WOW!!! CDC Completely Reverses Course. IT'S OVER!

Censorship At “science” Journals And Masks

This is purely infuriating…somebody does some good science on masks and CO2 levels, it’s just data, and it’s accepted by a journal (as a letter) which the journal later retracts because, well, “someone” complained.

When a retracted paper is republished in a new journal, should it note the retraction?

A few readers have asked us that question as they forwarded a paper published in May in Environmental Research, an Elsevier title. The study, “Carbon dioxide rises beyond acceptable safety levels in children under nose and mouth covering: Results of an experimental measurement study in healthy children,” bore striking similarities to a paper by the same authors that was retracted from JAMA Pediatrics in July 2021. 

That retraction was the second for the paper’s first author, Harald Walach, who also lost an affiliation with a university in Poland. Walach tells us that he let the editor know about the JAMA Pediatrics retraction before he submitted the manuscript:

I think the retraction was politically motivated and did not find any true fault in the paper. I have, of course, notified the editor, before submitting it that it had been retracted and explained in my pre-inquiry why I think that the retraction was void and flawed. Following this the editor invited me to submit the paper in the full version and then submitted it to a new review sending it out to three indepenedent experts, who, of course, knew about its history and found it valid. I changed various details and added some clarifications during the publication process, which is, why the final published paper is considerably longer and contains some more details that had neither been contained in the long version that was published as a preprint nor in the supplemental material, for instance the back to the envelope calculations that show that our measures are well in agreement with those calculated from expected versions, as is done with capnography.

This shows: our paper was valid all along, the retraction was flawed and pointless, and the publication which is available now is a valid rendering of our findings.

When we asked Jose L. Domingo, one of the editors in chief of Environmental Research, whether the authors had told the journal that the paper had been retracted, he originally said no, and that had the editors known, they probably wouldn’t have sent it out for peer review. 

But when he checked with an associate editor, he said he’d been mistaken. Domingo told us that the authors had said, in their message accompanying the submission:

The paper was originally published by JAMA Pediatrics as a Research Letter. Due to the short format and the fact that a lot of people had not accessed the supplemental methodological information critique was voiced and obviously pressure put on the journal such that the paper was withdrawn, in our view without good reason and without fair hearing. The final “scientific review” the journal said it had received was never sent to us, despite our asking twice.

The authors also wrote:

Please be aware that the current shape of the paper reflects multiple cycles of improvements already, and the core question is whether experts deem our measurements valid. Naturally we think they are. Everything else, the framing, the political consequences, is negotiable, not our data. We would prefer a swift desk-rejection, if you do not believe that the paper is publishable in your journal.

It turns out that the paper had been submitted to Toxicology Reports, another Elsevier journal, before being submitted to Environmental Research. But after what Walach called “an unfair review process, a fact that even the second reviewer commented on as inappropriate,” the paper was rejected. Walach said:

Although none of the reviews that came back said that the paper was flawed the editors rejected it nevertheless. I assume that it had to do with another paper that was obviously published in that journal and critically discussed at a time, when our paper was submitted and in review.

This poor guy simply did some measurements, thought they were important and wanted to share them. That's how science works. But Science(TM), on the other hand, is a mostly political process and this guy's findings weren't politically popular at the time. So not only was the paper rejected twice, but Harald Walach also lost an affiliation with a university in Poland. That's a "public hanging" and all other scientists take note. That's how gatekeeping functions. In other words, it's not a system with any apparent integrity and simply don't think you can teach enough values in time to make such a system salvageable at all. Yeah, I am talking about you JAMA Pediatrics.

yeah you notice they are not giving up on the jab in the new policy… they still recommend vaccination and boosters… so its not like Sweden yet… Jab still 100% good for everyone


A Great Day

I think I owe you and Dr. McCullough my life for your courage and early leadership in going against the narratives. I remember listening to you during the darkest of times these last 2 years and how you raised my spirits with your common sense and humor. I remember your early interviews with Dr. Mallik and the hope you both instilled. This is a great day and milestone in the fight. Thank you Chris.


