Twitter's New CEO is a WEF Insider??

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The Great Deception & How We Stop It

How To Read This?

I can see two ways to read this:

  1. An attempt to normalise the WEF i.e. So what, she's a WEFer... She can still run Twitter as a free speech platform. Two things can be true at the same time, right?
  2. The gloves are off. Got all excited about Musk's Twitter and [re-]invested in it? Too bad...

I think Musk opening up twitter to free speech was a trap. I was skeptical the whole time, but extremely grateful to those who choose to speak truth at the same time.



AI and big brother cannot compete with the life force and the fundamental quantum interconnected reality we humans share.
This why so much energy and money is focused on deception and control.
Value yourselves!
Think for yourselves!
Think critically.
Choose to FEEL joy, gratitude in yourself.
The malignant malevolence game is ugly and painful.
Focus on the end positive goals. Not the ocean of insanity of politics and suffering.
If you are in pain and afraid you will struggle with empathy and compassion.
This site is a great place for honesty and integrity… Empathy and compassion live here.
Recognize this.
Cultivate your humanity.


There are many traps and man made gods being presented to the populace not only Musk but RFKjr, Trump, etc. Controlled opposition. It’s easy to call out Soros and Fauci but most people only listen to what people say and not what they actually do or who they are funded by.

Wef Appointee

I don’t think that the system can right itself at this point.
Nonetheless, I am interested in Bobby Kennedy’s campaign. He is using the mass media where they allow him to talk (not often) and utilizing the alternative (real) media every chance he gets. The trust in the MSM has cratered so exposure on the real media should not be taken lightly.
I worry, though.
If Kennedy gets traction, I would not be surprised to see moves to shutdown the alternative media. They would use cries of “disinformation, Russian propaganda, protecting the children” and so on.
Such a move would be profoundly unconstitutional and anti-American, but at this point, unfortunately, I can see the Powers-That-Be getting away with it.


Wef 2023

Cooperation In A Fragmented World
I have been working through the presentations above and analyzing them. Not sure if she gave a talk herself, but here it is if you want to peruse it.

I forgot to mention this was the theme song for the event.

Well, I have to say this surprised me bit…Jordan Peterson is putting together an “anti-WEF” gathering of the big brains to start a new movement or something.
But scanning the list of power attendees I am disappointed.
Dan “Eyepatch McCain” Crenshaw?
John “war crimes” Howard?
Niall “WEF Historian” Ferguson?
Tony “Voted Most Incompetent” Abbott?
On and on.
I may have overestimated Jordan Peterson.



I’m afraid that I have been extremely sceptical of Elon for a very long time. I remember seeing videos of him driving around in a sportscar and acting like the typical rich narcissist with his PayPal riches. During this time there were no hints whatsoever of him being on the spectrum.
He then appears years later after having reinvented himself as the quiet, intelligent and thought provoking personality representative of Tesla and SpaceX, etc.
The only assessment I can make is that he excels at his main profession of hypokrites. A stage actor with many masks, and who will change them as the play unfolds. A person like this is very dangerous and untrustworthy. You never know what they really think or stand for.


His earlier work is gold! But I fear his time in the Russian rehab changed him (or allowed him to be changed). Ever since his association with Shapiro he’s been, meh at best.

Elon Musk is a member of the Global Uber Class. Their vital interests and the vital interests of the rest of humanity are contradictory. I have harbored similar doubts about the ultimate outcome of his Twitter purchase; that when all is said and done, he will act in the interests of his class, rather than for the benefit of humanity.

Quit The Non-stop Ads Now

Years ago, before PBS became another mouthpiece for woke, I stopped supporting our local PBS stations because their “fundraising” drives became a week of non-stop advertising. I’d pop in to watch the evening news and find a “smiling” announcer telling me that until another dozen people had called to “contribute” the news would be held hostage. At least with ad driven TV I knew there were set minutes of ads. I could go do something productive. This explicit blackmail was pretty gross.
Now we find your videos are a few seconds of information and then non-stop ads for your more expensive subscriptions. I’m not willing to pay for your adds.
You have decided NOT to support the folks who can’t afford full subscriptions. You know my feelings on that. Channelling “granny” I’ve told you to your face that if you want to found a viable community you need to include those who are damaged the most by our unfair economy. As I see you spending more and more time with your affluent friends, I see you have totally lost that narrative.
You’ve turned the website into a typical corporate marketing tool for you new affluent sponsors. Meanwhile useful tools like a member location lookup to allow local self-organization has been totally ignored or perhaps even deliberately downgraded, since now we can’t even do a zip code look-up.
I am so disappointed in the new, corportized direction. Many of the people who agree with you the most are not affluent enough to buy your more expensive subscriptions. Nor would they ever be able to afford to do business with your new sponsors. You’re much more likely to help them by explaining what’s going on. Your affluent, educated neighbors are less interested because they see nothing wrong with their cushy, woke, lives. You are rejecting the very people who could help change the most.

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I personally know innovators who worked with the WEF 15-20 years ago. It seemed to be a place where a relatively unknown practical innovative thinker could get ideas in front of mainstream movers and shakers. I don’t think any of them participate any more.
As Stalin showed after WWII, the enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend. The Davos crowd is appallingly toxic these days. And the right-wing lightweights that seem to be rallying against them are also NOT our friends. We have to be as critical of nut-case extremism on the right are we are the collectivists monsters on the left. I don’t think we will find we can make common cause with many of these people. Their flaws outweigh their use as an anti woke/WEF… mouthpieces.
We find ourselves stuck between two competing groups of mass psychotics, one on the far left, but another, equally dangerous mass on the far right. Neither group has any useful ideas about solutions, but they sure are experts at translating money and neuromarketing/mind-control to mass manipulation of public opinion to distract from important existential issues with arguing about trivial social differences.
It’s psyops everywhere.The more you agree with them about the attitudes they rant against, the more suspicious you should be about what they are trying to con you into doing for them. Look at their results, not their ideological rants. You will find few on either side to be the friends of main street.

