US Government Officials Funded the Work That Led To Covid, and Then Covered it up.

Some day you will be recognized internationally for your good work informing the public. Thank you Dr. Chris!


UCSF professor of medicine (and renegade soul) Vinay Prassad, MD, posts a substack noting much of the same things Chris just pointed out.

Francis Collins admits to major errors and lies to the House subcommittee

NIH funded gain of function research and 6 ft distancing ruined kids education and had NO EVIDENCE to support it.

The “6’ is safe rule” was based on nothing at all.

A false viewpoint was put in the public mind:

This is false in that SARS-CoV-2 is spread on FINE DROPLETS which drift on air currents, stay aloft for hours, and can travel many feet and around corners and down hallways. Not large droplets that fall to the floor over 3-4 feet.

There is no specific distance that becomes “safe”, and there is most certainly no benefit from having a woven mesh fabric mask (surgical masks) filter out droplets of the <1 micron size that carry the respiratory viruses.

All of this was BS.


Mr. Comer: Does the NIH train employees on how to avoid FOIA requests?

NIH Director: I hope not.

This response is completely insufficient and is in fact an outrageous response. This earnest turtle of a director huffs that he hopes not, implying his allegiance to proper practice and due diligence, but those are just words. What he hopes is irrelevant.

The proper answer is to tell us what his investigation has uncovered thus far. No investigation? Then we know they are only doing damage control.

NIH has records of all employee training. Pull the records for FOIA training and find out who the trainer was who taught employees to circumvent FOIA. Who told the trainer to do that? Why was this accepted practice at NIH and for how long has this been the standard?

All of this is evidence of a systemic culture of corruption at NIH. So it is far bigger than a single rogue trainer and a few bad apples. It means that senior management endorsed all of the illegal and unethical actions that took place, and bear responsibility for it.

These are crimes against humanity and must be treated as such.


I often say that the plot of Covid is ripped off from Mission Impossible 2.


Found this on X. Credit to Dr. Richard Fleming. Looks like a good resource to find & expose the corrupt doctors who took bribes to push the jabs and god knows what else.



Hope you don’t mind, I copied and pasted the pic of you and the NY post. Sent it to friends who are not aware. Thanks for the update.

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Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus. So should we rightly suspect everything from the NIH? I’m thinking specifically of the SPRINT study that said everyone’s blood pressure should be < 120/80 instead of the former guideline of <140/90. Can’t meet the new guidelines? We’ve got a pill (or two or three) for that.


Well, If history is any indicator of accountability for high crimes & misdemeanors here in the U.S. then you would be correct in your doubt. Since 2000 the list has grown into the hundreds if not thousands of employees of the Executive & Legislative, not to mention the various universities & contractors slurping at the gravy trough, and I’m not talking about only Covid here. The only way accountability will be achieved is following the scythes, pitchforks, & torches parades - we can no longer hold on to the belief that the Judicial will be of any help.


Tarring & feathering was extremely cruel, sometimes the recipients would die of the burns caused by the tar. Personally, I think that being dipped in honey, rolled around in feathers, a plopped down buck ass naked on an anthill would be much more humane!


Same thing happened with fasting blood glucose. Used to be under 140 was considered “normal”. At some point the condition of “pre-diabetes” appeared on the scene, along with the push for pharmaceuticals,


Anybody remember the PP posters (or trolls) who supported the official narrative or rejected Chris’s early claims that Covid came out of a lab? Are they still members anymore? Do they still post any comments on the site? I for one would LOVE to go back to them now with the benefit of hindsight and ask them what they think now and if they’ve changed their mind after all the trickle truthing. Not to gloat, I would love to hear their opinions first hand and give them an opportunity to understand their original thinking. Would be very interesting I think.

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I don’t remember specific PP members. But in my facebook Emergency Physicians group, the old guard “defend the orthodoxy” contingent has doubled down. A BioSecurity PsyOp is still not conceivable.


I realize that is a facetious reply but…are they not cruel to us - in the worst possible ways!!! To hell with being humane.


It’s why I support the notion that it’s well past time for the scythe, pitchfork, & torch parades, nothing will change with any semblance of the status quo remaining. However, I’m thinking that when the mob is unleashed this time around it’ll make the French Revolution pale in comparison


There is a time for everything.


From “A Midwestern Doctor,” colleague of Dr. Pierre Kory…

Dissecting the New York Times’ Plea for Vaccine Amnesty

"Story at a Glance:

•Repeatedly forcing the public (e.g., through mandates) to use unsafe and ineffective therapies (that injured millions) has created a public relations disaster for the establishment.

• Various attempts have been made to do the impossible—restore the public’s trust in our medical institutions without any of them admitting fault.

•Here, I review each of the previous attempts and how they were used to create the recent infamous article by the NYT—which while monumental for bringing attention to the COVID vaccine-injured, also repeats a variety of strategic and very harmful lies to protect the vaccine industry.

•One of the mysteries of the COVID-19 response is what could have possibly justified breaking the public’s trust in the medical institutions our society revolves around. Here I will review the most compelling explanations we’ve come across after three years of investigating this commonly asked question."


sand_kitty, I imagine you put in serious time on a daily basis to inform yourself and stay current. The contingent that looks away cannot be forced to look; will go to the ends of the earth to avoid anything that challenges their belief. It could prove fatal.

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I think I have a decent guess. I play tabletop RPGs for a hobby, so let me roleplay this person.

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