We're Living In 'The Groundhog Show'

It's said that truth mirrors fiction. I'm finding this to be the case more and more these days.

Take the 1993 comedy Groundhog Day. Bill Murray wakes up each day to relieve the exact same daily circumstances and interpersonal interactions. He relives the same day, February 2, over and over again.

No matter what he does, the repetitive cycle won't break. He goes to sleep, wakes up to his alarm, and it's the morning of Feb 2 again.

Likewise, in The Truman Show, Jim Carrey lives in a simulated environment where everybody's an actor in a popular TV show except him. For him, it’s his real life. But although he doesn't realise it, everything around him is completely scripted and fake.

If merge these two movies together, they perfectly describe the world in which we live today. Welcome to Groundhog Day meets The Truman Show. Let’s call this mash-up The Groundhog Show.

In this composite story you, the plucky central character, wake up every day in a world where the same mistakes are made over and over again by our so-called "leaders".

Take the central banks, for instance. In this show, they continually blow massive credit bubbles over and over again, which then result in widespread, painful losses when they inevitably burst. And the central planners keep doing this without any indication that they're aware they're repeating the same mistakes.

Their learning curve is dead flat. Every day follows the same script as the previous day:

The Fed’s attempts to defeat the business cycle by replacing it with a credit cycle ended badly in 2000 with the horrible Dot-com crash.

Doubling down on that strategy then created the housing bubble and the Great Financial Recession, which resulted in an even worse crisis in 2008.

Neither of those sordid outcomes has factored into the Fed’s thinking, at all, as they -- along with the other major world central banks -- have set about tripling down on their serial bubble-blowing ways, which have resulted in the biggest-ever "Everything Bubble" the world now finds itself in.

There are no good explanations for that behavior, save this one:

Which really isn’t very satisfactory to those of us who are also stuck in this movie, but cursed with the ability to see and remember cause and effect.

Truthfully, there are no good reasons for why our society is in the mess we’re in. With better decision-making and a modicum of accountability, we could have avoided many of the issues we've created for ourselves:

  • The widest wealth gap in human history
  • Massive income inequality
  • Entire generations saddled with high debts and low opportunities
  • Broken “markets” that have become policy signaling devices for the central planners, offering no price discovery or reliability to investors
  • Ripping the last oil and gas out of the ground as fast as possible while not using any of it to build out a sustainable energy infrastructure
  • Losing species at a rapid pace that nobody can comprehend let alone predict what the effects might be

Living in The Groundhog Show

Our daily experience of the world is now being shaped by people busy writing scripts and narratives that are so preposterous that they might as well be penned by screenwriters grasping for new ideas in the 8th season of a show that has already burned through every conceivable plot angle:

“Hey, how about we write an entire show around the idea of a high school kid standing silently while smiling somehow being existentially menacing to the Native American ‘elder’ that actually started the whole thing by walking up to that legal minor while beating a drum directly in his face? We could really play around with people’s emotional buttons big time I think…”

The larger plot of this movie, of course, revolves around the increasing difficulty of those stuck in it to continue to buy its premise. Once you lose the plot line, once you can see the programming for what it is, it becomes nearly impossible to continue to happily participate in a story that lacks any integrity and provides no meaning or purpose.

For example, the Yellow Vest movement in France consists not of a relatively few disturbed extremists on the fringe, but of the majority of the French population. Most citizens of France support and sympathize with the movement.

But if you read the media headlines -- output by the creators of The Groundhog Show -- you’d be led to believe that the entire movement is populated by a small group of deplorables (the image below is an unaltered screen grab from 2-17-19) :

To scan those headlines you'd be tempted to come away thinking that the Yellow Vests were now all about anti-Semitism and nothing more. Somehow, magically, the mainstream press from across the globe are all writing the same sorts of articles at precisely the same time and releasing them as if they were announcing the product launch of a new cellphone or something.

Last week, coverage focused on an unsourced poll claiming that over 50% of Yellow Vest supporters believed that Princess Diana had been murdered as part of a conspiracy. This week we read that a stunning proportion of them believe in a vast Zionist conspiracy. Perhaps we should start a betting for what next week's "ignore these crackpots" fabrication will be?

