The Way To Save Ourselves

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The appearance of the above message had paragraph breaks before I posted it. I don’t know what happened to those breaks which makes it tough to read like that.

I think the truth lies somewhere between the techno-fantasy quote that broadspectrum posted and the dozen of sinking canoe analogies that proceeded it. It is easy to get depressed about the world these days, particularly if you live in the USA (like I do), home of the banking warfare model of global governance. It is appalling to watch the deep state destroy an elected president while watching what used to be a liberal left, cheer on the military industrial complex and war with every nation on earth as it destroys Trump. I was no fan of Trump, but this is disgusting.
But this is nothing new I suppose, an ignorant and misinformed public agitating against its own self interest, that is probably the norm, with maybe a few historical exceptions. Most of us are too lazy or ego identified with some piece of the truth that we have found to remain in a continuous state of learning so we can weed out this complex mess we label the truth. Tell me if this guy, entity, country, religion, movement, philosophy is good or bad, and please don’t make my brain hurt by telling me that they all contain a bit both - good and bad. I want to be identified with the cool smart people I see around me.
The anger and frustration that builds as we see a world around us that appears to be devolving. It seems to be a constant, you can read the same sentiment in early Greek philosophers as they discuss their next generation. But of course there is the other side of that coin, another way of seeing the world, that is if you not too in love with (identified with) your own anger and pain.
The world has always been this ugly, violent, idiotic, self destructive and close to annihilation. But there is one thing that has been evolving, our own awareness of it. And as it does, things certainly do appear to be getting much, much worse until…

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This is from Swami Beyondananda. He has a very special way, a funny way, with words. Enjoy!
It’s Time For We the People to Face the Music and Dance Together

“There are no sides, only angles. And when we see it from the right angle, we are all on the same side.” — Swami Beyondananda

One of my favorite movie scenes of all time is from the 1951 classic, African Queen, starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn. The film is set in Africa at the dawn of World War I, and the heroine and hero are struggling to get their little boat, The African Queen, through a mucky channel to the open sea. The ship’s propeller is broken, so they are slogging through the bog pulling the boat with a rope through the deadening heat. Finally, they can go no further. They are exhausted, and realize they are doomed. They lay down on the boat’s deck, ready to die. I hope you took the time to read it all at that link above. I an sure that if you did, you liked it. Broadspectrum