This All Ends Badly: Understanding Today's Investment Risks with Lawrence Lepard

Today, I’m particularly excited to welcome Lawrence Lepard back to the show. With markets making creaking and popping noises, we really ought to be paying close attention.

Lawrence Leopard of Equity Management Associates has the deep experience and learned life lessons necessary to decode and explain the many accumulating market and currency risks we are facing. Many of you might recognize him as a seasoned investor with a keen eye for gold and silver, and a believer in the potential of Bitcoin. But what sets Lawrence apart is his holistic grasp of the financial markets, a perspective honed not just through years of experience but also through a personal journey that saw him transition from a tech-focused fund manager to a proponent of sound money post-2008. His insights, especially in times like these, are more than just valuable – they’re essential.

So, grab a cup of coffee and listen in…

As always, we deliver the goods your way; you can either watch the video, listen to an MP3 or read the transcript. It’s up to you!

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Forthcoming Webinar

First: great convo with Lepard! Second why choose Bret? Seriously!. He’s now toying with people writing cryptic tweets.
I realize I may not be as wealthy as many of you yet my heart & soul are strong whilst my radar is high.Bret’s been setting of my radar since they did the weird outside show cuz Bret had Covid tho no symptoms. Very strange imho.
I felt the shift in August & been waking at 3 since DST nonsense. Couple days ago I realigned my bed position with feet facing due south. Been sleeping so much better so….


Great Interview. How Did Bitcoin Get Left Out?

Lawrence Lepard is fairly well known to me a s frequent speaker on the bitcoin podcasts. His view of the impending crisis has taken him into the “sound money” camp that emphasizes PMs and Bitcoin.
He considers Bitcoin as “the money of the future.”
He applauds Millie, Argentinas new prime minister who vows to abolish the central bank.
What happened to leave out this aspect of Lawrence’s viewpoint?


A Couple Of More
Source here


Courtesy of today:
– Russia, the most sanctioned country in the world, will end 2023 with a profit of $75 billion according to Bloomberg.
– The US, the most indebted country in the world, will end 2023 with a loss of $2 trillion according to the New York Times.


Waking Early

Wife and I wondering why are we waking up middle of the night
It was 230a for me today
Then I hear Chris talking about it as a thing
Wonder did he put a curse on his followers to give us more prep time every day?


Thank You.

Great talk. Even I could understand it! I am really excited about the upcoming webinar especially as it has Brett in it.  :heart: 


Here too, what’s up with that? Like wide awake I might as well get up.

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Correction: sleep with feet facing due NORTH

Take 5-10 mg melatonin time release before bed. You won’t wake up. But there’s a pretty good chance the troubles will show up as nightmares instead (at least initially).


Money Supply

Why is it that shrinking the Money Supply in a Debt Based money system in which all money is basically loaned-into-existence likely to impel the entire financial system to crash?

Velocity of money goes down, credit dries up, rates rise to attract capital, debts get harder to service. The cycle feeds itself.

Thank you.
How will a Pandemic affect the collapse in the Velocity of Money and the concomitant ever increasing spread between the Growth in the Money Supply and GDP growth, which increasingly lags the growth in the Money Supply?
A Pandemic would be disastrous for the Velocity of Money conundrum; however, another Pandemic Emergency would be a good excuse to dump more liquidity into the system to prevent credit from drying up to stymie a huge financial crash?


Lawrence usually very vocal about Bitcoins utility and his position size in it. Here, he mentions nothing about his huge conviction. Weird.

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Parallel System?

What is the significance (if any) of the fact that the US monetary system is a “Debt-Based Monetary System” in which Money IS Debt by being loaned into existence (and therefore the Money Supply must continually expand or else the Money Supply shrinks and the Financial System crashes), on the one hand, and the Chinese Monetary System, on the other hand, which seems to be a pure Fiat Money System in which the Chinese government issues money, but it’s not “Debt”? Is the Chinese Monetary System a “Parallel Monetary System” isolated and immune from a crash and collapse of the US/ International Monetary System? Are the BRICs countries building a parallel monetary system? Or, are the Chinese too enmeshed in the US Dollar system?

Propping Up The System

Why do they keep propping it up and kicking the can down the road? Why don’t they just let it blow? Maybe because they don’t have all the infrastructure for the “Great Reset” up and running yet. They are behind schedule. Remember Agenda 2021? Now it’s 2030. They are desperately keeping the system going with CPR while also scrambling to put up surveillance and digital everything…and make laws, like in NY, where they want to create a concentration camp culture. We have one last chance to fight this before it gets worse.


Powell is Norman Bates and the economy is his mother.

the amount of money needs to grow fast enough to repay both principal and interest in order to sustain the system. Yes, more money can be borrowed to repay the interest, but eventually that fails too. For individuals their credit score goes down and lenders won’t loan to them. For governments their credit rating decreases and interest rate on bonds goes up. I heard recently that the US Treasury will (soon or currently) be paying one trillion in interest annually. Which has been made worse by the recent increase in interest rates throughout the global economy.


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