Meanwhile, if you actually bother to review the images from the protests, what you see is … people. Lots and lots of people from all over France's socio-economic spectrum, coming out in support of the Yellow Vest movement:

There is a huge grab-bag of reasons why so many people -- tens and tens of thousands per protest -- are out demonstrating. But boiled down, the common theme is that they're finding it harder and harder to get by.

The social promise made to them is failing. Pensioners simply can't support themselves. The youth, and those who've immigrated to France, can't find jobs. Business owners are failing.

The French feel under attack by a system that cares more for assuring that the wealthy get wealthier than it does for its own people.

To (literally) add injury to insult, thousands of demonstrators have been grievously wounded by militarized French police -- who are using far-too-excessive force when controlling the crowds:

That device atop the firearm is an EoTech holographic laser sight. It places a bright red dot on the point of impact. While it provides no magnification, it does allow both eyes to be open as it’s being used and, most importantly, relieves the operator of having to use precise sight alignment as the projected red dot magically moves with the operators head to always show the true point of impact. The rifled barrel simply means these devices are quite accurate.

I just wanted to dispel any notion that it’s somehow accidental that so many people are being shot in the face/eyes during the protests. The police are intentionally selected protestors as targets, individually, and then shooting to wound, intentionally.

The people of France are taking notice of this. Both that the police are purposely inflicting life-altering injuries and that their President (Macron) implicitly and explicitly endorses these tactics and expresses zero concern for those injured. After several months of protests, he’s not yet visited a single injured person in the hospital or put any limits on the police's suppressive tactics.

Losing Control

Authorities fear losing control of the narrative. If they do, there's nothing separating them from sufering the consequences of their disastrous and self-serving decisions.

This is why instead of talking with the Yellow Vests and carefully weighing the concerns of the majority of France' populace versus the limitless greed and quest for power of its ruling class, the government has instead responded with a full media blackout of the Yellow Vests movement and its demands, while steadily demonizing the protestors.

They're conspiracy nuts! No, wait, they're anti-Semites! Their popularity is dwindling! (but won’t let you access the actual underlying polling data). There's nothing to see here...return to your regular programming

And so on.

What such propaganda actually represents is the paranoia of the elites over losing control of the narrative. They fear any actual opening of a realistic dialog with the people whose lives are impacted by their transparently self-serving decisions.

Because they know their position and current advantage is indefensible, morally and ethically. If the majority were to wake up to that and mobilize, the elites would be overthrown by lunchtime.

Because of that, we need to expect movements like the Yellow Vests to grow both in number and popularity as more people 'wake up to realize they've been living in The Groundhog Show. Though, sadly but predictably, we need to expect more violence, too, as those in power do all they can to protect the status quo:

In a very encouraging sign, young people across the globe, sparked by the actions of a 16-year-old force of nature from Sweden, Greta Thunberg, are engaging in school strikes:

Meet the teens leading a global movement to ditch school and fight climate change

Feb 22, 2019

What could be the largest global strike ever organized will attempt to push world leaders to act aggressively on climate change when it unfolds in three weeks. And it is being orchestrated by unlikely advocates: teenagers.

When you meet Alexandria Villasenor, she seems like your typical 13-year-old. Until a few weeks ago, she was. Now the California native who is living in New York City finds herself as a primary catalyst in the youth climate strike movement and what some believe could be a global watershed moment on climate change.

As the lead organizer of the US Youth Climate Strike, set for Friday, March 15, Villasenor is in a 24/7 race to mobilize the nation's youth. She herself has been skipping school every Friday for the past 11 weeks and protesting in front of the United Nations headquarters in New York City.

"I am on strike every Friday because adults have failed my generation," she told CBS News. "I didn't make this mess with the planet, they did."

Her message to the world's adults is clear: Your time is up, and if you won't act, we will.


These observations by the young students participating in these school walkouts is the same as the Yellow Vests: The people in charge have failed us.

That is inarguably true. But there’s nothing in history to suggest that those in power will cede any of it willingly.

