A Vital Peak Prosperity Update!

Yes, I am going to be at the Polyface farm event this June 25 & 26 (Friday & Saturday) with the Peak Prosperity tribe. So for anyone who was maybe, kinda, sorta thinking of coming to the Polyface/Salatin event, please join me! (Evie is uncertain depending on the timing and outcome of a medical procedure). Further, I am personally inviting anybody who wants to meet me to join me for a Meet and Greet with the tribe following the end of day’s itinerary Saturday afternoon at the farm. Local craft brews, wine and light snacks will be provided, and of course, plenty of great conversation. So be sure your travel plans leave you some space on Saturday to attend this impromptu event. I simply cannot wait to see old friends again, meet new people, mingle and answer your questions. You can buy tickets here.

Other Good News to Share

While I am still unable to expand a great deal on the topic (much more to come on this soon) I can announce that we are very, very close to wrapping up the many details required for me, Chris Martenson, to assume full control of Peak Prosperity and to resume my content creation. There will be much, much more said about that just as soon as the deal is completed and everything is legal and proper. I can say I am truly happy and extremely excited about the future of this site and the Peak Prosperity community and am immensely grateful for everyone’s patience and support through this process.

To at least preview some of the changes coming to Peak Prosperity I should say we are so excited about this important event and reconnecting as a tribe at this critical moment in our journey together. At the event you will get to meet some of the new team that’s been hired to help me carry Peak Prosperity forward and to allow me to do what I do best – create more content.

Update on Honey Badger Farms

I am personally thrilled with our field, which was extremely depleted and beleaguered last year by drought, many years of depletion by haying, and too many cows. We aggressively rotated the cows just trying to give small segments of the field enough rest. We never caught up entirely. It was a sad, light green/yellow color all year.

This year? We got some fertilizer on in time and it rained right on time to drive that fertilizer into the root zone to and we now have a vigorously growing field of the most satisfying deep emerald green.

It’s lush! And that does our hearts good.

That pic above is 2 weeks old and the grass is taller and greener still. That’s balm to my heart and you should have seen the cow’s excitement to finally be turned loose among all that perfect food. Our cows are our soil management experts and we’re counting on them to turn these acres into highly productive crop land.

Speak of cows, here’s the newest addition to Honey Badger Farms, coming after much consternation due to his extreme lateness in arriving.

His name is “Mojo” and based on his ground speed at the tender age of almost a month old that’s a fitting appellation.

We’ve got a dozen other projects underway here, ranging from sawmilling to forestry, to planting edible trees and bushes, to installing solar, to planting perennials to repairing stone walls. My goal? To be able to feed 100 people from this land. Will I see that goal in my lifetime? Maybe, but maybe not.

It’s a long-term project and Evie and I are merely the current stewards of an amazing piece of land.

As an aside, Evie and I are really looking forward to seeing Salatin’s farm first hand and feel their operations as we’ve been really pouring a lot of energy into our own farm, building soil, welcoming new animals onto the land, and reveling in the new abundance that we can already see from our efforts.

So for us, to spend a weekend learning from Joel in the presence of Peak Prosperity tribe members is as good an experience as one can get.

I – er, we - hope to see you soon!


P.S. The cover photo for this post happens to be Chris & Evie’s garden from last year. Remember when I said to “plant a garden” during my Covid coverage? I not only meant it, but this year I think it’s an even better and more necessary idea than before!

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Welcome back Chris…and Evie :slight_smile: Honey Badger Farms is looking good :slight_smile:

So glad to hear from Chris. Can’t wait for the new content. There are no other sources like Chris for actionable content.

…that cow. Congrats!

I was hoping and praying that Chris would be able to attend!! So happy that he will be there, along with everyone else. YIIPPEEEE!!!

Looks like a beautiful place to be.

I can’t wait to attend this incredible learning event and finally meet “the tribe”.

