about it.  Some were adamant that it worked, others just laughed and said it was a cleverly marketed waste of money.  I’m not casting aspersions on the Foot bath thing, but…electrocuting your feet???  Let’s just say my skeptic alarms are going off.

 Your a funny guy, are u getting a kickback? [/quote]

I am in fact getting a kickback…and I’m using it to buy gold and silver. Money mouth

Have you read his entire book? Have you watched his video? Have you searched the internet to hear the stories from people who have taken MMS?

I’ve checked it out in the past and strongly suggest passing on this one.


I’m not interested in his book for substantiation purposes since it’s obviously subjective.  I’m interested in controlled, double blind, peer reviewed, etc. research.  It doesn’t take a lot of money.  I got a grant as a poor undergraduate to conduct fairly basic research.  With all due respect, when someone makes a statement that he doesn’t have the money and his time is better spent in the field curing people, that’s one of the oldest claims in the book for a quack to make.  Not making accusations, just sayin’.    

This makes perfect sense to me. Your local honey is contaminated with small quantities of local pollens where the proteins are possibly partially digested by the bees yet some allergenic determinants remain. Thus you are getting small doses of the allergens to which you are sensitive, which will train your immune system to forgo its usual systemic reaction. This is exactly the treatment that allergists use.

Naturally it won’t work for other allergies, like mold or dust mites. 

[quote=Full Moon]

  DIAP ,

   The honey works well  for my families allergies .   I started a hive  so we have it  when the SHTF  …

  We use the honey to heal burns , scrapes , wounds .  

  BUT it does not work for Mold or feather allergiesUT  . [/quote]

Sugar or honey aids would healing because it produces extremely high local osmotic pressure with serum so that any bacteria are killed and unable to infect the wound.


Next time you experience a skin condition like that, try a topical application of Tea Tree Oil. And de-stress.

For an honest analysis and examination of well-known and peer-reviewed studies (some honest, some paid-for, and why/who paid for them) regarding our food supplies, the FDA, conventional wisdom and medicine, and the evolution of human nutrition, check out the Weston Price Foundation here:
Do a search on any ailment, and read what they have to say.
There are a million “natural” and “holistic” remedies out there. But this site attempts to evaluate what has <i>actually</i> worked over the last few millenium for the human body.

One thing everyone should do if they haven’t is establish yourself as a patient in a primary care office.   Get the recommendations of friends or other doctors and become a patient of a practice.  Even if you are not in acute distress go in for a physical just to start the relationship.  Doctors and their staff’s are absolutely overwhelmed with work (yes there is a physician shortage, and particularly a shortage of good physicians) and they are overwhelmed with the rapid changes in the healthcare arena.  This is why “new” patients have trouble getting “urgent” services.  Doctors have enough to do to care for their existing patients,  they are seldom going to work in a stranger.  “Urgent Care” offices are good if they are around but there is nothing better than having an established relationship with a doc and his/her staff locally.  Be pleasant with them, smile, and be greatful for their concern.  Remember the names of the office assitants and the nurses.  Say hello to them in the community.  Some doctors are already not accepting new patients with plans that have just reduced their reimbursements.  If you establish yourself as a patient now before further  fee cuts happen you are not likely to be “cut of” from the practice.  Doctors have a real hard time turning away established patients but they can be expected to limit access for new patients with the lowest paying plans.
And remember, “healthcare is a right you can be fined for.”


Great post and well needed.  Below is a old post called “medical preparedness” from nearly 2 yrs ago.  Hope folks find it helpful again. 

Update:  Two years later, at 45 yr old, Im still going strong!  Built a 22 x 48 ft greenhouse by myself.  Expanded the garden. Just earned a black belt in taekwondo and am up to a green belt in judo. 

Still eating low carb but can cheat occasionally without spiking my blood sugar.  Asthma gone.  Allergies receding but flare up occasionally - I started using Sinus Buster available at Walmart - a herbal nasal spray with nettle and cayenne pepper extract - YOWSER - it works but the cure is marginally better than the disease. 

If you do take prescription drugs, I suggest googling “$10 prescription drug list” to find generic drugs available at major chain stores on the cheap.  For instances, here is Walmarts -

Life is good.  Do your own research and know one knows your body better than you - trust yourself.






Life is good.  Do your own research and know one knows your body better than you - trust yourself.

Excellent! Worth Repeating! 


And physical activity + no TV is my preventative medicine and makes my life enormously positive each day;  if you aren’t there yet I challenge you to try it!

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What I do take is a natural solution called Miracle Mineral Solution, or MMS. My long time friend and personal chiropractor told me about this. He used it to cure his Lyme disease.
I don’t want to rain on your parade but when a remedy is promoted in the following manner,
"The answer to AIDS, hepatitis A,B and C, malaria, herpes, TB, most cancer and many more of mankind’s worse diseases has been found."
I’m a bit suspicious. to say the least.
I’ve been involved in holistic/complementary/alternative health for well over 30 years and I’m very open minded but not so open minded that my brains leak out.  Can you provide some published studies as to its efficacy rather than anecdotal and hearsay "evidence" of alleged "research"? 

Read reviews about mms:

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