Why Your Wallet Feels Lighter & Tracking The Recession

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In this episode of Finance U Paul Kiker and I discuss inflation and the many troubling signs that the economy is far weaker than advertised.

I know, I know, it’s tough to imagine that the Biden administration would be anything other than completely truthful, but the charts tell the lying tale.

From fictitious jobs to falsified inflation statistics an emerging pattern of economic weakness is developing.

Of course, you already knew this probably based on your personal shopping experiences and the swelling numbers of homeless people you see if you live in a city.

Tune in for another enjoyable romp through the data with two men of high integrity.


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I too had seen that little Reuters piece describing experts and regulators talking about they needed to be able to deal with the collapse of a clearinghouse. My blood ran cold and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Like Paul said, I assume that was allowed to get out into the wild through their Reuters narrative mouthpiece because “they” know it’s definitely coming and “they” want to be able to say “they” warned us in advance. The Great Taking is on deck taking practice swings! I’m out of their reach for TGT but like everyone else I’ll be affected by the second and third order effects which look to be horrendous.






There is something exceedingly nefarious about their blatant lies. Almost as if they also know that there won’t be any immediate consequences to their lies, and they do it as a signal to everyone that they’re in the protected ruling class as untouchables.

When (F) Joe Biden goes in front of a group of union workers and tells one of his obvious bullshit stories, he is actually giving them and everyone the middle finger. It’s very sinister behavior that’s indicative of the trouble we are in.


Creating inflation was once considered a form of tyranny.


What are these for?

Joe was selected because he was the only person on planet Earth who could say “Build Back Better” with a straight face.

He developed this magical ability when he first said, “It only hurts a little compared to how much Daddy loves you.”

In fact, he is so completely committed to the multiple B idea that he will be remembered by history as Build Back Better Brandon Biden.

If you don’t believe in magic, ask Dr. Jill Biden; she’ll tell you how little Joe’s loving hurt her beautiful baby.


Yeah, he’s had a demon sticking out of his you know what for a long time. Dr. Jill isn’t much better though. I think both have the perfect DNA needed for the puppetry as their handler’s handlers transitioned us into the new clown world order.



@cmartenson TO STAY OR TO GO
i rarely disagree with you but you did say it is a tough question to answer.
Here is my take FWIIW: GO
when SHTF being in a suburban or urban setting significantly increases risk…as the mobs get hungry the density in the cities will cause crime ot sky rocket and trucks will refuse to enter. Then the mobs fans out from the city. eventually they get us that are not so remote they cannot find you.
but here is what i have found after 2.5 years i am forced to accept a more rural life style (but in my case not so far from Nashville that we cannot access services). I start learning skills and seeking out like minded people that have even more skills. Not perfect but we burnt our nice boat and kept a little just in case. I am really busy on preps but that keeps focus off what might have been if things were different as planned for retirement. I have learned to respect farmers and country people who know how to get along and are not focused on keeping up with the Jones. Simpler is better. Wish i had started sooner.


I think he is talking more about the threads on the forum that are discussing leaving the country. I looked into leaving the country second passport style, and I decided against it. Mostly because I didn’t want to be the proverbial gringo in Thailand, the Philippines, or South America when the USD potentially/inevitably hyperinflates. If people in those places are looking to blame someone for the world economy imploding it wouldn’t be hard to place the blame on America, and Americans.


aaaah my mistake. Thank you for straightening me out. i agree with you. in fact i let my passport 10 year lapse as i do not see a need to leave country given all the risks and need to hunker down and build sustainability in a way i have not before.


Chris talked about how he didn’t take that offer because it wasn’t right. In NY, I keep coming across offers from the govt to help fix up your house. You have to be below a certain income level I think. It seems this might be a way to get people to take in migrants and also, will they use this as a way to chip away at property rights? “We fixed up your house…uhhh, we own it now.”

“In whose hands are iniquities, their right hand is filled with gifts.”

At some point, I expect things to fall apart frighteningly fast, where the US (and probably much of the industrialized world) becomes 3rd world-like in a matter of months.

Enjoy life while you can.

PS. I sooo hope I’m wrong


“We fixed up your house…uhhh, we own it now.”

Nah, no need for that. THEY already own our houses through mortgages and such. At most this is just one way to solidify them owning your properties, in case all else fails because you found loopholes to bypass their ownership. By now we are just renters that think we own anything, unless you have allodial ownership.

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The Case Shiller methodology is repeat sales. I would think a methodology needs more details, but the information providers disagree. OK, they also downweight the large changes and downweight properties with a long time between sales. But a formula is not provided.

Regardless, I don’t see it as being vulnerable to lots of sales at the high end. The simplest weakness I can imagine would be people liquidating winners to cover the losers, in a market with a variety of disparate trends over the last few years.

Hi Chris,
I have my own ideas on our monetary system. MMT is nonsensical but it does work with fiat currency.

Is it the money or the theory? Fiat money is a claim on today’s resources therefore is not capital. Fiat currency is backed by absolutely nothing, not capital, not resources, relies entirely on the legitimacy of government in the eyes of the users and the willingness of the public to use it in their transactions.

The process of creating fiat currency is to print or issue a electronic-byte claim on current resources to be paid back in the future. As a claim on production, it is not capital but rather an authorization to consume existing capital. It promises to pay back and that means return the resources and is therefore also makes another claim on the economy for resources, but this time a claim on future resources. So, the government issues a piece of paper or a byte to take from the present economy and then take again from the future economy in order to repay. Of course if the public allows rolling over of the repayment, then repayment just becomes an unfunded liability.

Modern Monetary Theory simply acknowledges the farce that fiat money is and provides a means of using the fiat-farce for economic operations.

Yikes! That’s a very interesting table.

While amplifying the “100% haircut to Bitcoin ETFs” it also shows that a whole bunch of collateral assets get 100% haircuts.

I was a little surprised by this:

Corp bonds get to a 40% haircut by the time their rating falls off to BB+ while muni bonds get a 100% haircut at that same rating level.

I wonder what the reason is…?

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Yes, this is the case.

I 100% support getting out of urban dodge asap.

I had two interesting conversations with Chicago residents yesterday. In one case, the owner of a pet grooming salon told me they had lost their HVAC technician, a seventy-year-old man who had been taking care of the building forever. He was working on the roof of a building in the area when some crazy guy, who had been a menace to the community yet kept getting released, went on the roof and killed him.

Another person told me they had to move out of Old Town, which I thought was a quite affluent neighborhood, because crime had gotten out of control.

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