Sorry to think I’m going to miss the gang at Polyface (living in Hawai’i has its price and one element is its remoteness) but it’ll do my heart good to have the Information Scout back and bangin’!
May Fortune smile upon us all!
VIVA – Sager

Glad to hear you and perhaps Evie will be able to make it. Frankie and I have to decline as we will be celebrating Mom’s 100th birthday. We will really miss seeing you all there. I’m sure it will be a stellar event.
An interesting bit of history; my mother was born on a ranch outside of Chama New Mexico in a small log cabin with it’s foundations somewhere near the 8,000 ft. elevation mark. She was an accomplished horseback rider by the age of 12 and recalls pulling the family sleigh loaded with ice that her father and brother had cut from the Chama River. She pulled it up the frozen creek to their house where it was stacked in sawdust for the coming summer.
And speaking of gardens, back in the day her families home garden and ranch was their survival. Mom recalls the ‘winter of 33’ as being a particular low point. Times were very tough, money to buy food was difficult and the cattle had all been sold to keep a roof over their heads. As the story goes, my grandfather shot two bears and together with whatever they could harvest from the Fall garden, they canned the bear meat and foodstuffs and that got them through the winter. She has never forgotten the difficult times of the great depression.

I take it that you haven’t got wallabies, then?
They’re very decorative, but they don’t give the grass much chance to grow.

man, I sure wish I could attend but living in the midwest with 3 kids under 8 would make for a long difficult journey. This would be my type of vacation to stimulate my senses and to be a sponge and soak up all the knowledge of this community and Joel S. And to drink a beer looking at something other than drain-tiled cornfields

That’s great news. Can’t wait to see everyone at the Polyface Farm event. I’m excited to meet some of the tribe face to face.

I suspect that many of us were actually sincerely looking forward to your expertise concerning the extreme dangers now surrounding so many who are either contemplating taking the “vaccine”, and/or are living close to loved ones who have already chosen to take the mRNA injection, given the likelihood of now being exposed to what Pfizer calls “SAE” or “Secondary Adverse Events”. Perhaps you have chosen to hang up your information scout shingle when it comes to investigating or commenting upon these important medical matters, at this critical moment in history.

I’m guessing vaccines will be approved for teenagers soon and I’m trying to delay as long as possible my 15 year old daughter getting any of the covid vaccines. Guessing pressure will ramp up this fall when HS starts up again, so that’s my deadline for figuring out how strongly to resist.
I appreciate the vaccine discussions on the site but there’s a lot of speculation too, which is fine. It seems unlikely to me that people are shedding mRNA, it’s fairly fragile stuff. People shedding spike proteins? Uh, sounds unlikely but I don’t know.
Will very much appreciate Chris’ presence and evidence based observations back on the site sometime this summer.

Reminder that Michael M is arranging barbeque and camping at his farm location about 2 hours East of Polyface all day Thursday and Thursday night. some people will drive from that gathering to Polyface leaving early Friday morning. We can arrange to pick you up at the Richmond airport and rides are available. I and two others will have an amateur radio seminar and some DIY solar energy activities during that Thursday.
PM me if you want to attend but haven`t contacted me yet.

I’m a bit reluctant to go because of the long drive and the fact that I have lots of $ allocated to other important events. Two things that could change that are camping available near Polyface (and especially someone to share a campsite with), and carpooling from the northeast. I’m in upstate eastern NY. Please PM me if you’re interested or have any helpful information.

Hello, I am also camping about 20 minutes north of Swoope in Verona at the Shendendoah Valley Campground. Really beautiful place on the Middle River and great rates. Cabins available too.

Can’t wait to learn from this pioneering “grass farmer” and meet the tribe!

So glad life looks brighter for you and your family.So happy for all of us that you are back.

I’m really looking forward to these events.
Seeing Joel’s place would be worth the trip on its own. Then add in the Mots workshops, hanging/camping with the PP tribe, and now Chris is joining us too.
Having recently attended a New England PP lunch, it’s so nice to hang out with curious and interesting people.