The US is Insolvent (and headed towards bankruptcy)

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I guess no one’s talkin’ me down yet!

Cycle 9 said ‘wealthy corporate interests’ …‘have bought our government and they have bought our minds’. Now that is worth pondering awhile…and I agree totally. Well put!
And then to have a quote from Zappa in the same thread!

My day, too, has been made!

Talking to him person to person is even scarier.  You can’t overstate the above comments w/r/t to our VP.  As the situation gets more dire, he will do much more of this.

Better stop now.



 [quote]It seems that a lot of the blame here and on other similar sites points to one of two things: our oversized government, and/or defective individual behavior.  I have come to the view that these two are nice scapegoats for the real underlying cause: we’ve been sold out as a country by wealthy, corporate interests.  They have bought our government, and they have bought our minds (through advertising).  [/quote]
Need to be precise here.  Need to look higher than corporations.  Corporations are dependent children of the big banks.  And the banks are dependent children of the Federal Reserve.  The Fed is the problem. Corporations are a symptom of the problem.  Bloated government is a symptom of the problem (it’s not a scapegoat…it’s a direct result of having the Fed system which depends on ever-growing govt debt to fuel the private economy…a mathematical truth).  

I was actually impressed that Biden revealed the truth.  He’s correct.  Given our monetary system, yes, the more the Treasury spends, i.e. goes in debt to the Fed, the more the Fed can pump the economy.  That’s how it has worked for a long time, especially since 71.  What the used car salesman Biden doesn’t understand is that the upper bound of that joke system has been reached.



 The problem is the corrupt goverment, and the goverment is people
The problem is the corporation greed, and the corporations are people

The problem is the people egoism.

If we make another revolution and dont change the people inners, the problems will resurge again.

The scientifc method for change inner people problem (the egoism) is the science of cabala of michael laitman.

There is no another way to do this needed change.

We not are in crisis, we are in the last evolution, the evolution of the mind.

Nope, Can’t. Best, Rog

"We have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt" 
You know, some say Biden’s comment is superficial, but that’s just on the surface.
On one hand, he’s indecisive; but on the other, he’s not.

Strength through exhaustion.
Had a running debate with some of the guys who work in the shop across from me about the economy.
Lots of opinions, but nothing outside the mainstream.

I said something to the effect of "…Debt-based exponential money system, and the limits of growth…"
It might have been more appropriate to say "Take me to you leader" judging by the looks I got.
The conversation continued more or less without me.

…looking forward to the day where this is accepted as self evident…



PS - Maine… Sorry - bad timing for the pep-talk. I see signs of further delapidation and ignorance.
But ultimately, the cycle will repeat, and that’s worth considering.

It won’t happen, because Goldman Sachs wouldn’t be able to make any money if the financial system collapsed.

Its a government of Goldman Sachs, for Goldman Sachs, and by Goldman Sachs, so help me Goldman Sachs.


Not exactly a pep talk, but certainly good for a laugh!

 Here’s what CM said in one chart from latest data this past week for June…

The chart below shows the rolling twelve month change in receipt, as well as outlays, and the variance between the two (An inexact formula? Yes, but it puts this all in perspective). What this shows is a massive spike in spending AND a massive cliff dive in receipts.  
Yep, all is well, nothing to see here, move along now.  

Unfortunately for all of us are the only green shoots that have been planted are those of insolvency. These are growing quite well as Biden & Obama & the rest of the loonies poor fertilizer on them.
One would think all Biden has to do is act like he knows what he is talking about & he can’t even get that right?? Truth be known probably 1/2 or more of the AARP crowd thought it was a wonderful idea he had LOL.

Any guesses if mainstream media will pickup on this.

Cycle9 I like a lot of the points you made.

Biden is being consistent. He thinks the solution to the "problem" is to reinflate the bubble.
Something jumped off the screen for me last night during Dr. Martenson’s presentation. The thing is, the Government is acting as if we are experiencing a financial problem. The truth of the matter is, that we are in a financial predicament.

Hi Mark,
An interesting semantic difference!

It’s almost unbelievable that the whole premise of currect actions by the politicians, financial community and in the markets is to return to ‘normalcy’ (I prefer the word normaility) when the last ten years or more have been anything but normal - Chris’s continued reiterations that we are movng into different times (together with his adjuncts) are true.


I would love to see the photograph of you with Dr Bartlett. Any chance of you posting it? I re-viewed his video(s) this week on YouTube, wonderful stuff.

Hugh/hughacland (Post 2),

Welcome to Chris’s site. There ARE other people in the UK who feel as you do, but (as in the USA?) they are fewer and further between OR are not aware as a result of the media (lack of) coverage. There are also a few politicians who appear to understand our problems (Vince Cable for Prime Minister!). I get to feel more passionate about this as time is moving on with what appears to be raping of the populace (and more so in the USA than the UK or Europe - Angela Merkel, to her credit, refused to be drawn further into QE despite exhortations from the USA). For real passion about GS, Max Keisler is great (also posted by investorzzo in "Wow! Max Kieser rips Goldman Sachs & the FED")!

