The Mother Of All Financial Bubbles

bhatchett wrote:
You must admit you have been saying this since 2014. And would have missed out on massive profits. You could say this forever and yes it will eventually happen. But that doesn't make you right, when you say something forever. Set a date!
Nearly all non-coolaid drinkers have also been wrong going back to 2009 when everything started its artificial ramp up. Yes, they all missed out on a *lot* of paper profits. The reason why is not because they were wrong about the "markets". The reason why is because the "markets" have nothing to do with finance or economics, and have everything to do with political decisions.

I posted this on another article…
As stocks and asset prices have continued their inexorable levitation since 2009 the financial media has provided all sorts of supporting rationale every step of the way. Obviously, the most recent rationale is Trumpflation, whatever that means. As time has gone on I’ve had my own theories why the prices can’t levitate any further, and being wrong just about every step of the way. My most recent rationale was that TPTB were juicing the markets to get HRC elected.
Anyway, I certainly agree that prices must massively deflate (at least in relative terms) at some point given the ever increasing divergence between our debt based monetary system which must increase in an exponential fashion, and our dwindling vital resources on earth such as fossil fuels. So, the $64 trillion question going forward is where is the weakest link is in regards to our financial system, as that’s probably the spot TPTB are going to funnel the most money & resources. It also may reveal the potential duration of that support.
My current theory is that State, City, and private pension programs are the weakest link in regards to needing the ongoing propping of markets. We all know these pensions are precariously underfunded because of underlying growth assumptions being wildly off by orders of magnitude. If these pensions took another hit, very real pain would felt in an extremely broad fashion on the masses. Dallas is the most recent example to a long list of cities. Trickery & financial gimmickry that is done at higher levels can not be done at these local levels. So, TPTB will probably continue propping up stocks helping these pensions for as long as possible. Once people of all walks of life start getting $.20 on the dollar for 35+ years of accrued pension funds crap will hit the fan it true ptichfork & torch fashion. It will be game over on many different levels. My working theory is that this means money printing & low rates for longer than anyone can imagine, probably to the point of a complete currency crisis.

Excellent piece, well-researched, logically laid out and fact-based; thanks Chris. Given that this time, we have a global infestation, the reset is likely monumentally painful and will likely have dimensions/consequences that are unprecedented, what are your thoughts on this aspect of the problem?

Lots of the advice here is pertinent for folks who have ‘excess funds’ to invest “somewhere”.
What about those of us who don’t?
What are our best options?
For me: Income; ~1/3 my SS, 1/3 wife’s SS, & 1/3 state pension. My wife, 73, is disabled with post polio syndrome [progressive, late onset symptoms from polio infection ~65 y ago]; Me; 81, pre-retirement 21 ys as ‘Radiological Biomedical Engineer’ for which read repair/maint. of all diagnostic imaging eqpt. & ancilliaries in a major teaching hospital. Earlier, 4 yrs at Westinghouse Aerospace. Interval between included helping establish [still existing] intentional community, & trying to start another. I’m unusually active for chron. age, but still have my problems. Was glad to quit the daily grind as 8 hrs of ‘on-the-go’ was getting a bit much. Difficult to see how I could ‘go back to work’ + maintain sole caregiver role for wife. No family within 800 mi. Debt-free house, which needs more energy improvements.
Only debts are ~$3k on handicaped-eqpt. van for wife’s power chair, & recently a large ‘shed’ for our combined ‘stuff’ + stash. Put shed on my CC with ‘holiday’ special deal 3.99% rate [till payoff], this dropped my credit score to hi 700’s from 800+ [too large bal. on ‘rotating credit’]. Next goals are PV on [specially spect’d] shed roof + painting ~4 YO Standing seam hse roof + insul. attic.

shoul > should

I heard nothing in the speech last night that gives me hope that this current administration will do anything substantial about the three E’s. Different song, same dancers.

So done with this nonsense.

Snydeman wrote:
I heard nothing in the speech last night that gives me hope that this current administration will do anything substantial about the three E's. Different song, same dancers. /sighs So done with this nonsense.
Meet the new boss, exactly, precisely the same as the old boss. Trump is going to...raise military spending, cut taxes, build an expensive wall, spend a trillion on infrastructure, and do all this in a fiscally prudent way. No he's not. The basic math doesn't even remotely work out. But all that Janet Yellen and her merry band of thieves really care about is making the uber wealthy and the banks even wealthier. Ditto for the ECB, the BoJ and the BoE. It's just straight up thieving from the young and the future. This is all just so plainly obvious to me, and so I think it's the cheerleading and cheerleaders for this madness that bother me the most.

A neighbor and I were talking yesterday about the new President and trying to describe him and his actions. He was reminded of a certain Ralph K. in our community who had a somewhat universal reputation among the locals. We both laughed heartily until we realized the ramifications: We now have a perfect “Used Car Salesman in Chief” in a position of real power. God help us.
PS Hillary was/is just as bad. We have come to a pretty pass, as the oldtimers used to say.

“After a while, though, all that feel-good activity is revealed as a fraud. It turns out prosperity wasn’t printed, instead it was redistributed. From one party’s pocket into another. And in most cases, from poorer pockets into those of the already-privileged”
Please give a few specific, detailed examples of how this happens.
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