VIDEO: The Risk Of A True Pandemic Is Higher Than We're Being Told

OK, there’s a LOT of uncertainty and confusing/conflicting information currently circulating right now about the new coronavirus outbreak that has suddenly erupted out of Wuhan, China.

What’s really going on? What exactly is the ‘coronavirus’?

And most important: How worried do we need to be?

Given the poor communication so far by government health organizations and the media, the severity of the situation and the risk to public health, Chris Martenson filmed this important explanatory video hours ago.

Dr. Martenson’s PhD is in the field of pathogenic biology, so he understands the nature of this virus more than your average scientist.

In the video below, Chris explains the virus in layman’s terms, why the contagion we’re seeing is likely to spread substantially from here, and why the actions being taken so far by public health officials to contain the threat are woefully insufficient.

It's important, maybe soon critical, to be well-informed on this outbreak. The ten minutes you spend watching this video may be the most important thing you do today:

After viewing, be sure to take prudent steps to secure the safety of your family's health. Most measures are straightforward and inexpensive -- there's a huge upside to preparing now and a huge downside to delaying, so get busy.

Those interested can continue to follow our updated coverage on the coronavirus here.

Hopefully, authorities manage to contain this outbreak faster than it currently appears they will. But don’t bet your life on it.

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Back in the early 1900’s, all new immigrants were detained and inoculated on Ellis Island. I remember the story my grandmother used to tell us about how my great-uncle was stopped from entering the US because he had a scratch on his face. He was only 8 years old and they had to send him back to Europe to live with relatives while the rest of the family entered the country. After the scratch healed, he had to board the ship alone and took the voyage all the way back to America to rejoin the family.
These days they dont even check anything. Anyone just walks off the plane and enters. id like to know when that happened? Who made the decision to stop checking people entering the country?

Chris, I think this is one of your best videos ever. It communicates essential information so well, and in doing so provides an extremely important service not only to members, but to the general public. I am already sharing it with family members who are spread across the country. Thank-you!!

What a great point. Back in 1900 we had cultural knowledge of the importance of not bringing sick people into your society.
Somehow we lost that awareness, or it got sacrificed at the alter of “the economy.”
I still have a very bitter taste in my mouth at the WHO weighing public safety against their concern for “global trade” when they knew this was a cross-species, human-to-human, high R0 and high critical response/moderate CFR virus.
That the official response is still having people scanned for fevers at airports is beyond ridiculous, it’s wildly negligent.

Interesting to watch - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News , January 25 ,2020
Anything possible , can we trust everything we find in media??

Watched the video from ZeroHedge and came here for more info. Very tedious multiple Captcha username/account creation process, all just to say one thing: if indeed this putative pandemic is as serious as it seems it might be, I think Chris would be well advised to remove the recommendations from “Premium” and make them publicly available to all – unless he would enjoy being widely identified as profiteering on a public health emergency. I really was gobsmacked to see the nitty-gritty advice in the paytoplay section. Just saying.

I live in marina del rey CA - about 30 minutes ago the first case showed up in Orange County CA - way too close for comfort.
CHRIS - 1) any idea when the virus becomes contagious 2) are elderberry capsules a good substitute for syrup? seemed easier and higher potency…
thanks for your vigilance. andy

The article at Zerohedge cites sources that China’s first (and currently only operating) biohazard level 4 facility was built in Wuhan in 2014. Wuhan is the center of the outbreak. Given the immense size of China it seems highly coincidental that the outbreak started in the same (modest size by China standards) city where their newly completed BH4 facility is located.

Saturday evening while tracking developments I decided it was time to do a bit of a stock up, so my wife who was already due to be in town late Sunday afternoon did a ‘bit’ of extra shopping. Targeted items were either gone or low but alternative items were not sold out though my wife made a dent in stocks… this in New Zealand
Cheers hamish

