A Simple Way To Combat Coronavirus: Everyone Should Wear A Mask!

It’s amazing that people are still being chided for taking steps to protect themselves from the coronavirus, when anyone with eyes can see that the spread of the disease is fast overwhelming authorities’ ability to deal with it.

Regular people are being told not only that they don’t need masks, but that “masks don’t work”.

Hospital workers are dangerously short on PPE and critical equipment like respirators.

Nurses who have brought in their own masks to wear have been threatened with getting fired for doing so.

Why are we fighting smart prudent steps when we all share the common goal of minimizing covid-19’s impact on society?

Why are we suppressing one of the single simplest, cheapest and most effective tactics we have in the war against this pandemic? We should be encouraging EVERYONE to wear a mask, of nearly any type.

A citizen DIY movement, not unlike the WW2 victory gardens, could and should be promoted, making millions of masks in short order for us all to wear -- just as they're doing in the Czech Republic with the #Masks4All movement:

Seriously, if we all wear masks, wash our hands frequently and don't touch our faces, our odds of making through this epidemic skyrocket.

It’s an easy goal that’s right in our grasp. It shouldn’t be this hard…

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I predict very soon we will see significant social unrest in the form of John Q type scenario.
Its starting:

The top South Korean doctor for COVID-19 was intereviewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAk7aX5hksU He says wearing a mask definitely helps prevent spread of infection, and the we in the West need to be humble about it. I transcribed most of the inverview…let me know if you’d like a copy. -Judy

australian government sponsored talk where “experts” say masks not important:
During this interview , at the 36 minute mark very irresponsible remarks were made:

I know people have spoken about Cpap or biPap getting you close to simulation of a mini vent. But, now I am reading that MIT - has been working on an open source Vent using the standard resucitation bags… called the MIT e-vent.
I don’t quite have a machine shop at my hands, but I think I can knock one of these off - trying to get a copy of schematics now.
Edit: You could pull down the DFX file here https://e-vent.mit.edu/mechanical/

“The two-metre social distancing rule being used to keep people apart may need to be four times bigger to prevent coronavirus from spreading, a new study suggests.” https://www.independent.ie/world-news/coronavirus/two-metres-not-enough-when-social-distancing-39083182.html

Masks do help, but they are probably not enough. This is what Tokyo looks like since January, with at least 90% of people wearing masks, schools closed, most events cancelled, and many working remotely, but it’s still about to go into lockdown:

Oh dear, a child younger than one year old who tested positive for CV died today in Chicago. Beyond sad. There was one 10-month old in China with CV, but had other medical complications. The one is the US is a first, apparently. Details pending.

My now 87 year old mother tells me that she spent 5 months in hospital as a 5 year old with Polio. She was then able to safely work with Polio patients when she became a nurse.

Spread of coronavirus accelerates in U.S. jails and prisons

Inmates have no access to gloves or proper masks and have only cold water to wash their hands, said Hernandez, who was convicted of attempted murder and has served eight years. He said inmates watched on Thursday as a guard coughed, her cheeks turned red and she collapsed to the ground. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-usa-inmates-insigh/spread-of-coronavirus-accelerates-in-u-s-jails-and-prisons-idUSKBN21F0TM ===============================   https://www.ibtimes.sg/china-virus-chilling-videos-wuhan-show-coronavirus-infected-men-women-collapsing-streets-38246 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nAPp0a4cks

Hello all,
I’m just passing along a resource for in-stock N95 masks. I’ve bought these masks for my family, and strongly recommend them. They are a reusable mask with replaceable filters. I’ve used many respirators over the years for home construction projects and these mask far exceed any previous product I’ve used for fit, quality, and durability. They’re a small New Hampshire company that seems a bit overwhelmed by the sudden demand…so please be patient with their need for 7-10 days to get the product out the door. The six other people I know that bought from Envo have all received them.
Also please note that most major supermarkets and big box stores in NH are all limiting purchases of food and supplies. Some shops have a strict limit of 2 per item….some allow as many as 8 per item. It’s getting tough to stock the pantry without making multiple trips into a sea of shoppers…none of which are wearing masks.
Feel free to PM with any further questions. GLTA…Gary, NH

I just listened to a lecture by Dr. Lei Zhao, Infectious disease. on the Pandemic at Wuhan Union Hospital, the largest hospital in the city of Wuhan. He had done a post doc at Harvard and was interviewed by a family Practioner in the San Francisco Bay area.

