About Livestock Guardian Dogs

A quick look and background information about owning and using a LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog) to protect your herd or flock. 


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Last summer we visited a nascent ecovillage in the Northwest and the founder swore by his Great Pyrenees and his Maremma. He said that they run lead and sweep on trails when he and other people walk around the property and they also do a great job guarding the alpacas.  There are black and grizzly bears in that area, and once he ran into a grizzly at the edge of his garden.  One of the dogs faced off with the bear while the other one went back with the alpacas.  He called the dog off, and the bear left too.
Freya, the Great Pyrenees in this photo, was mauled on the head and left flank by some predator.  Her owner said he thought it was a mountain lion, but it could have been a bear as well.  It doesn't seem to have dampened her enthusiasm for being a guard dog.