Chain Of Fools

For the CDC to do an abrupt about-face is highly suspect. All or none absolutist thinking? 180 degrees from sick is still sick. Aside from being that mental, these individuals do not see how their warped sense of self concept does not match with what others, who are paying attention to actual facts and real first hand physical experiences, are seeing while watching liars performing their poisonous scripts to billions of people, thinking their poodle acts are so good, it constantly convinces everyone. That is delusional and yet VERY insidious and manipulative.
Every child has to decide at a very early age whether to trust what is being said, versus what is actually being done and acted out by large, powerful adults as what is “true.”
Many must choose what is being said over what is actually being done as a matter of survival. Children have to be able to trust those taking care of their needs even if they are far from trustworthy. And as a means for survival it is safer at times, and can mean the difference between life and death, for them to choose to believe what is being said - the narrative - versus trying to cope with the truth of what is being done at a time when they cannot possibly handle in any capacity, situations well beyond their physical and mental/emotional abilities at the time.
Further, children learn very quickly what is taboo, okay, not okay within their family systems. The issue of and locus of authority within every family system is well established prior to birth. And children must learn to get on with the system beginning with birth to survive. Authority is always first learned and experienced from the child’s perspective, which is nearly always from a power imbalance place. Their decisions, out of necessity, must therefore be about survival.
And this very early decision will carry throughout a person’s life. And worse, the so called professionals, like CDC know this. One of the main jobs of the psyche is protection, especially for a developing child. When pressures are extreme in a traumatic situation, this leaves a very strong impression in the mind and if the child survives a dangerous situation, that learning and experience will be understood and remain fixed within their neurology as “survival.” It will be very difficult to change later on in life even if that strategy is no longer appropriate for an adult.
I believe this phenomenon is a strong part of why so many succumbed to the lies and pressures of people like those running the CDC. Survival issues as an adult will be triggering the survival issues of the child, and what has been stored in the person for surviving from the past will come leaping forward into the present as how to survive in the present. That is how they survived before and it is how they will survive again - maybe. When life is threatened fear is usually the response. Often the rational mind loses its ability to think and the emotional response takes over. And at times of great fear, the child within will look to authority to tell it what to do. It is a primordial response in all of us.
That is why these corrupted, public individuals who have massive sway and authority are so much worse. And yet they are most likely acting from the models they had as children. There is a 50%/50% chance a child who grew up with offenders in the home, will themselves become offenders. This is the where the Stockholm Syndrome arises from, as children will either identify with the abuser or not. If they do identify with the abuser, then their literal core of identify will depend on them acting as the role of abuser to maintain their identity. It is a condemnation for them. It is also why so many cling to it so tenaciously as it is a survival issue for them. Ironic in this Chain of Fools.


Waiting For The Spin …

“Wow” is right! I can hardly believe it!
A) I wonder how long this might take to filter into our cities and towns. That will be interesting. Will this throw Believers into a state of confusion?
B) What’s the spin going to be? “Thank God for the miracle shots that delivered us from this evil”? As someone wrote below, the mRNAs seem set to be incorporated into the annual flu shot and even the childhood vax schedule. So many people will continue to be at risk.
Check out this excerpt from the spring 2022 UMass Amherst magazine* (emphasis mine): “The rapid emergence and phenomenal success of mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 has showcased the power of this technology. Without mRNA vaccines, our attempts to control the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic would have been far less successful.
The number of poor souls around the world who appear to be dying from these shots is heartbreaking. The internet is offering up increasing numbers of videos of people dropping dead, often falling like trees. Darkly, I call the characteristic collapse “the Pfizer Pfall ™.”
*“mRNA: A Driving Force Against Diseases Known—and Unknown,” page 52


Rather Than Being Angry…

… which is my initial reaction, I’m going to focus on all that I’ve learned over the last three years.
I know so much more about how the Western world actually works than I ever would have imagined I would know.
It hasn’t been a particularly happy road of discovery but don’t regret signing up fully for this trip one bit.
I’ve got a lot of good years left for these learnings to pay off handsomely.
Thanks. Not just to Chris and Evie but to everyone here.


This feels like a very astute analysis! Am I mixing up psychologists, or are you channeling Alice Miller? Anyway, it points to the deep intractability of societal phenomena such as what we’ve been living through.


Compared to Uttar Pradesh, just about anywhere else would have to fall into the “Uttar Hogwarsh” category.
The people who pulled all the strings over the last 3 years have to face the music. I think we should insist on it, and it needs to go way past “job loss” for those who knew better but did not DO better. They deserve punishment.
It would be a mistake, as well, to assume they lost their integrity just over the last couple of years. That doesn’t pass my Smell Test.
They were corrupt before all this started, but only now are they exposed.
Let’s watch how this goes, but I am hoping for multiple volleys of high-powered lawsuits, a cleaning of Congress in November, and some sort of peaceful end to the deep divisions in my native country, which were done cynically, consciously, and with deep malice against the society they wish to rule by Edict.
Words cannot express just how angry I am.
I did my best though, without a single word of profanity. ?
Thanks again to Chris for the efforts made to bring Science and Sanity, and to him personally for bringing Dr. Kory to my attention, which directly resulted in a 2-day full cure for my daughter using “the stuff for horse deworming” from a clinic that was willing to listen to FLCCC rather than Anthony Fauci.
– Chuck


Good First Step, But Not Over Until The Vaccines Are Withdrawn From The Market

and this BS is reversed. I think we will get there eventually.


Is This Really A Win?