Chris, I am hearing alot about “confirmed cases” and infection rates and etc… But I am very skeptical when I hear numbers being thrown around. I have to wonder if they have any idea of how many actual cases there are. How many cases get confirmed? How many people with a bad flu even go to the doctor? Very few, I would think. most people just stay home. Even of those who go to the doctor, how many doctor’s offices are sending samples of flu to labs?
Ever go to the doctors office with a flu? They say “yeah looks like you have the flu, I can prescribe you Tamaflu and recommend you stay in bed”. Ive never had a doctor’s office do a lab analysis of my flu strain. Im sure it happens but it cant be too common. Maybe now in major cities they are putting protocols in place for testing but all that means is they will find more cases which will make the virus seem like its spreading faster.
My question is, isnt it true that they really have no idea how far this thing has spread? That they really don’t know much more than what we all know [ that there is a virus going around with a higher than average death rate ]? And that there really isnt anything they can do about it anyway?
My opinion is that all they do is come up with arbitrary numbers [ “confirmed cases” ] which really dont mean anything and whose function is primarily to give the public the impression that there is a competent body of scientists on the case. In reality this thing is going to run its natural course. When its over they’ll claim to have saved the world.

Discretionary air travel is the first thing to go in our preparation. We have always felt that sitting in a plane is like doing yoga in a Petri dish…just asking for some random microorganisms to invade our bodies.
Also avoidance of crowds…and I’m sad to say that eating Chinese Food or my favorite sushi is now suspect. Obviously I won’t have bat soup any more, although looking at the teeth and the cute little face is a real appetite stimulator.
Going to Costco I will now swallow my pride and wear an N95 mask.
I have a renewed passion for my gardens…and a heightened appreciation for UPS and Amazon who bring me seeds and Elderberry Syrup.
Other than that …life goes on

Reply to #1 brushhog Chris, I am hearing alot about “confirmed cases” and infection rates and etc.. But I am very skeptical when I hear numbers being thrown around.
You and me both! I already posted what can serve as a response to your question this morning here: The Numbers Don't Add Up

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1/24/20 (Attribution to member “Sand-puppy” w/ many years in ER) Home treatment of febrile Influenza Like Illnesses/Respiratory Infection [This is a very educated group and most are well versed in this.]During outbreaks of viral illness, the ED will be a mad house. Stay away if possible. Recommend strong attempts at self-treatment at home. Stay out of the hospital unless truly needed.
  • Ibuprofen 800 mg(or naproxen) for fever, body aches, headache, chest wall soreness. This is a miraculous drug for the misery of ILI. It also helps to sort out the miserable from the seriously sick (see below).
  • If not vomiting repeatedly, you can drink water. “Drink until you pee.” Lots.
  • Electrolytes in water if diarrhea is a part of fluid losses.
  • If incessant coughing, Nyquil or equivalent.
The hospital ED will be a miserable place during a flu epidemic. Long waits, no pillows or blankets. No snacks. No sympathy from the staff!! Sleeping on the floor of the hallways. Remember that the ED staff is probably sick also. A few situations where hospital care IS needed.
  1. Intractable vomiting (>6-8 times) or vomiting with diarrhea. IV fluids and anti-emetics will help when not able to hydrate by mouth.
  2. Chest pain and shortness of breath with fever, IF associated with fast pulse and low oxygen saturation. Might be pneumonia. Chest x-ray. Supplemental oxygen if oxygen is actually low. Measure pulse rate an oxygen saturation (see below). In children, fast breathing at rest, even after good fever control, points towards pneumonia.
  3. Severe headache even after big doses of Ibuprofen and hydration. Might be meningitis. Spinal tap needed. IV antibiotics might help. Don’t even think about spinal tap until ibuprofen dose has been in body for 2 hours—everyone with the flu has a terrible headache.
  4. Urinary symptoms. UTI can give a ILI, especially in children and women.
  5. Wheezing with cough. May have an asthma-like response to the infection. Albuterol (and maybe steroids) may help. Uncommon.
Equipment list for home treatment of ILI:
  • Costco sized bottle of Ibuprofen or Naproxen. (Use the big dose)
  • Watch with second handto measure pulse rate and respiratory rate.
  • Pulse oximeter,$29 from Walmart or Amazon. This device will save you an ED trip. Recommended! Pic below.
  • Big tumblerfor water. Drink and refill often.
  • Electrolyte powder(mag and K) in water if have diarrhea.
  • Disinfectant wipes.

