The War Between Credit and Resources

[quote=cmartenson]No simple task. My mind is continually drawn back to the book Ishmael, which rather brilliantly lays out the idea of our cultural narrative, what it is and how it is that mother culture whispers to us all so comprehensively and yet seductively that we cannot even hear her.
Each of us here is involved in this task and it involves so much more than finding the right words. It involves changing our own habits, showing the way with actions, and leading by example. It is in how we hold our thoughts and intentions in alignment with the world. It is in what we say and in what we don’t say.
There is no manual, no guidebook, no example from history that we can turn to and say, ‘oh, so that’s how it’s done.’ Each period of time is unique and requires something like a surfer’s attention to the wave being ridden even as past waves provide the grounding for the precise symphony of subtle balancing moves and anticipation required to remain joyously upright.
Given what we know (see above) and given what mother culture asks us to do is out of alignment with what we know, our salvation individually lies with bringing our actions into alignment with what we know to be true.  The gap between what we know and what we do is filled with anxiety, it is the place where fear dwells and grows.
So we protect our money and grow food and insualte our homes and test out conversations with loved ones and strangers to see where we might help orient a few more souls to the idea that we're collectively pointed and stumbling towards a future that we might rationally seek to avoid.
For all the PP folk that are trying to understand Human Culture, or are confused about why most people are so blind to the predicamnents we face. 
Daniel Quinn's Ishmael and The Story of B are transformative books.
If you are searching for answers, these books are powerful.  If you are comfortable living in the embrace of Moother Culture, these are unlikey to divert your belief system.
I am not the same person after reading them about 5 years ago.   They are the most powerful books I have ever read.

The story frankly is that of a son, parent, a father, a Grandpa. Every day a test, a noble quest, enduring, and most important faithful.

You are all far too pessimistic. A virus killing 95% of the world's population? You have no credible reason to believe such an event is going to occur and to say such is nothing more than blind assertion. This is the kind of useless outlook that helps humanity no more than the failed institutions and public policies many of you abhor. This atricle, however, does make some valid points. I believe the world is moving towards an era where nations race to buy up reserves of remaining natural resources. The reflationary policies of the western world are, at some point going to cause inflation. But this does not necessarily mean that this will increase resource demand. In fact it almost always means the opposite. High rates of inflation would stifle the world economy, and lead to a decrease in the demand for resources, not an increase. If there is rampant inflation, that means the dollar in my pocket is worth less. This means that my purchasing power is now lower as well as my discretionary spending. Now how is it that that when people have less income, purchasing power, and discretionary speding, they are somehow going to consume more? You all need to put a little more faith in the human spirit and the market. The world is changing, but that by no means we are heading towards some impending doomsday. Stop wasting time trying to predict doom and gloom, and acting so pretentious and self righteous like you are a prophet that could save humanity. The markets know more than you do. The lives of humans will change in a lower energy world because consumption will have to be curbed, and population will have to be checked. But life will go on. Cool your jets people and use common sense.

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