A Quick Sanity Check

Sometimes it pays to step way back and look at things from a high level.

In response to the 2008 crisis, the world's major central banks pumped an unprecedented amount of monetary stimulus into the system -- all in the name of kick-starting enough economic growth to pull the planet out of its fundamental sinkhole of Too Much Debt.

More than six years and over $4 trillion later, what exactly can we say it did for us?

Not enough, as the following short video summarizes.

Many of you are already well-familiar with this theme. Hopefully this video provides a welcome reminder that you're not crazy, despite the persisting artificial heights of today's asset prices. And perhaps more important, it's intended to be an easily-sharable resource for waking up new ears to our message of prudent caution:


If this is something that may help you wake up to friends and family not yet aware of our predicament, feel free to share it with them. The same goes with this link to our endorsed financial adviser, for anyone with whom the message to 'get defensive' resonates.

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Yes, be careful in the market.  But ssssshhhhhh!!!  Best not to wake up The Thing.

on current trends – by next year, 1% of the world’s population will own more wealth than the other 99%.
80 people owning the same amount of wealth as more than 3.5 billion people


Trying to stay sane in an insane world is (quite possibly) a pipe dream.


Now, where's my pills?





Interesting. really a alarming quest to wake and respond.


and you've nailed it.

I like the guitar intro.  And there's no doomsday music playing through the whole thing to make the message seem hyped up or overly-sensationalized, which is another plus.  I guess it is just different strokes for different folks.

My husband and I spent over three hours watching the documentary.  I felt like I took the red pill and found the rabbit hole to be deeper, darker and more pervasive than I ever imagined.  My view of the world I grew up in shattered like a cheap mirror.  As a child I REMEMBER the discussions after Jackie Kennedy said it wasn't her "Johnny" in the casket.  People lamented how distraught and confused she was.  Well 50 years later the truth comes out.  I search for the truth and sometimes it's really quite ugly.  Don't think the masses really want to know, their distractions and addictions are too consuming, comfortable and predictable.
We have all been betrayed, it seems like that is the only truth that doesn't change.