For now, the students are being treated with some measure of respect by the press because they're organized around the message of climate change, to which the press has already hitched its own wagon.

But don’t be surprised if that changes later on should the student’s demands or growing power start to create headaches for the business-as-usual narrative. If it does, the students will be ignored, and then ridiculed, and then opposed directly -- much the same as the Occupy Wall Street movement was a decade ago.


Make no mistake: The Powers That Be are desperately lashing about as their grip on the narrative, and the power they derive from it, weakens.

The fact that their story is one of unbridled greed and offers a hopeless future works against them. It's only a matter of time before it all falls apart.


Because the old regime of infinite growth on a finite planet has run its course. It’s (well past) time for a new direction. Whether we welcome it or not, we're at the stage where the limits of reality are forcing change upon us.

The Old always hates the New. The Old will cling to the status quo long past its expiration date, even if that means that everybody loses.

For some reason, this is just the nature of the collective consciousness. Individuals are brilliant and inspiring, but groups are stubborn and slow. History repeats.

One of the most important thing you can do in these last days of the Old system is to identify and understand the narrative programming you're being subjected to, so that you can be resist its malign influence. Nothing good comes from allowing others to decide your priorities and dictate your emotional responses.

It’s time to free yourself and notice what’s actually happening. To do that, you have to stop watching the screen and look instead at the theatre that's been constructed around you to mimic reality.

Humans are an organism. We’ve grown to the very edges of our terrarium. Endless growth is no longer possible, which means that everything from here on out is zero sum. More for Group A means less for Group B.

It’s that very process that Macron is defending in France. Ditto for the central banks and the global wealth pie.

The scrum for what remains has only just begun. And we’ll be ridiculously lucky if we evade the same degree of abuses and human suffering that have marred every previous century of the human experiment.

Historical odds suggest we won’t.

In Part 2: Tuning Into Reality, we provide a look into the hard data that those controlling the current narrative don't want you to see. Those of us looking not to become casualities of the system first must arm ourselves with accurate information and insight. Only after achieving that can informed action be taken to improve your future prospects.

Being painfully honest with you: whatever we call the new models for society that emerge from here, they will all be some version of how to best conserve and share a shrinking pool of resources. The more the old guard tightens its death-grip on the current failing system, the greater the chance it all ends in violent revolution or social collapse.

This is not a terribly new or original story, as history is replete with revolutions and resource wars. You just happen to live at the first time when the scale is global.

Welcome to The Groundhog Show.

Click here to read Part 2 of this report (free executive summary, enrollment required for full access).

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There is no doubt the the social control mechanisms, having been used in earnest on the popluation at large since Edward Bernays combined Freudian physchology with John Watson’s insight’s into the conditioned reflex (landmark experiment on infant “little albert”) to target the control of behavior, are being ramped to keep control of the narrative.
The cries of anti-semitism by the yellow vests are just another stroke on par for the course, but what in blazes does protesting against the woes of the political and economics system have to do with anti-semtitism. Me thinks they protest to much (whoever they are). Norman Finkelstein’s The Holocaust Industry details the cynical use of the holocaust tragedy to manipulate public sentiment.
Socail control mechanisms through disinformation and inciting the passions are nothing new, but they are getting better at. The purpose of the “science” of behaviorism is to develop methods of social control to be used on the masses. It’s funded not with the goal of helpIng individuals but to identify means of controlling them.
If people can be educated to realize and recognize the forms of control being used on them, it might just piss them off enough to do something about.

The story ends in violent revolution because it takes hunger and desperation to push the necessary majority of people off their couches, particularly in cultures where participation in the political machine is non-existent or limited to a month of TV election campaigning every three or four years. The upshot is that the real revolution is probably still years away, perhaps even a decade depending on how successfully the establishment can bribe their electorate with base wages and similar backfiring benefits.
Factions like the yellow shirts aren’t a majority yet. They won’t be until a significant proportion of police and civil servants participate in the movement.
Unfortunately democracy ensures more of the same until the electorate finally realizes that all the benefits they’ve received to keep them quiet in the prelude haven’t worked and something selfless needs to be done. In the meantime expect more uninformed kneejerk reactions ending in a backfire of disasters like Brexit and Trumpism.

