Tim Jackson: The High Price Of Growth

No, the implication of the word “or” is that economists are just as disconnected from reality as madmen.

Is the Melbourne study available online? Can you post a link to it?

Guys caring is great but try not to burn yourselves out worrying - I should know, since I’m not a follower of my own advice!

ezlxq1949 said:

How else might we label this: Cognitive Dissipation? Cognitive Usurpation? Cognitive Collapse? As an ex-town planner I'm slightly worried.
My concern is that it is more cognitive apathy or cognitive denial. It's not that these kids (as well as others) aren't capable of connecting the dots. It’s that they (consciously or unconsciously) choose not to. Or, alternatively, there's Group Think; "my peers don't entertain this worldview, so I don't recognize this world view". This is where I think Snydeman's strategy may pay off; somebody has to be the early adopter of new world views if others are ever to consider them.