All About Biogas

Lots of new info flowing on the Internet these days about biogas and methane digesters.  Here is a recent post form John Robb at Resilient Communities about using biogas for increasing one's resiliency.

And here is a DIY tutorial I came across on how to build your own small-scale digester.

A summer project I have lined up is to build a digester and then try to connect it to a small propane-powered refrigerator.  It would be a wonderful addition for grid-down situations.


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Thanks Jason…in the video, what was the function of the jar near the end of the process? Collect condensation? Safety? I'll be interested to hear how your project goes.

I have looked into building a "Biogas digester" for a while. I would love to read and see what you have done later this summer. I believe this is also called an anaerobic digestor. I wish that I still had the links to the videos that I had found. There were some videos by a man out of Germany that made one to power a small refrigerator.