Continuing with the line of observation that “I can’t believe they still believe this sh*t”… and,

Last week, coverage [of the yellow vest protests] focused on an unsourced poll claiming that over 50% of Yellow Vest supporters believed that Princess Diana had been murdered as part of a conspiracy. This week we read that a stunning proportion of them believe in a vast Zionist conspiracy. Perhaps we should start a betting for what next week's "ignore these crackpots" fabrication will be?
The emergency-physicians-only facebook group (EM Docs) has been filled with intense virtue signaling posts, pictures and memes around a certainty that "vaccinations are always 100% safe" and only a stupid, morally degenerate would ever think differently. Even a concerned pause to gather information prior to vaccination (called "vaccine hesitancy") is derided as evidence of moral and intellectual failure. It was the Russians Attempting to be helpful, one physician posted a link explaining how Russia-linked sources were the cause of this impression that vaccine sometimes cause harm and that not all vaccines have a favorable risk/benefit ratio for all people. Russian trolls, Twitter bots stoked vaccine debate by spreading misinformation, study finds. Findings suggest much of the online discussion about vaccines may be linked to 'malicious actors' with 'hidden agendas' [linked to Russia--the same group that "meddled" in the US election!] Russian bots were used to sow divisions on vaccines, researchers say. By HELEN BRANSWELL AUGUST 23, 2018 Russian Troll Promoted Anti-Vaccination Propaganda That May Have Caused Measles Outbreak Researchers Claim. Newsweek 2/14/19 In defense of the intelligence of this group, I noticed that the "likes" on this post were very sparce--unusual in this very active group. Maybe a few more physicians are uncomfortable attributing all deviation from the status quo to "the Russians."

Guy on my facebook has a young child, and asked his friends for recommendations as to vaccinate. One lady said to make sure and spread them out. Others were politically correct and said of course vaccinate - “not my kid = not my problem.” I suggested he pick and choose because there is a risk / reward tradeoff for vaccination.
During my research, I came across this US government website. It shows the “covered” side effects from each type of vaccine injury.
And here’s a table of doses vs # of claims for compensation. You could use this as a rough guide to the level of risk you are taking. Mumps (with 0 claims) seems no problem. TDAP and MMR look a bit more problematic. And lots of deaths on or around DTP.
And these are only the cases where people get lawyers and sue. I’d assume that some large multiple of people whose children have issues that never make it to file a claim.
Those darned Russians.

I’ve heard from several sources that deaths related to health care mistakes, including prescription drug related problems, is the third leading cause of death in the US.
But, you won’t find medical mistakes anywhere on the main-stream-media list of causes of death in the US. It doesn’t even get honerable mention.

It’s not just our leaders. There are things that humanity won’t look at. You bring them up at your own risk.
Here’s one of my pet peeves. I’ve been around almost 7 decades. When I was young, handicaped parking spots were rare. People shopping in electric shopping carts or wheel chairs were non-existant.
The chronic conditions and deaths I see today are almost entirely lifestyle related and the vast majority of those are diet related.
The younger people I encounter fit the US statistics to a T, 40% of them are obese, many excessively so, and another 30% of them are over weight.
The older people I hang with are experiencing cardiovasular diesase, cancer, diabetes, osteoperosis, gallstones and a host of other issues that are either causally related to or strongly corrlated with diet.
Not a single one of either the young or old people I hang with ever consider that their issues are diet related and therefore self inflicted.
The thing is that some people as far back as Hippocrates and Socrates have understood good diet, not to mention what has been learned in the last 40 years through science and clinical studies.
The punch line is that good dietary recommendations are unheard of in the main-stream-media, through USDA guidlines or from sources like the CDC, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, or the American Dietetic Association.
And, as I said, criticizing the Western Diet is not acceptable in polite society and is an excellent way to get ostracised.
My take on the Western Diet is this. When a group of people who are told they are dying of cardiovascular diesease are offered a proven dietary solution and 25% of them choose death over changing their diet, that’s an addiction in my book.

