Announcing The New Website

Thanks as always for the feedback. On #1 and #3, I will add these to the list of feedback items to discuss as a team. Please note that as we are scheduled to go live within days, we will likely hold off on any design changes until a future round of updates. Regarding #2, premium content is indicated by either a padlock (if you don’t have access) or a star (if you do have access). Public content has no icon. Although it doesn’t explicitly differentiate between Info Scout and Insider, this should still help you sift between public and premium content. Finally, I have opened up a ticket for #4, which you should now have in your inbox. We’ll look into this right away, as it is clearly a bug! Thanks again for the help.

Perfect, thanks!

I’d like to request publicly visible pages or info have a very clear PUBLIC flag (maybe in large red text) somewhere on the screen to be clear.
I’m afraid having no visible flag for publicly viewable material but relying on flags for other conditions may cause problems.
For one, it reminds the user of the accessibility level. A helpful reminder.
For another, there might be a case where a page doesn’t have a flag set for any of the three cases. Thus, ambiguity.
Looks great overall. Looking forward to the roll out!

Pretty sure Information Scout will not have access to most of the features, unless we decide to upgrade our membership.

I’ve been using that term since my interview with Sebastian Junger. It’s pretty close to exactly what I think of when visioning into the future.
We humans evolved with limited grey matter. The depth of that thin crust of neuronal firepower dictates the Dunbar number; our optimum and maximum number of truly intimate connections.
Here’s a snippet from that interview:

When I was young I had mentor and uncle figure named Ellis, who was half Lakota Sioux and Apache. He was born literally on a wagon out West during the Depression. When I was young he said to me, that white people on the frontier were constantly running off to join Indians. But the Indians never ran out to join the white people. That the flow of humanity was towards the tribal.

And I wondered about that; I thought about that my whole life. That even captives, people who have been captured along the frontier by Indians and were given the chance to go home...often didn't want to.

Many, many years later I was with American soldiers in Afghanistan and I noticed a similar thing. After a very, very rough deployment, the guys I was with got back to Vicenza, Italy with their mates. They had a good time for a while but then something settled in and a lot of them said that they didn't want to go back to America. They actually wanted to return to the war.

And it reminded me of what Ellis said. What is it about civilization, about modern society that's really so deeply unappealing even to people who have benefited from its wealth and from its stability? And so, my book is really about that. It's about our ancient human preference for community and what happens when you lose that. What happens when you lose that in modern society, what happens to mental health, to PTSD, to social cohesion? Rampage shootings go up, just like the tragic one in Orlando. A lot of things fall apart when a community falls apart.

Keep in mind that if you put soldiers in a platoon -- it's about 40, 50 least the platoon I was with was all men -- and you put them in a remote area in combat. Or even not in combat -- most of the military actually doesn’t fight directly. But they're sleeping soldier to soldier on the ground or in their barracks. And they're eating meals together.

They're doing everything together, and they're completely dependent on each other for their survival. That's our human evolution, that's what we evolved for. That's the kind of life that humans are adapted to. So, when you put people in that environment, they respond incredibly well because in a kind of genetic sense, it's familiar.

But it's not just restricted to soldiers. Civilians also: people in London after the Blitz, reported that they missed the Blitz. Think about that. 30,000 Londoners were killed by German bombs; strangers were sleeping shoulder to shoulder in the subway platforms, digging people out of rubble. It was an awful, awful time. And yet, people said that they missed it. What they missed was the social solidarity, the sort of 'us versus them', 'we can do this'. One lady told me 'We would have all run out of the beach with broken bottles to fight the Germans if we had to'.

Humans are wired for and have adapted to surviving in extremely tough circumstances. We're actually not adapted to stability and peacefulness in some ways. It allows us to pursue a kind of individualism that leaves us deeply unconnected to groups and being part of a group -- the things that make people feel physically and emotionally safe. And when you lose that -- although there are great benefits to individualism, obviously -- but when you lose that, it makes people really quite vulnerable to all kinds of mental illness and sort of psychic disturbances.

(Link to The Interview)

Notice: Forums Are Going To Be Offline Starting Today

Migrating a website requires that we move a huge volume of material from point A to point B.
Today the largest volume of material, our forums, are going to be locked at 10:00 am, taken offline, and migrated to the new site.
So, no forums for 48 hours or so.
If you see a warning that the forums are unavailable, this is according to plan, not evidence of a problem of some sort.
Thank you for your patience.

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Discourse Requirement

Am I right to conclude the new site REQUIRES an account on Discourse?

Discourse is an open source platform, which we have installed and customized on our own servers. You don’t need to setup an account with Discourse itself - only with Peak Prosperity. This is different from something like Discord, which is a separate service you would need to register with.
We’ll be totally in-house moving forward!

Hi George - You are correct. Actually, nothing is changing in that regard. Information Scouts currently do not have access to the forums, private messages, and chatting, and that will be the case in the redesigned website as well. That said, you WILL have the benefit of the newly redesigned layout, navigation, etc., which should make finding and accessing content much easier for you.

It’s Up An Running…

And looks beautiful to me. I use “Dark Reader” on my comp and the colors are beautiful and easy on the eyes. Will take a bit of getting used to the layout but so far the homepage and forum’s are a big improvement! Thanks for the hard work!


New Website Suggestions

The new website layout is really good. Couple of suggestions for your consideration:

  • On the header when I click "Content," it should bring me to "All Content."
  • My "Circle" or "Bubble," with my first initial should appear on each page to let me know that I'm signed in.
Hope that helps. Best to all!

The new site feels clean and fresh. Bravo to all the PP team, great work. Like.

Agree with both of these!

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Episode Lists

What is the numbering system for episodes? I see Episode 55, and then I see 105, I see part 2 with no idea where part 1 is… I would like a list that organizes these episodes in order, and some way to know what I watched, so that I can progress though them at my own pace.

Thank you. We’ll think about reorganizing…the Episode 55 you ran into is in the category of “Inside Take” while the 105 is in the category of “Weekly Update” so they are tracking different Eiposde series.
That is confusing…

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I like the new logo. I think I remember you mentioning using an AI tool to generate it? Which one?

Outstanding Work!

I’ve been in the IM field since being medically retired from the military (one of the best things that ever happened to me) in 2007 and I can honestly say that this new website is truly outstanding. I look forward to more exploration of it’s features and functions and chatting with “Ivor” (made me laugh out loud). Best 30 bucks I spend each month. Well done.
Kevin “Irish” Ryan


I am actually really excited about finding my tribe.  ?  ? 

Well Done

Great new look and functionality! Congratulations!

This one was developed by Pete Moh, the UI/UX genius who redesigned the site.