US Government Officials Funded the Work That Led To Covid, and Then Covered it up.

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Covid was not an accident. It was a carefully planned operation from the beginning and now we have the culprits in our sights.

Will anything happen to them? Will they finally be held accountable?

I honestly both hope so but simultaneously doubt it.

But the millions of lives lost and the tens of millions of lives destroyed deserve a better reckoning than some US political finger wagging.

This week we’ve seen plenty of that but it’s enough to break open the Common Knowledge floodgates and get things moving in the right direction.

The NIH has admitted to funding gain of function research in Wuhan. EcoHealth Alliance (Peter Daszak’s organization) has been defunded by HHS. Vaccine harms are now seeing papers accepted in more and more journals. Conversations are shifting.

But at the heart of this lies a group of vicious demons – the world’s leading virologists – who, as a club, operate as if they deserve to never be queried or questioned by anyone as they churn out new a deadly viruses and bacteria that Nature has not produced itself.

They circled their wagons early to promote the ridiculous, untenable, and wholly data free ‘natural origin’ narrative when every bit of actual evidence pointed conclusively to a lab origin. Their attempts to shut down conversations by invoking a superior knowledge while pimping scientific non-sequiturs were brazenly awful.

They need to be exposed and held to account. I’ve been in this fight since the beginning, and was among the very first to call out their game and I’ve taken big risks and never backed down.

I’m pissed off at them and the journals and at the major newspapers such as the NYTimes that ran interference for and ended up promoting these weak-sauce theories put forth by these mass murdering demon-folk.

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Conspiracy, eh?

I’ll raise you. All the deception, conspiracy, corruption, coercion, and financial gain spell RICO.


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When the people fear government there is tyranny. When the government fears the people there is liberty.
Thomas Jefferson

It’s past time for the government to start fearing the people again.


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Looks like the communists in Washington state didn’t get the memo.


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Are we witnessing a kind of mutiny or is it all going as planned? I keep seeing, from I Pet Goat II, I think it’s a skeletal Uncle Sam conducting the chaos, as if all the horror and death is going just swimmingly. Are their own minions finally turning on them? Maybe they have realized they are dead ducks regardless. Will heads roll? Like those 2 guys in The Phantom Menace, “We should not have made this bargain.”

Literally EVERY man made disaster from debts to currency printing to excess deaths to borders to wars can be traced back to this Covid holocaust. And it’s not THAT these emails demonstrate obstruction of justice. They demonstrate evidence of the entire Covid holocaust itself. It was intentional and it was carried out all the way. If some of the criminals involved are merely asked if emails failed the government standards, then their rewards and their crimes will not just continue but accelerate. Nuremberg and its resultant code was a joke and a waste of time and we’re pissing on the graves of every Covid and jab casualty.

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This content always is interesting even if so much or most of it is completely infuriating. PP is great at exposing the lies, corruption, hypocrisy, deceptions in modern life, governance and economies world wide.

Nearly all the content tickles my funny bone.

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Some day you will be recognized internationally for your good work informing the public. Thank you Dr. Chris!


UCSF professor of medicine (and renegade soul) Vinay Prassad, MD, posts a substack noting much of the same things Chris just pointed out.

Francis Collins admits to major errors and lies to the House subcommittee

NIH funded gain of function research and 6 ft distancing ruined kids education and had NO EVIDENCE to support it.

The “6’ is safe rule” was based on nothing at all.

A false viewpoint was put in the public mind:

This is false in that SARS-CoV-2 is spread on FINE DROPLETS which drift on air currents, stay aloft for hours, and can travel many feet and around corners and down hallways. Not large droplets that fall to the floor over 3-4 feet.

There is no specific distance that becomes “safe”, and there is most certainly no benefit from having a woven mesh fabric mask (surgical masks) filter out droplets of the <1 micron size that carry the respiratory viruses.

All of this was BS.


Mr. Comer: Does the NIH train employees on how to avoid FOIA requests?

NIH Director: I hope not.

This response is completely insufficient and is in fact an outrageous response. This earnest turtle of a director huffs that he hopes not, implying his allegiance to proper practice and due diligence, but those are just words. What he hopes is irrelevant.

The proper answer is to tell us what his investigation has uncovered thus far. No investigation? Then we know they are only doing damage control.

NIH has records of all employee training. Pull the records for FOIA training and find out who the trainer was who taught employees to circumvent FOIA. Who told the trainer to do that? Why was this accepted practice at NIH and for how long has this been the standard?

All of this is evidence of a systemic culture of corruption at NIH. So it is far bigger than a single rogue trainer and a few bad apples. It means that senior management endorsed all of the illegal and unethical actions that took place, and bear responsibility for it.

These are crimes against humanity and must be treated as such.


I often say that the plot of Covid is ripped off from Mission Impossible 2.


Found this on X. Credit to Dr. Richard Fleming. Looks like a good resource to find & expose the corrupt doctors who took bribes to push the jabs and god knows what else.