It is my suspicion that diet has less to do with the obesity and heart disease epidemics we see today than lack of exercise. I have come to know a fair number of young people largely through my millenial children. As a group they appear to be unusually healthy despite what many would consider terrible diets. Lots of fats, sugar and carbs. The thing they have in common is that they get lots of exercise. My son plays sports and works out regularly. My daughter is a forester and spends much of her time tromping around rugged terrain, kayaking and taking part in many other outdoor activities. Not surprisingly, their social groups do the same. They are all professionals in careers that hold promise for their futures barring armaggedon.
I also have a significant social group of old farts like myself (I’m a little older that Les and some of my friends are well into their 80s). Those who maintain physically active lifestyles tend to be healthy well into old age. Those who aren’t tend to fade earlier than they should. None of them smoke and most drink alcoohol moderately. Their diets are about what one would expect of middle class folks in our age group.
I recommend a book entitled Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit. and Sexy–Until You’re 80 and Beyond by Chris Crowley & Henry S. Lodge, M.D. It is aimed at men, but there is a women’s version also. The book has a reasonable suggested exercise program.

Excellent article by Chris.
I have a question for other posters.
How many Americans still believe the mainstream media?
I don’t mean that as invective against the MSM. I mean it as a legitimate question. I know that I, myself, consider outlets like the Post, the Times, Time Magazine, CNN, the network news shows and so on to be “out and out” disinformation platforms. But - as a percentage of Americans - how many are like me and how many still believe these are actually news programs? I honestly don’t know. But I suspect that the number of people like myself is far greater than most imagine. My guess is that 20-30 percent of the population now look on the MSM as the enemy.

I’m not going to weigh in on the Vax/Anti-Vax at this time except to say that there is a huge, concentrated push to demonize Anti-Vax people underway.
I track this on popular sites like Reddit where there has been a non-stop flood of anti-anti Vax posts and comments running for about 3-4 months. I have no idea how or why it was started, just observing it as a phenomenon.
Among the possible reasons for it are:
It’s just a normal, cultural viral moment. Hey, they happen.
Some group with funding and expertise is running this exercise for some reason
If I had to weight those possibilities, I’d assign them about a 25/75 probability. The reason I give the “it’s being done on purpose” more weighting is because of the speed with which anybody attempting to bring a counter argument is downvoted. It’s rapid and intense. That means there are eyes and fingers ready to pounce (or bots) which usually means it goes beyond a few armchair warriors with random moments of spare time on their hands. There’s some professional activity on display. That’s how it appears to me (same as when an anti-Round-Up [glyphosate] comment shows up and is brigaded with counter-arguments revealing Monsanto’s money at work)
I’m fascinated by the phenomenon because I like to try and guess what people are up to and why.
Sandpuppy’s “it’s the Russians!” angle has me intrigued. I know that there’s already a very large and well funded effort to try and pin everything and anything on the Russians. They have apparently been responsible for throwing a US presidential election, Brexit, the Yellow Vests, and now spreading false Vax rumors.
It’s not very hard for me to lump the sudden anti-anti-Vax program into the same bucket of activities that have been trying to blame the Russians for everything.
Vaccinations are a great angle, if I think of it strategically. It involves children, sickness, and runs “counter to science” which Americans are apparently willing to suddenly believe in totally and uncritically in science when it aligns with Pharma profits. (Less so when it involves melted steel, or the profits of the fossil fuel industries - odd how that works).
As a personal note, I happen to believe very strongly in getting vaccinated for a wide variety of things, but not all of them. Polio yes, absolutely. Flu shots no, I manage to avoid the flu very successfully all on my own. When I get older, I may change my mind on that. Spreading them out in infants just makes sense to me knowing how the immune system works and how it responds to challenges.
Someday, when we know more (presuming we make it that far) we’ll be able to understand which genetic combinations make some people have bad reactions to some things including vaccines, which is a very real thing.
Despite the fact that some small percentage of people react badly, and they do, the overall risk-reward balance is very strongly in favor of vaccines. But that doesn’t mean we should shame and denigrate those people who worry that their own beloved child might be the one who suffers (and some do).
Do we shame people for playing the lottery? No, we don’t, because that funnels money to the state. Are people being shamed for worrying about the vaccine lottery we ask them to play with their children? Yes we do. Cui bono? - that’s the question to always keep front and center…

“The more the old guard tightens its death-grip on the current failing system, the greater the chance it all ends in violent revolution or social collapse.”
Once again, an excellent post. I hope everyone who reads this saw Rutger Brenman, the Dutch historian who spoke truth to power at Davos, “interviewed” by Tucker Carlson.

