The Values That Shape Peak Prosperity

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I agree 100%

Thank you for the help in clarifying this important topic.
I think we’re in agreement. Part of the reason I am willing to be reeducated is because I have a “how” I go about things. I trust that I can incorporate new information quickly and keep moving.
My sense of honor and knowing right from wrong are locked in. So I am free to be reeducated. What’s happening on the outside is data. What’s happening on the inside is solid.

Human integrity is the quality of possessing a coherent set of ethical principles guided by the transcendent values of truth, goodness, and beauty. People with integrity conduct themselves consistently in pursuit of these and make them integral to their being. This pursuit guides the person and becomes an integral part of who he or she is.
By being willing to be reeducated you are aligning your mission with the pursuit of truth. But always tempered with the knowledge that our eyes, ears, and hearts can deceive us. Maybe not maliciously, but the sensory apparatus devices are quite limited. So even a solid experience that was fully lived through may not be what it seemed at the time. Which means humility is always at the core of this approach to life. After all, who really knows? Sometimes things that were "bad" in the moment turn out to be the best thing ever in retrospect. So a bit of detached bemusement can go a long way in life. I'm still working on that last part... ;)

So Glad To Be A Part Of This…

Chris, your integrity transcends the moment. And even if/when you are out of your element, your core and your process allow you to catch up. Its been fun and enlightning and encouraging to observe. Bravo, keep on.


Thank You !

Posting this is evidence of your integrity . I sure wish you were my neighbor .?
a pilgrim


Stay In Your Lane

Chris, I for one am thankful to you personally for NOT staying in your lane…I started listening to you in Feb 2020 (when my famiy thought I was nuts because I was buying masks gloves and disinfectant)…and I’d had the gnawing portent of bad in my stomach since early Dec 2020. You really helped me off the ledge, and by the end of Feb after Didier Raoult cam out with HCQ and zithro, the fear went and I went back to normal…and the world didn’t, .but I still listened to you all the way through 2020. And I KNOW/KNEW you were right.
Thanks for NOT staying in your Lane!!!

Because there are really 4 R’s…Research (knowing how to learn and re-learn things) is up their right along with Reading , Riting, and Rithmetic.
I so agree.


Embracing the value of hard work, connections game persistence, and dedication can lead to personal growth and achievement. When individuals and societies work diligently towards their goals, it often leads to increased prosperity.