Why Growth is Dead

Sell naked Calls.
Buy Puts.
Let it run for a bit. 
Buy back the Calls cheap and close the position.
Sell the Puts.
Convert profits to PMs.
Or tomatoes.
Or Martin guitars.
Or a biodiesel set-up like Ready’s.
Thumb your nose at “The System”.

I am curious as to what others here at CM think about this article by Mark Lapolla. The article is in alignment with NO GROWTH as a reality, however, the author paints (in my opinion) a very convincing outcome that is different than what I have been planning for. 
I am definitely interested as to what others think about Lapolla’s conclusion and points of view.

Link to PDF: http://welling.weedenco.com/html/20110429_Welling_Lapolla_REPRINT.pdf


Obviously Mark is well informed and intelligent person with a clearly thought out perspective based on historical market information and personal insight. The weak point seems to me to be in his complete lack of concern over other major factors including Peak Oil. Many of the charts he shows are also weak in that the measure of GDP (and other info) is grossly skewed by changes in what the data includes and how it is treated - all of which can lead to erronoeous conclusions. I’ve heard the stories about Intellectual Property which gives us control over offshore manufacturing and will allow us to do what we do best in developing new technolody etc, however over time, Asia will come to dominate even the development of new technology given that we will end up giving them most or all of what we currently have. We are losing our drive to excel - even our university students are unwilling to seriously compete with the Asian drive to reach the top in technical terms.I think (IMHO) if one looks at where we are going from a grassroots level and not so much from the lofty heights of Wall Street, Economists and government statistics, the picture gets much closer to a view of the Creash Course.