The "Peak Cheap Oil?" Debate: Doomberg's & Chris's Responses and Rebuttals

There are certainly some fields where the trapped oil is fed from a very complicated geology below. Note that I said some, not all. As I understand it, it’s mot even very many.
But it does happen here and there where a given well, if turned off for a while, will be recharged somewhat as more oil migrates from a higher pressure to a lower pressure zone.
Unfortunately, some folks grab onto these few examples and extrapolate to the whole world. It’s not how it actually is…


I was interested in fuel cells until I watched a video where Dr. Donald Sadoway sort of spoiled it all for me, Lol. He was quite humorous while bringing up tue issues, in an open source video I encountered years back.
He was an MIT Prof, (Emeritus now) who has gone on to form a company called Ambri. They are working ( slowly?) on utility/grid scale liquid metal batteries with a liquid electrolite between the layers. They currently have semi container sized units that could power 200 typical US homes. I believe the are only in business and industrial settings so far. Magnesium, antimony and something else ( forgot the electrolite) are low cost inputs and generated heat is not an unwanted side effect, as it serves to keep it all liquid.

Looks Like Oxy Ceo Agrees With Chris

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This almost sounds like hopium doused with a fairly good sprinkle of normalcy bias.

I had never heard of “ the abyssal abiotic origin of petroleum” theory before and came across this article. Abiogenic Deep Origin of Hydrocarbons and Oil and Gas Deposits Formation | IntechOpen

Did you not see the chart which Chris presented showing conventional crude production decline, in the lower 48 states, since 1971? The fields aren’t replenishing. If abiotic oil is a thing, it isn’t going to do much for peak oil.

I did see that chart. I had just never seen any evidence at all for an abiotic origin. It never occurred to me.