2024: Debates, Elections, Recession, and Global Tensions

As we look ahead to 2024, the political landscape is rife with speculation and uncertainty. The Supreme Court of Colorado and Maine’s secretary of state have made the contentious decision to exclude Trump from their primary ballots, citing the 14th Amendment. Meanwhile, there are whispers that Joe Biden may not be the Democratic nominee for president, with names like Gavin Newsom, Jay Pritzker, Gretchen Whitmer, and Jennifer Granholm being floated as potential replacements. The year also carries the potential for a global recession, escalating tensions in Ukraine, and soaring oil prices, with some predicting a peak of $150 per barrel.

In the realm of international relations, recent interviews with Judge Andrew Napolitano have shed light on a variety of pressing issues. Max Blumenthal discussed the controversy surrounding Israel’s propaganda campaign regarding mass rape allegations in Gaza, the role of the US in the conflict, and the potential consequences for Netanyahu’s leadership. Phil Giraldi, on the other hand, focused on the interconnection between freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and the Israel Lobby’s influence in the United States. He expressed concern about the government’s selective support for Israel and the lack of gain for the American people in these actions.

In a separate conversation with Colonel Douglas McGregor, Napolitano delved into the dangers of the United States’ defense budget and the presence of military bases around the world. They questioned the lack of a clear mission for soldiers in Syria and Iraq, and the potential for further conflict in the Middle East.

In the world of health regulations, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been under scrutiny for its handling of proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations. Despite announcing that they will not meet their January 2024 deadline, no final version of the amendments has been provided. The next meeting of the Working Group for amendments to the International Health Regulations is scheduled for February 2024.

In the realm of journalism, the role of the press as a protector of free speech is being questioned. Matt Taibbi, a former Rolling Stone reporter, has emerged as a strong advocate for free speech, expressing his perplexity about leading members of the Democratic Party and many journalists apparently being comfortable with discarding the First Amendment.

Conversations on COVID-19, vaccines, media bias, and freedom of choice continue to dominate public discourse. Concerns about vaccine safety, the virus’s origins, and the impact of politics on scientific research are being raised.

Finally, the need for European leaders to speak up about the truth regarding US hegemonic wars and the support for Israel’s actions in Gaza is being emphasized. The establishment of a UN fund for reconstruction and sustainable development, funded by cutbacks in military spending, is being proposed. The Palestinian-Israeli issue, viewed as a colonial problem, is being called to be addressed and resolved.

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