The Lost Decade

There has been plenty of comments about what to do about the government interventionalism and the deep-seated tendencies in Washington to preserve the status quo. 
The solution: Revolution.

Many famous individuals from the record of history have spoken to the necessity of refreshing liberty with revolution. One of the hallmarks of the United States of America in the 1800s was its ability to essentially have a peaceful revolution every 4 years with a newly elected administration. With the vested interests present in contemporary Washington, DC, the effects of a political revolution every four years are muted. The same individuals with the same viewpoints stay in power, with the same friends and the same interests. 

For those of you in the United States, this is what must happen for the Untied States to emerge from the veil of ignorance it presides beneath. 

Stand up and speak your minds. Learn how to transmit this information, and then inform others. If every member and reader of this forum were as active as Chris in speaking at different occasions, and presenting the Crash Course via PowerPoint, taking the time to understand its many aspects and the economic reasoning behind it, this would greatly facilitate change.

Welcome to the fray buenijo.....  however, have you done the Crash Course?

Please come back AFTER doing the Crash Course.

Not sure how anything buenijo said wasn't supported by the crash course?  Why did you think other wise?  This wasn't a very friendly response to a first post.

Welcome buenijo and please don’t let Mike scare you off…


Welcome. I liked your post. I would not pay to much attention to people that suggest you watch the crash course. You seem to have a pretty good grasp of the situation.