Hello there Barbara,
I thought about leaving your thoughts without spending time to comment, but honestly, your position, which you are allowed to have, is filled with inaccurate assumptions.
Just to assure there is nothing out of context, I am speaking for me, Mike, a long time tribe member that now works on the team, not speaking directly for Chris.
Lets start with the easiest one (and from what I can tell, your main premise for the rest of your inaccurate comments):
Now we find your videos are a few seconds of information and then non-stop ads for your more expensive subscriptions. I’m not willing to pay for your adds.
You are not paying for ads. In fact, you are placing this public complaint in a channel that was built to house all our YouTube shorts at the request of many in the tribe.

These short videos are used to show the general public who we are and what we do. Generally speaking, you need to place advertisements out there, which is how business works.
Now, let’s look at the behind the paywall content for only May – what the tribe does in fact pay for:
Then there is Chris’s daily takes, or Happening Now’s (easily another ~20 pieces of content behind the pay wall for May alone): (Picture 4)
You will not find adds for Peak within them at all. 30+ pieces of paid content, not a single add. As a cherry on top, it gets anyone paying access to this amazing community of people that are in fact willing to have tough conversations. This is what our tribe pays for. This is what I paid for over more than a decade (and still do).
Here is the most interesting part, the Part 1’s for the week, which are public typically have 1 add in them (as they should).
Lets take this weeks part 1 – Inflation.
It is a 40m21s video filled with great information and content to help people learn, FREE. Where is the add? Let me help, 38m and 49 seconds into the video (Picture 1)
How about last weeks part 1 – The Fed?
This is a 48m 7s video. Where does the ad pop in? 44m28s (Picture 2)
Although we have tried videos in the beginning historically, I could keep going with example after example just like these. Do people pay for these public videos? No.
Now, although I do believe the rest of your complaints stem from your view above, lets move on to this complaint:
You’ve turned the website into a typical corporate marketing tool for you new affluent sponsors. Meanwhile useful tools like a member location lookup to allow local self-organization has been totally ignored or perhaps even deliberately downgraded, since now we can’t even do a zip code look-up.
What sponsors are you referring to here that are too affluent?
Alert USA?
-       75 dollars for peak members for the year ($6.25 per month)
  -25% savings to our members
-      Where you buy as little as 1oz of silver for decent premiums?
  -Philharmonic’s are running 29.72 an oz if someone bought a single oz today
587.4 if buying 1 tube of 20
- But they can choose
Maybe Gold Newsletter?
-      A 12 month subscription is normally 299 dollars, Insiders get it for 198 dollars for the year.
That is $16.50 per newsletter compared to their normal price of 30 dollars
How about GoldCore?
-      GoldCore deals in tubes of 20 in their silver.
-      The same Philharmonics are actually 10 dollars cheaper at 577.60 at the time of typing this up
-      If we want to mention storage options, as the person on the team that vetted nearly a dozen dealers myself, a 5k minimum is amazing. The rest required 10k, some way more.
-Through us we save the tribe more money here too on storage
Seems to me we are SAVING them money on exactly the types of items we believe people should consider to help them become more resilient. Regardless of your feelings on an affiliate relationship, this is fact. That said, everyone is free to choose as they like, no harm no foul.
Aside from the above factual list of partners above, you seem to miss the fact that people, many people, want help in what to do and where to go where they wont be fleeced. Considering that the bullion prices don’t change if a member buys from them through us as well as the numerous examples where we help save money, well, not sure why that is frowned upon.
As for the remark about deliberately downgrading, that’s just laughable, if not insulting (though I am going to assume you meant it as feedback and not an insult). What we actually found was that 99% of services out there, want to input your information into Google, something that many in the tribe (and out for that matter) do not want to do. To infer that an interactive map, that allows users to zoom into and out of the area of their choosing is hard and/or a downgrade doesn’t track with me at all nor does it have any basis in reality.
Very literally zoom into the state or country you want to see, and click on the person that pops up. If they want to be contacted, their profile will appear, and will see an email. Done. It is a different way of doing the same thing. Now, if someone is traveling to the UK, they do not need to know an exact Post Code for the area, just go to it on the map. Further, it puts the power into the hands of our members to decide if they want to be contacted once you click on an individual. (Picture 3)
Does this mean your preference for a zip code is not warranted and/or heard, of course not. We have proven many times over we listen and do our best to accommodate where it makes sense to do so. Now, am I saying maps are perfect? Absolutely not. Is it un-equivocally improving on an exponential scale comparatively speaking? Yes, it absolutely is.
Now lets talk about the cost of doing business:
-      Hosting
-      Servers (multiple)
-      Programmers
-      Operations
-      Studio/Equipment
-      Editors
-      SAAS (a lot)
All with no change to the cost for nearly 15 years, yet the cost of doing business has gone up significantly, and that’s putting it lightly. This is all aside from the black and white fact that we tried an Info Scout level for the last year in an effort to reach more people.
In fact, from Chris himself, “The original idea was lower costs would lead to reaching more people. However, while we did reach a few more people, that was outweighed on my end by diluting my attention.” ( )
It bears repeating, although I we know we can never make everyone happy as much as we try, our tribe does not pay for the ‘free’ content. They do, however, pay to be able to get the easily 20-30 pieces of premium content, and more importantly, the ability to talk through, chat and interact on an array of topics, with amazing people, which we both know is not simple to do in public or on YT, hence the many requests we received to start a new channel here where we can put our public facing content.