He stated that Wuhan had 50,006 cases Positive and no new cases since 2/26
Hubei had positive ->67,801 cases and no new cases since 3/25
He treated 96 patients in his 3 month experience at Wuhan and has no pediatric experience. He said no child died in Wuhan.
Wuhan went into lockdown on January 23, 2020. Their peak was ~February 13 when they combined clinical Nucleic acid testing
2 Hospitals were built in 2 weeks- Huoshenshan + Leishenshan
1000 patients were admitted to each hospital and received care starting on Feb. 3, 2020
All stadiums, convention centers, and warehouses were converted into hospitals overnight.
They housed the mild and no symptom (positive) patients
They were all placed in isolation and monitored.
The city was on STRICT LOCKDOWN
-Volunteers delivered food to the residents (paid for by the government)
There was no leaving the home.
ALL were locked down- ALL stores were closed.
You were tested if you symptoms and all your close contacts.
You were treated with Antivirals, symptom relief, given Herbal Chinese medicine
[All his patients would have been started on standard Chinese medicine]
Temperature was monitored
All practiced Tai chi for exercise every day.
A physician and nurse monitored these patients and gave meds.
As soon as you became severe you were transferred to a hospital
At first, when the positive patients stayed home, everyone in the family became sick
Therefore everyone was that was found to be positive was ISOLATED AWAY from home.
42,000 Medical personnel were sent in from all over the country.
28,600 Nurses made up 68% of the medical team
1/2 of the workforce was from outside the city.
Other area sent PPE + medical equipment, physicians and nurses, lung specialists, intensive care doctors.
MASKS to prevent Covid 10 were supplied to decrease droplet aerosols to EVERYONE. He said this was the most important thing for prevention.
Central airconditioning was not safe - Only 1 room air conditioners were allowed.
He basically treated everyone with Chinese medicine, Alpha interferon 5 million U +2ml sterile water by atomization inhalation twice a day and
Arbidol 200 mg 3 times a day for adults- no longer than 10days. to decrease viral replication. He listed other drugs including chloroquine but did not seem to have used it. Arbidol is not approved by our FDA.
He could not say what worked better - Chinese Medicine are drugs as they were both given by him at the same time.
When patients were discharged they had to go back into a place of quarantine for 2 weeks. He thought cases of reinfection were simply false negatives.
They started a more strict discharge criteria:
Normal temp for >3 days
Respiratory symptoms improved
Pulmonary imaging had to show absorption of inflammation
Nucleic acid test had to be negative 2 times separated by 24 hours
Respiratory sputum and nasopharyngeal swabs had to be negative 2 times separated by 24 hours.

As a person with over 25 years of patient contact, I was puzzled by the selective disregard for known isolation procedures, promising medical interventions, etc. by CDC, WHO, and various governors and mayors. It dawned on me today: If you can call someone with two testicles, a penis, and a prostate a woman, and compel others to treat them medically as such, then you can pick and choose any facts you like about Covid19 based on political or ideological leanings. As my old statistics professor stated about unscrupulous researchers, “They torture the data until it confesses the desired outcome.”