I'm sure people here understand the concept of supersatured solutions, systems which appear to be in a stable state but will actually change state in response to a random, potentially tiny, trigger. We are living inside something similar. Large majorities of people know that our political and economic system is corrupt and unfair: seeing that but not understanding why except in the shallowest way, many of these people last voted for Trump and for Brexit, in a primal scream. At some point, there will be a random, potentially tiny trigger. This center cannot hold, and the longer it remains in place, the more "dramatic" (*) the state change will be. (*) word chosen to avoid the v word, the honest one that is robbed of its usefulness by the intensity of the system's propaganda

…if medical professionals and their mistakes, injuries and kills were scrutinized in courts of law, amongst Hollywood celebrities, and in the media just like those of police officers?! Police in the US kill about 990-1,000 people per year. Medical professionals kill 100,000 - 200,000 per year. It’s about time we take those unnecessary deaths seriously.
What if the media picked out some of the worst, most egregious cases and blew them up on local and national media for days and weeks on end. For example, a surgeon who’s intoxicated slices into a major blood vessel and causes the death of the patient. No one else in the operating room reports his drinking or the blatant error, so it’s said there is a white wall of silence protecting bad doctors. The surgeon is white and the dead patient was black, so there’s the racism angle to be played up and amplified. The civil trial of the surgeon seeking $10 million in damages is covered in the press every day. Protesters block all the entrances to the hospital shouting “Black Lives Matter,” “No Justice, No Peace,” and “The only good surgeon is a dead surgeon” causing an ambulance with a patient suffering a heart attack to be diverted to another hospital 5 miles away (where the patient dies). Protesters demand that the make up of the hospital’s staff closely reflect the demographics of the city. Since minorities make up 30% of the city, 30% of the doctors must be minorities, 30% of the nurses and technicians, and 30% of the administrators and support staff.
In response to all the injuries and deaths caused by doctors, nurses and technicians a Civilian Review Board is set up in that city that has the power to investigate all deaths and injuries incurred while patients are at the hospital, and to investigate all patient complaints against medical professionals. Politicians and activists name the members of this Board, most of whom are lawyers, other politicians and “activists.” An Internal Affairs Bureau is set up inside the hospital and staffed by 3 doctors, 3 nurses and 3 administrators to enable the hospital to field its own complaints and investigate them. This becomes highly controversial because “how can the hospital investigate itself?” Activists become further enraged when they discover doctors and nurses who are accused of mistakes, abuse or negligence are allowed to continue seeing patients and getting paid for the six to 24 months it takes to investigate complaints and deaths. The Civilian Review Board demands the power to hire and fire staff, and to have medical licenses pulled of those they deem a danger to the public.
A federal judge and the hospital agree to a consent decree to track the racism inherent in the fact that even though minorities only account for 30% of the hospital’s patients they are victims of 41% of the unnecessary deaths and 49% of the unnecessary tests and procedures. The consent decree requires considerable new paperwork to be conducted on all patients and be reviewed by the court every quarter. The consent decree will not be lifted until the percentage of minority deaths and unnecessary tests gets to within 5% of their proportion in the hospital’s patient census.
The hospital starts a new program to rebuild trust with the community by requiring all medical personnel (except administrators and support staff) to be equipped with body worn cameras while performing their duties. The video has to be stored for 6 months and is available for review by Internal Affairs and the Civilian Review Board.
Since “If it bleeds, it leads” the media begins covering every death that occurs at the hospital instead of ignoring them. Daily or at least weekly the media mention the number of deaths at the hospital year-to-date, and provide in depth coverage of those that are particularly disturbing or occur under questionable circumstances. The majority of the deaths are not considered newsworthy, such as the cases in which people critically injured in car accidents die in spite of the staff’s best efforts to save them. Furthermore, no coverage is provided of the mundane, day-to-day business of helping people heal and saving their lives from medical conditions.
That’s crazy talk, isn’t it? Never mind. It’s probably best that medical professionals continue policing themselves, since they’re the experts. You know?