Am I the only one who is educated in and uses homeopathy and/or Chinese herbs? It is sad the wonderful healing art of homeopatics has been so disrespected. As homeopaths saved almost all their patients in the 1918 flu epidemic, I think it will be the same in this outbreak. Why pay for big pharma skullX ?

I am a bad guy living in an overpopulated country. I believe my people are the best and should rule the earth and its resources. I have engineered a virus and have a small stock of vaccine. The prodromal infectious phase is lengthy and many resources are used to treat the ill. I cannot afford to inoculate my people before I release this weapon on the world. If I release it on my own people during a time of increased travel, it will infect the majority of my population. The vulnerable will succumb while the survivors will be either naturally resistant or will have developed cheap immunity by being sick. Then I will wait until my society has recovered. Timing is everything.

I am in Southwest China right now. I have seen entire truckloads of respiration masks being delivered for use. Almost all young people are using masks, but only a few older people.
That’s a cultural thing.
I am told, but I have not seen, that people showing signs of illness are reported to the authorities and taken it in for examination.
I went to a restaurant yesterday, all the workers in the restaurant had masks, they all had plastic gloves, they gave you special disinfected plates to put your knives and forks on, they gave you plastic gloves if you wanted to use them to eat with and so on.
Sometimes people who go outdoors, when they get home, wash their hands in rubbing alcohol- which is known to kill the virus
Note that this is all happening in a very large city that has only had one reported case so far.
Overall there has been a tremendous and concerted response to the problem.

I have seen on your site where china is blocking all axis to Wu Han city. It may be like the rings on a dart board. The inter ring has the highest present of corona virus,the second ring has medium present of virus, and the outside the lowest present. Maybe they are trying to keep the center from killing the rest of china?

Yes Mike, I concur from here in Shenzhen. It is now mandatory to wear masks, I would say about 10% of the people have N95 masks. It is still VERY quiet here as everyone LEAVES this city during the LNY, it is a very nice time to be here but also to be prepping. Most big stores and markets are open; I went to WalMart yesterday morning (N95 + Glasses + Alcohol wipes + knowledge) and it was quite crowded but no sense of panic in the air yet. I think the average Chinese person doesn’t yet realize the seriousness of this, YET.
But when they do, watch out. The Chinese panic easily, I’ve seen it many times in my 10 years here. The government was slow with announcements but now is up to speed, however we all know the cat is out of the bag. My cargo airline is flying supplies into Wuhan, 3 flights per day on 767’s, that is extraordinary during the peak of the holiday where normally there are no flights. The government actually just published Labor Laws this morning that require companies to pay absent employees and to not cancel contracts!
The response here now is first world, and I would say China will take insane steps to TRY to slow this epidemic down, but they were late to react and of course it is too late. Beijing already found the scapegoats in Wuhan - that is priority one in this culture, deflect blame away from the leaders…

HI Kunga,
I am (or rather was, as I no longer have a clinical practice) a practicing homeopath for 30 years. It is very sad homeopathy does not get the respect it deserves in responding to these sorts of emergencies. I am certainly brushing up on my differential diagnosis and remedy selection for influenza and pneumonia. The problem is: we do not have enough well trained and EXPERIENCED prescribers. Most modern homeopaths have never treated a serious case of pneumonia outside of the hospital (except in India). It would be risking your professional credentials to do so.
As you know, successful treatment of these serious infections is more than just handing out umcka, or oscillococcinum or influenzinum. True homeopathy is the careful observation of the patient’s presenting symptoms and matching them to the correct simillimum. I can think of least 40 remedies that might be needed in managing a case through all stages of infection and resolution.
Unfortunately the time to get proficient at prescribing was years ago, which is not to say that newcomers should not try. If we are really lucky a few pioneering homeopaths will figure out the genus epidemicus and spread the word. Paul Herscu, ND has been doing that for the yearly flu, you can read here:
I have great respect for TCM and their approach to viral infections. Stephen Buhner’s book and facebook postings have been referenced elsewhere and they summarize some of the promising antiviral herbs and formulas. It is a question of scale however. How to supply the needed quantity of herbs in a timely fashion. That is the great advantage of homeopathy, highly portable and easily scaleable…just hard to select the right remedy and the right potency.