  1. Michigan governor- “Can’t use chloroquine as untested and doctors are hoarding it.” *The FDA routinely permits “off-brand” usage of drugs as long as the prescriber advises the patient of potential side effects. Lyrica is only documented to help specific nerve related pain, but is routinely prescribed for psychiatric uses. Since it’s one of the world’s most profitable drugs, no one is too upset.
  2. “Chloroquine isn’t safe or proven.” *If you can allow thousands of children/teens to undergo hormonal therapies, which have NO SAFETY documentation and leaves them sterile, why dispute a treatment that uses an old drug to treat a pandemic? It has multiple current studies usually in combination with other things like azithromycin, and was found to inhibit SARS back in 2005.
    According to CDC’s malarial fact sheet, it is safe enough to give women through all three trimesters of pregnancy. Eye issues are not common, and reported usually after 5 years of constant use.
  3. “Masks should be used by sick people to stop spread (true), and only doctors and nurses should wear one on special occasions, because they might get sick, but not anyone else.(lie)” * Infection control procedures that have been in place since Florence in the Crimean War, state the healthy wear masks to prevent infection. Since the mask warehouses were depleted in 2009 during H1N1 and never restocked by CDC, I’m shocked there is a shortage. (src) CDC’s own procedural instructions for droplet and airborne precautions require masks if within 6-10 feet of a SARS patient’s room. I guess they forgot that part.
  4. “Mayors of NYC and New Orleans are outraged their cities are epicenters of infection after both promoted celebrations (Chinese New Year and Mardi Gras) involving thousands of people despite warnings of person to person spread. Trump must be to blame.” *I’m not sure how that logic works. How is putting out statements like “go out and live your life…go to the movies” while cutting subway service resulting in cramming commuters together anyone’s decision but yours? Gov. Cuomo just admitted having several thousand unused ventilators "waiting for the need.” Excuse me, …what did you just say?
    6 ft. isn’t adequate. It has been proven by the Hunan bus cluster study that the virus is airborne- it stayed suspended for over 30 minutes and traveled 17 ft.
    “Hey politicians and medical administrators, here’s an idea…admit you screwed up and help us come up with solutions. We’ll do an after-action review later, for now, just give me the info and we’ll get on it.”
    American seamstresses have risen to the call and are producing thousands of DIY masks for themselves and others. YT is full of tutorials. Elastic is sold out even on-line.
    Why don’t we see more of things like this from our officials? Educate, educate, educate!
    Great DIY mask info as well as other precautions from HKG doctor.
    Whenever the officials spend more time telling me “not to panic” than doing something about it, I know they are utterly clueless.

From a doctor on the front line

The Envo N-95 mask has a one-way exhalation valve. This means that the mask might protect the wearer, but it is useless in preventing that person from spreading the virus.
This is true for all masks and respirators with one-way exhalation valves.

The slope of the curve still is near vertical with no signs of abating.

“Under its newest COVID-19 prevention guidelines, China does not include in its overall daily count for total and for new cases those who retest positive after being released from medical care. China also does not include asymptomatic cases in case counts.”

It’s not often that PP gives bad advice. Or perhaps its intentional prepper-talk to drum up more business.
if there were 10 billion masks in the world and the sustainability of producing them wasnt in question, I might overlook the rhetoric. However it is irresponsible to suggest we all need to wear masks when there are barely enough to go round, even for medicsl staff on the growing front lines.
We should all try focussing on the science of risk and be practical about dealing with it. Otherwise we run the risk of destroying our credibility and losing the ear of the people we really need to reach.

Or mandated? Except that it is very difficult to buy masks, and even to make them - hard to find elastic anywhere, though I guess you can sew masks without elastic.
This is what I am reading on the twitter feeds of some of the folks on the cutting edge of news like Dr. Scott Gottlieb: https://twitter.com/ScottGottliebMD/status/1243931750989955072?s=20

I respectfully disagree with you. The advice to wear a mask is sound. Those that planned have masks. Those that didn’t plan may still make or aquire a mask(s). Where there is a will, there is a way. I posted a previous comment on how to quickly, easily, and inexpensively make a mask. Everyone, EVERYONE should be wearing a mask and gloves if possible when the need to go to town becomes a necessity.