America's Burning Edge With Ann Vandersteel

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Every so often I find myself talking with someone who has as much (or more) context about the world as I do. And when they say something, you know that every statement has a source.

Ann Vandersteel is exactly that sort of person.

Measured, calm, focused, and on target.

I first met her in person during my trip to Panama with Michael Yon and Bret Weinstein, where we got to really get to know each other during many different moments on the adventure.

I admire her bravery, intelligence and – most of all – her obvious integrity and commitment to the mission.

Which mission is that? Being a force for good in a world where evil has made its presence known.

I think you’re going to really enjoy this conversation!



Great interview! Only part way through it and wanted to link the declaration of North America that was cited:


Hold the podcast. She says 46M have come into this country illegally since 2021 (at 18:12). WHAT!?


We don’t have to be a majority to help turn the course of our society, but we do have to be a loud, determined minority. I think our emphasis should be more on the purity of our lives and message than waking up the dead and sleeping.

7:13 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Jesus in Matthew 7:13-14

I agree we are in a fight for all the marbles. The collectivists, the satanists and the communists have apparently decided this too and are hoping win the war before the rest of us even know we’re fighting to the end.



I am thinking everyone should be investing in those Iranian drones that are being used in the Ukraine…


It’s like Ann Coulter is back, except this time as an actual woman. >snark<

old enough to remember when these kind of folks screeched “'Murrica! Love it or leave it! You question our macho Leader Dubya locking up terrists, maybe you’re a a terrist!”

Whole spectrum of chest thumping patriots from Rush Limbaugh to Glenn Beck to Ted Nugent joined in the chorus, could not find traces of Ann Vandersteel being a dissenting voice. But search engines suck now, so maybe she was.

Surely there are at least 92 authentic Libertarian Rightists who weren’t saluting as the Cheney administration defiled the Constitution, just as there are approximately 92 authentic Leftists who would never have supported a perfidious Democrat (basically all of them in our lifetime, excepting the ones who died in small plane accidents)


These seem to be almost the same. The Venn diagrams are almost completely overlapped. Sure there may be some communists that aren’t satanists and perhaps some satanists that are communists but it’s possible to use any of these terms nearly interchangeably, at this point.


The Empire as we knew it is likely done. Stick a fork in it. The challenge now is navigating what’s coming as best we can. Seems we just went far too long without a “correctional” revolution.

Next step? A Constitutional Crisis! That said, I wouldn’t put too much faith in today’s ignorant masses, including 46 million “newcomers,” getting the ‘New, improved’ Constitution right.

Might be a good idea to keep an ear to the rail, and stay close to a border or exit point.

On the present trajectory, it could work out that the status of Empire might be transferred from Pax Americana, to Eurasia?


I enjoyed the conversation, especially the last few minutes focusing on what really matters. A president, Congress, and even we the people can’t fix the mess unless we turn away from evil, repent, and humble ourselves before God.

2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV) if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.


I might add Fascist to that list, but Communists and Fascists generally kill each other. Humm, now that would make for an interesting Venn overlap?


Her advice on what people need to do now carries an urgency I approve of. We need to really come around to “this is on us to fix” asap.


Like mathematics, generally, simplification of complex equations brings things things into better focus. Social equations are similar in nature in my opinion. Like a Satanic entity hell bent ( pun intended) on creating chaotic dysfunction and obfuscation, politicians and bureaucratic entities inevitably create a grinding chaotic march to failure…its their very nature. The process is accelerated by a lack of moral guidance to keep the beasts foot on the brake pedal and off the gas pedal.

Thanks for yet another cutting beam of focused distilled truth. Will the 3% eventually pick up the courtesy phone?


I would love to see her back on to talk about the 14th Amendment and Citizenry.


Great interview, I love her drive.

Her estimate of 30%-40% of the population being awake? I dunno…in my limited world, maybe 5%? It’s very, very lonely.


It is sometimes hard to fully get the scale of the collapse that I think is already baked in for the west - and which has already started. And then to take the (what seem to be) extreme reactions to it.

Anyone who has seen the couple of gold-related posts I have made over the past couple of weeks may have felt that I have moved forward a bit from getting it on one level to perhaps getting it on a slightly deeper level, and upping my physical asset allocation from a bit to a lot.

I mean:

  • All our currencies are mathematically screwed and there is no way of fixing that. It will be printed to the very end. So it isn’t just inflation we have to deal with, but proper collapse. IMO.

  • There will be tough times outside that due to a ton of problems we all have. Demographics, competency crisis, decrepit infrastructure, stuff failing (like ships, planes and bridges) and that’s before we get to attacks such as on food and farmers and energy.

I think an interview like this will help some people move from a level to a deeper one in really appreciating that this is all going to be really serious. More than a bit of a road bump.


@cmartenson Excellent! As I listened I was thinking sure would like to share this as I do not believe that he most flying Trump 2024 flags understand Trump can not make these problems go away - way to big and every evil Dem and RINO and corrupt judge will get in his way. But maybe it is even too late to share if one can not follow this conversation by now they are not on the bus.

Ann (and you of course :slight_smile: ) make some excellent points. I am on board with the Bible references and am glad you, Chris, IMO sure seem to be “getting it” now or maybe just more able to articulate the Bible stories. I have said for years God is the only one who can save us now… We were given freewill and we sure misused it. Now repentance is needed. However, while God can do as He likes I believe there is a LOT of suffering that will occur even for good people. Being Good is just not enough to float merrily through daily life and believe God is just going to save you. IMHO (not a Bible scholar) we all have a responsibility to get our “Arks” built. Even then i am not sure I can prepare for every possible shit storm that the Cabal wrecking ball, currently swinging around, can inflict on us.
Ann is right we are going to have to love some people from a distance and they are going to have to suffer , likely greatly, through the shit storm that is upon us as they merrily party on right now not even thinking because if they did they would not be pretending Oh it will return to normal no need to worry.


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Yes Sir! Sorry i apparently failed to look at what category of content this was :frowning:

Anybody know about or have information on the food co-op referenced in this interview?

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I wonder if we will have digital cions named Amero’s? IE: The Amero Currency Conspiracy

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