and talking points are as followed:Republicans are capitalists and the Dems are socialists.Looks like it’s working…Quite nicely

Doug wrote:
It is my suspicion that diet has less to do with the obesity and heart disease epidemics we see today than lack of exercise.

… and vegan is not the same as Whole Foods Plant Based. WFPB avoids highly processed foods and oil, and limits sugar, salt and caffine.

Here’s the problem with ideas of large, collective solutions like this; Anyone who has the power to make these types of changes is dependent on things staying as they are for their power. If they change the status quo, the system on which their power rests is undermined. So the system is structured in such a way that it resists change. Big changes only happen through crisis and necessity and they will be implemented in such a way so as to detract from the status quo as little as possible.The only thing that we should really be focused on are things that we actually have the power to effect. My house, my buying decisions, my kids, my food sources, where I put my personal wealth, the way I live MY life. Thats what we should be focused on. Five minutes of planting a potato is going to do more to effect YOUR life than five YEARS of political activism.
Thats why I enjoy this site. Chris and Adam have an individual focus. What can “I” do about the problems I’m seeing in the world. I have ZERO faith in leadership. They are NEVER going to make the right changes, the entire system’s worth of incentives are weighted directly against those very solutions.

That’s a pretty good idea there Tom. I wonder what gave you the inspiration?
My takeaway: Avoid Hospitals, if at all possible. :slight_smile:
Seriously though, the fatigue the staff is under is sometimes quite dangerous. Some people work 36 hours straight, with only a few hours of sleep between shifts. It seems impossible that human beings in such circumstances make as many good decisions as they might have made if they actually had sleep like the rest of us.
My sister told me stories about when she was a resident. My memory tells me - vaguely - that a 36 hour shift was normal. After I heard that, every time I got care, I would eye the doctor and try to sort out for myself if they looked sleepy or not.

The beginning of your article expresses suprise that the learning curve is flat. It isn’t really. You are thinking like a normal person. The upper echelons of the political class in this country are sociopaths. They see nothing wrong with a vampire-like system that sucks the blood out of the middle and lower classes to nourish themselves and the upper classes who fund their campaigns and keep them in office. They know that the system will implode, they just want to insure that when it does they have control in the aftermath. Sociopaths are well practiced at pretending to care while in truth they couldn’t care less.
When the bubble pops they will rig things to flood their end of the system with cash so they can keep their assets while scooping up the ones that the average person loses. They did it in 2008 and they’ll do it this time too.

"I’ve gotten elected. I just ran. I was elected by almost a million vote plurality. And, I know what I’m doing. So, you know, maybe people should listen a little bit. -Dianne Feinstein
One kid shot back “I hear what you’re saying but we’re the people who voted you. You’re supposed to listen to us, that’s your job.”
“How old are you?” challenged Feinstein.
“I’m 16. I can’t vote,” said the girl.
Well you didn’t vote for me,” replied the Senator.

Feinstein’s attitude is typical.
“We are not your ‘representatives’, we’re your rulers.”

richcabot wrote:
"I've gotten elected. I just ran. I was elected by almost a million vote plurality. And, I know what I'm doing. So, you know, maybe people should listen a little bit. -Dianne Feinstein
That word plurality...I wonder if she meant it? I am not familiar with her vote totals, but here's what that word means in a voting context:
A plurality vote (in North America) or relative majority (in the United Kingdom) describes the circumstance when a candidate or proposition polls more votes than any other, but does not receive a majority.
Maybe it's just me, but I'd think that any elected official that failed to receive the majority of the votes might, maybe, possibly have some room left for patience and listening.