Alone in the Wilderness

I had the pleasure of watching Alone in the Wilderness this weekend and thought it would be a good addition to the DailyPrep section.  I think the words "Awesome" and "Wonderful" were used many times amongst the family while watching.  Here is a short clip from youtube to bring a smile to you face.

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I'll be darned, we lived down the Chandalar River from him during the cabin building. We never made it to his place but I can tell you, it's beautiful and cold. Chandalar Lake (12 miles long by 2 miles wide) froze over in one night, noisiest night I ever spent. For two days you could ice skate for miles on crystal clear ice. Kinda spooky to watch big Lake Trout swim under your feet.

Wonderful movie! He was a real craftsman, building the cabin by hand. My brother and I still watch the movie. Excellent mini documentary with Dick returning to his cabin in his later years

I have Alone in the Wilderness part 1 and 2 as locked recordings on my PVR. They act as a blanket of comfort that I can tune into when things get too hairy in the real world. Watching them always brings peace to my soul.