Jeff/JAG (Post 29),

You said "It won’t happen, because Goldman Sachs wouldn’t be able to make any money if the financial system collapsed". I’m sure they would via shorting the market and taking appropriate derivative positions (options, futures, ETFs, etc etc) as well as taking out the necessary currency positions - the annoying thing is that they probably have such a hold on what’s going on that when it does hit the fan they will be the ones orchestrating it.

For another musical metaphor, one of my favourite albums remains Jethro Tull’s "Thick As A Brick" and one of my all time favourite lines from it is ‘We are geared to the average rather than the exceptional’ - with regard to the people who govern us (Joe Biden for example!) this is certainly true, they may be highly educated but certainly exhibit nothing exceptional in behaviour or integrity.

David C

So, it isn’t just me being ignored and ridiculed by uninterested fellow Brits!

It is nice to know that at least a few of us have woken up to the shocking truth.



Hi brits, reminds me:  I saw a brit post a blog comment on an article that was talking about how the queen was slamming the MPs who were recently discovered building castles with the public’s money that said "I won’t trust ms windsor until she gives up her own family’s claim to the public purse."  100s of brits slammed him for his comment!  I couldn’t believe it.  Why would the masses submit, even PREFER to do so, to such a family that’s been proven psychopathic over the years?  Or at least why don’t the masses see the hypocrisy in her comments?  Why wouldn’t there be at least one other brit to agree with him?
Yet…americans do the same thing.  We have the equivalent of a royal establishment and nobody cares.  We let them tax/inflate away our wealth, control our govt, and we pay them interest for the privilege of owning us.  So I used to think this was just a Brit disease…nope, perhaps it’s inherent in mass psychology world-wide and we deserve what’s coming.  

Tallyho my right honorable friends.


 Mark says:

The truth of the matter is, that we are in a financial predicament.

I completely agree that we are in a "predicament" however, in my opinion, it goes beyond what I consider a financial predicament The mainstream view in our country in relationship to the world is badly skewed and any "financial " cures to make that better is equivalent to a butterfly flapping its wings in a hurricane. The time has come for us to face reality and quit trying to live the insane dream that we have adopted that says such ideas as "Our lifestyle is non-negotiable", "Drill Baby Drill" "Trickle Down Theory", Cut taxes and the free market will solve everything", "Debt is not an issue" and " Making things is not important, we are in the information age and we can let others do the low margin work" - the list goes on goes on ad nauseam ............


The truth is that wealth is created (as opposed to stolen) by the making things that are of value. Wall Street has nearly perfected the art of stealing from producers and pretending they are contributing to our well being, but only a small percentage of what passes for productive effort in the financial sector of the economy benefits anyone other than the few oligarchs in control.


We know we have to quit living the bubble dream, but whenever it is suggested that we must cut back on our oil/energy consumption, lower our standard of living or get serious about fixing our agricultural and manufacturing system, the purveyor of such intelligence in labeled an unpatriotic commie, kook, & liberal not worthy of being called an American.


For example, even posts on this site label the idea of increasing the cost of carbon fuels by taxation or other means as insanity that will lead to sure destruction of the country in short order. Is it not clear that one of our highest priorities is to change our system so that we are not dependent on foreign oil? And is it not equally clear that if we are to bring about this change that we need a program that will increase the cost of fuel to the equivalent of European style $7 per gallon or more in an orderly fashion over the next couple of years? Europeans have done this and while they are not perfect either, their fuel use is around 1/2 of ours on a per capita basis.


Another example goes along the lines of rather than make $150 per ton of steel by manufacturing it with giant industrial plants, unions and headaches, we've elected to have somebody else do the real work in Korea or China and sit back raking in $150 per ton importing and shuffling paper  -- and then complain that jobs are going overseas. We are turning into a country of entitled  percentage men and women taking our cut for doing little and producing nothing.


Somewhere I've seen the percentage of our GDP that is generated by "Financial Services" being somewhere in the region of 40% of GDP. The exact percentage doesn't really matter -- suffice it to say that much of our economy has little to do with producing anything.


It is my opinion that our National mindset has to change -- we can make this change by plan or by being forced by the reality of the real marketplace of Mother Nature. The choice is ours, however if we stay on the track we are currently on, it will be extremely painful before the required change takes place





Great quote from Joe Biden.  Though he might come off as a drunk uncle who has had a frontal lobotomy, I listen to anything he says very carefully.  Especially when Obama or another government spokesperson has to "clarify" his remarks.  Biden is the closest thing to real facts we will ever get from the world politic that is typically full of half-truths and euphemisms.  Just an observation…

Hello Gonzo: He often lets the cat(s) out of the bag, like the time he disclosed his hand me down secret location.