A Little Brotherly Advice

We're now a little less than a month away from the Peak Prosperity annual seminar at Rowe, Massachusetts, which runs from April 6-9th.

If you're still making up your mind whether or not to attend this year, perhaps you're wondering what to expect to get out of the weekend.

Well, here's a write-up from someone who has attended in the past. Full disclosure: he's probably a pretty biased source -- as he's my brother.

I'd been trying to get him to come to Rowe for years. And when he told me in early 2015 he'd soon be moving out of New England, I forced him to agree to come that year before he left.

This morning I asked him to reflect on his experience there and to share whatever he thought would be useful for new folks to know about the seminar. Here's what he had to say:

My weekend at Rowe with Adam, Chris and Becca was honestly one of the most transformative moments in my life. 

The first thing it did was put me elbow to elbow with like-minded people, people who were living so many of the same thoughts, feelings, worries and hopes -- mostly about our future -- that I'd been living for years. Except, unlike in my daily life, these people GOT my thoughts, feelings, worries and hopes. And unlike in my daily life, I didn't have to conceal my thoughts, or worry if people would think I was a tinfoil-hat crackpot, or doomsday-obsessed fanatic or something of the sort. Quite the opposite: it was such an important, wonderful weekend with people who, yes, shared my concerns about the future, but who also like me were intent on finding ways to make a prosperous future.

Rowe was much more than a support group for me though. It absolutely, hugely, broadened my awareness of all the personal actions that I can undertake to prosper from what is likely coming our way. It was very successful in pointing me in important directions about what I can actually DO. This to me was a surprise, because prior to my weekend at Rowe I'd been an avid, pretty much daily, reader of PeakProsperity for years, and thus thought I'd gotten a pretty full 'download' on most of what I could do for myself, my family and my community. But the few days at Rowe surprised me by giving  me so much more.

Just one of the many eye-openers at Rowe for me was the weekend's deep dive into the concept of the Eight Forms of Capital. This for me was a real paradigm-shift in categorizing not just all of my 'preparation' efforts, but also really put very useful, meaningful, 'gages' for me on so many of the important categories in my life. For me, the concept of the Eight Forms (and all the details therein) went worlds beyond any 'prepper' applications, and succeed in giving me something so important, that I continue to draw on to this day: a 'dashboard' of full of the various measures of wealth in my life: social, cultural, family, emotional/psychological, physical, as well as financial/material. And perhaps most importantly, I learned at Rowe how to begin, effectively, addressing the areas where I was most deficient. Because of Rowe, I'm not only more knowledgeably preparing for our uncertain future, but I am a substantially healthier, more securely-positioned, and more balanced person. 

As a psychiatrist, I found myself drawing afterwards on the concept of the Eight Forms quite often with patients. My patients really appreciated, I think, the same things I did from the framework: how it breaks down in a really sensible manner so many of the yardsticks that are important for us to pay attention to in leading a purposeful, meaningful, and resilient life.

In sum, Rowe did so much for me, and much of it surprised me. Good people asking the same questions I'd been pondering, great learning from Chris and Adam and Becca alongside these like-minded peers, and life-enriching paradigm shifts to my thinking. It was a truly awesome weekend!

So there you have it. My older brother, who used to delight in razzing me when we were younger, actually had nice things to say. That speaks volumes about the magic at Rowe.

If you're thinking about coming, now's the time to register. From here on out, the remaining spaces begin to fill up quickly.

Chris, Becca and I are looking forward to meeting you there. And if you have any remaining questions about the seminar, just ask us in the Comments section below or send us an email.



~ Adam

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I’ve known for years that I wanted to come, but this year I finally made it a priority. See you guys in April!
(PS - if anybody wants to carpool from Boston-Logan or anywhere in between it and Rowe, message me!)