11 Tickets Left...Reserve Your Spots Today!

The good news: Honey Badger Gathering 2022 is on the horizon and the agenda is coming together in an amazing way (more on that soon). The bad news (depending on your point of view): we’re almost sold out.

Yes, thanks to government regulations we can’t just invite the whole world. But we’re not complaining too much, with this already being three times as big as our trial run last year.

Bottom line, we have 11 tickets remaining. If you want to attend this amazing, educational Tribe event, reserve your spots today. These will sell fast.


As you know, community at this time is so important. This is the time to make friends and join together. Let's build our personal resilience communities together.

Remember, if you’re a Peak Insider you enjoy a full 20% off your ticket price. VIP? First ticket is included in your membership!


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What is the schedule for Thursday? I need to purchase tickets and getting the arrival time right is important. The time zone difference from the West coast makes it more difficult.

Hey there,
I am West Coast too, totally understand. Thursday is set up to allow all time to arrive, then have vendors set up what they would like by 3pm local (east coast). This will allow campers time to set up, and travelers time to arrive, get settled in their respective accommodations (camping or otherwise). Will like have the bonfire going that evening around 7, that evening for a big meet and greet.
Classes and lessons do not start until Friday.

Got One!

Was meaning to snag an Early Bird ticket. Thanks for the reminder- have my ticket now- looking forward!

I got a late night PDX-BOS Wed night~9pm PST direct 6 hours lands at ~6am EST… 2 hour drive. set up tent and nap for 4 hours

Badger Wrassling

What day is the badger handling demo?
No badgers were harmed in the making of this video and no disrespect to the Chris, the event or our cause. Just a little craziness to break things up! ?

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So…now What Since The Event Is Sold Out?

Will there be a waiting list started in case of more space opening up or folks cancelling their attendance? Just curious what the plan is at this point. We’re still not sure that we can make it. We may not know until at least Labor Day. That’s on us. Just checking in.

Hey there, just sent you a PM. In short, yes, I will be keeping a list as requests come in to me or events@peakprosperity.com =)

Thanks, Mike. Saw your PM to me before all of my PMs left the building as of this morning ? I don’t want to put myself (and one other person) on a waiting list until we know for sure that we can definitely make it. I’ll either PM you when that feature comes back or else send you an email, if and when. Thanks again for all of your efforts!

How Does It Work? No, Not The Badger Wrassling.

This is our first attendance, so … what to expect? While it will be great to spend time and engage in conversation with folks that share some common goals and values, is there a schedule, or program of presentations, speakers, or specific content information available? Now that our tent is cleaned (thankfully not deteriorated, having been packed up from the Nevada Black Rock Desert in 2013, full of playa dust, and only put up again in this last week), I would like to get a sense of what provisions we need to bring, and if the vendors referenced are to purchase meals and such. Have a camp stove, but will it be necessary (or even allowed)? Also, how can we help? What might you need with so many descending onto your property? Do you need bodies to help set up stuff early, or to help clean up after? I’m retired, and my wife isn’t working, so my time is pretty flexible. 1) How do we make the most of the time there, 2) how do we bring something to the table? Is there any volunteer scheduling one can sign up for?