5 Survival Foods to Consider for Your Emergency Supplies

A number of interesting food items to consider for your long-term food storage and deep pantry.


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Per the article:

Flatbreads are the world’s oldest breads. One of the most ancient forms is a thin, crisp Armenian flatbread known as lavash. Other forms of crispbread include Civil War “hard tack” and Swedish Knäckebröd.

Traditionally, lavash is made in autumn, baked until crisp, and then stored for use throughout winter. Lavash may be eaten as a cracker, or softened with water or oil to use as a wrapper for meats or vegetables. The following recipe for lavash is a basic yeast dough made with wheat flour.

-Seems like a good/resilient and time-tested food to know how to make and to have on hand.  I'm looking forward to trying out the recipe.