The Looming Pension Disaster

Gerald Celente reckons you will see a revival of entertainment - mainly due to people wanting to have at least something joyful in a dismal situation.

i remember reading something about a year ago about how PBGC (pension benefit guaranty corp), a federal pension fund was in a particuarly large financial bind and would need to shore up its capital in hurry to survive. that was last summer, since then i haven’t heard much but reckon i will probably be hearing a bunch more.

if the pbgc fails to pay up, then it is the taxpayers responsibility to foot the bill, we may be talking about a few hundred more billion here as well. i’ll do the research and get back on this thread. anyone else know much about the pbgc?


Revival? Kismet? Perhaps - check the theme of Floyd Fest 8

I bought my tickets in December.

Four days of great music and community and the occasional whiff of patchouli oil on unwashed bodies.


Dogs: I should be around on the 21st and able to go to Richmond. Let me know what’s up.

I want to move to virginia to live near dogs