Sure the CDC is finally walking things back some but it seems that every time we “win” it’s really just one step in the right direction to their three in the wrong. We now live in a changed world, a “new normal”. Many of us lost friends we’ve had for years, many have family members that refuse to talk to us any longer. This is unlikely to change because the CDC is beginning to admit the truth.
For instance, mandatory vaccines are now “normal” for many workplaces where they weren’t before. It’s going to take decades, if we ever manage to achieve it, to finally regain our freedoms / rights that we’ve lost in the last two years. And so much nonsense (cloth masks for one) has been normalized with new precedents having been set. We live in a different, more broken, world now than we had before just like what happened after the GFC and 911. I’m sorry to be pessimistic about this, I really wish I saw this as a true win, but I don’t. I see it as them locking in their “gains” and allowing the anger to subside before their next big move toward technocratic totalitarianism.


Seems the rest of the world had a missing ingredient. Integrity!
From Dr. Kory’s article:

In my view, the foundation of UP’s historic achievement rests on the integrity of its Chief Minister (CM) Yogi Adityanath. He is a Hindu monk and known for his policy of zero tolerance against corruption. The importance of this quality cannot be overstated, especially given the last 2 years of unceasing corruptions of medical science and public health policy that continuously emerge each day.

More about the Yogi: first off, at 26 he became the youngest member of Parliament in India’s history. And although he has clashed at times with his political party leaders (BJP), they leave him alone because he is considered a “star campaigner” (plus he has, at times, successfully helped candidates they did not want to gain office).

Since taking office as CM over three and half years ago, he took action against 775 corrupt officials in UP from the Indian Administrative Service and the Indian Police Service.
I know so much more about how the Western world actually works than I ever would have imagined I would know.
I feel the same way. I'm currently watching "The Handmaid's Tale." In that, Canada is still the good guy welcoming the refugees from Giliad. Who knew that the places I would have run had SHTF in the U.S. were going to be first and worst in the tyranny department. I'm so sad for my dear friends and family in Europe and for all those stuck in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I always thought of you as the examples. Not that it's not coming here but now I think we're probably towards the end of the list.

I agree with that.
All my life I knew that my knowledge of biology was lacking. Since Covid hit, I have taught myself basic genetics, basic cytology, more than basic immunology and I working on virology. This filled a huge gap in my knowledge.
I also learned that Western democracies are not simply flawed, they are fictions. We don’t live in a democracy. We live in a democracy simulation.
I also learned that the media is not just deeply flawed, it is outright propaganda. It is a propaganda organ posing as a media.
I also learned that public health bodies and medical research are, at best, deeply flawed. There are still some honest people in the system but they are not the ones calling the shots.
I also learned that there were limits beyond which I would not allow myself to be pushed, and that there were things I was willing die for.


What Happened To “flattening The Curve”?

I have been following you, Chris since February 2020, all throughout that year and I remember how you emphasized that we need to flatten the curve, wear masks and so on. Then I stopped watching your videos (dont know why) and only recently resumed. Now I am missing something. Werent all of the measures (lockdowns, masks) for the purpose of flattening the curve and avoiding overwhelming the hospitals, which would result in more deaths?

Thanks again to Chris for the efforts made to bring Science and Sanity, and to him personally for bringing Dr. Kory to my attention, which directly resulted in a 2-day full cure for my daughter using “the stuff for horse deworming” from a clinic that was willing to listen to FLCCC rather than Anthony Fauci.
More and more people are viewing Fauci as the villain that he is Chuck,

Cdc Breaks

Great write up Chris, I concur. It will take time for the truth to sink in for many, and the slow, carefully orchestrated narratives are not going to help. It is because of people like you who - and the few who could get heard on social media, that we had as many people who felt confident to stand firm and know we were on the right side of this criminal overreach into our lives and work. Big Pharma heads need to roll, Fauci, CDC, FDA, and the many others who are responsible for allowing this grotesque injustice to occur.


I’ll go get the rope.


“This too shall pass”
In Buddhism, the impermanence of everything is one of the essential truths.
Whatever we humans are, experience, or build, is subject to change. What started out as good, must become rotten. What is rotten, will transform to good.
Understanding this impermanence could be seen as a moment of enlightenment. No one ever claimed that this would be felt as a positive experience. As it must be accompanied by loosing something. But, it will give true freedom.
In this completely shitty episode of our lives, in which we all lost a lot, and probably will loose more, this sense of freedom is a truly precious gem…


I think he is channeling Alice Miller!
Thanks for reminding me. Her books were extremely important to me. Somehow I lost them all. Now I’m able to find the again!


I’m with you Hungry Ghost; my wife & I got legal help to fight her employers vax mandate last December (she’s a physician subject to the fed healthcare/Medicare mandate) and they were going terminate her rather than accept her religious exemption request…our attorney was fantastic and when other larger systems around us began accepting exemptions like the Cleveland Clinic her employer had no choice but to grant it. It’s been a minor headache for her since to comply with the constant mask-wearing and other theatre they make her perform as unvaxxed but we never wavered and knew we would be vindicated.
Thank you again to @chrismartenson for his constant work and efforts on this from the beginning. ???