As The World Burns

Decades of unfairness are now boiling over in the United States in the form of protests, riots, burning buildings and violence.

Minneapolis is on fire – literally – and the unrest has spread to numerous other major cities.

Last year (2019) The Yellow Vest protesters in France dealt with enormous amount of police violence and intimidation as they put life and limb on the line to try and wrest better economic and living conditions for themselves.

The people of Hong Kong are back out in force again now that the Coronavirus threat has abated, seeking greater autonomy and control over their own lives. Last year (2019) Chileans also protested, seeking better wages and living conditions.

While the specific demands of each of these movements are unique, they all share common causes.

Our analysis at Peak Prosperity is this: the days of constant exponential growth on a finite planet are drawing to a close. All of the systems that govern the sharing of resources among humans – political, economic and especially financial – are designed to concentrate, not share, wealth.

Taken together, we have an economic pie that is no longer growing but is subject to a set of laws and financial predation that guarantee the wealthy get more than their fair share of what remains.

This leads to increasingly visible, palpable unfairness.

Primates hate that:

In today's world, it's grapes for the elites and cucumbers for the rest of us (if we're even that lucky).

That’s been the model for a long time, but lately it’s been both accelerating and exposed for all to see.

Team Elite™ is busy gorging on grapes. It has granted itself $trillions of freshly printed dollars from the US Federal Reserve in order to prop up ‘their fair share of things’ like bonds, stocks, and derivatives.

That leads to these sorts of jarring headline juxtapositions:

(Source and source)

Without any question whatsoever, the Federal Reserve has been printing up money like crazy and stuffing it into every crevice of the US financial markets in a bid to…well, drive up financial asset prices.

They’ve been extremely tone deaf the entire way while pretending that their aim isn’t to make the rich richer, or deliver fatter profits to banks. Of course, both of those things are indeed happening as a direct result of the Fed’s policies and anybody with eyes can see that – yet the media refuses to acknowledge this.

Really, it’s extremely easy to identify. Here’s what ‘grapes for the wealthy!’ looks like – see that $3 trillion spike since April?

All of that printing leads to some stocks now being at their priciest ratio to earnings ever:

That means that those holding them are being rewarded like never before. And don’t forget that the richest 10% of Americans own over 84% of all stocks

We also see the same price-goosing with bonds. Corporate bonds are now once again approaching historically low yields which means, in the see-saw language of bonds, they are almost as pricey as they’ve ever been. In history:

Who received the benefits of that gigantic cluster of grapes that the Fed has lavished upon the bond markets?

Well, the owners of all those bonds of course, and the major corporations now able to borrow at rock bottom costs even as small and medium sized enterprises are being wiped out.

As I often say, the Fed doesn’t actually create wealth, it redistributes wealth. While doing that it is both directly and indirectly picking winners and losers.

The above chart of corporate bond yields says the Fed is picking large corporations and the wealthy elite over small companies and Main Street folks.

Of course, there are no grapes quite as sweet as the ‘special interest’ varietals that are served to only the wealthiest of real estate investors:

The only thing that could make this worse would be for some White House official to condescendingly insult all us regular people by referring to us in non-human terms.



I have dozens more such examples. But I trust you get the point: the vast unfairness of the US system is now exposed for all to see. And that inequity has become even more predatory in our hour of need during the Covid-19 pandemic. Which is why social frustration and angst are now in the process of boiling over.

The reason why is as old as civilization itself, showing up ever since the first group of humans organized themselves into a cultural pyramid:

People often ask me why I shake my angry monkey-fist at the Federal Reserve so often. It’s because of the above quote. I’m the sort that prefers to avoid unnecessary pain and suffering. The Federal Reserve seems to be institutionally ignorant of the above fatal ailment.

What the Fed is doing is wholly unnecessary and manifestly unfair. It will lead to tears yet, regrettably, it is completely avoidable. Grapes for Wall Street, and cucumbers (or worse) for everyone else. It’s just how they’re wired. They literally cannot help themselves,. So things are certain to get worse before they get better.

It All Boils Over

The institutional failures of the Federal Reserve aside, there are also the obvious failures of management (I can’t bring myself to call them ‘leadership’ anymore) at our major health institutions, politicians who are far quicker to the rescue of major corporations than constituents, politicized and even falsified ‘science’ coming from formerly respected institutions, the list goes on and on.

Every one of these breaches of public trust undermines our collective safety and security. Beyond some incalculable level the foundation gives way.

The lowest level of management in this story are the police. For decades many police departments have been heavily militarized and trained often by Israelis who’ve done a remarkable job embedding the mindset of occupying forces into US policing.

Toss in some unresolved racial biases and animosity, civil asset forfeiture, no-knock raids for petty reasons that routinely result in innocent lives being violently taken, and you’ve got a tinder pile waiting for a spark.

George Floyd was that spark. A particularly callous officer with a long string of unpunished claims of excessive force and violence lodged against him, knelt on George’s neck until he was dead while 3 other officers stood by and casually watched. Against the backdrop outlined above, this was one flagrant abuse too many.

Editorially, the person now being vetted as a possible VP for the Biden campaign, Amy Klobuchar was the prosecutor in Minneapolis for many years who could have delivered justice to the lower classes. Let’s check her record:

Sadly, this is a record that can be found in hundreds of other cities. It’s neither an uncommon nor a defensible record. As a reminder, in the aftermath of the Michael Brown killing and riots in Ferguson MO (2014) the justice department came in and discovered that in a city of 20,000 mostly poor people there were 16,000 outstanding arrest warrants. Think about that for a second.

Many for infractions like ‘impeding pedestrian flow’ (a.k.a. standing on the sidewalk). The humans were little more that ATM livestock for the police and court machinery to exploit.

And so, with the killing of George Floyd, Minneapolis exploded.

There's More Unrest On The Way. Get Prepared.

Welcome everyone to these turbulent times.

We all want to live in a just, fair, and safe world. Some people are born into peaceful times. Others aren’t so lucky. History goes through its turnings.

Well, here we are, smack in the middle of a whopper of a fourth turning. So let’s make the most of it.

I take the safety and security of myself and the people around me very seriously. Because it’s my responsibility I train, and I plan, and I think things through.

My home is in a town I judge to be very safe, and I’m not the fearful sort, so I really have to push myself to prioritize the other steps. Which I am doing because it has to be done.

The calm days are over. There’s a new future coming, one that promises to be a lot more interesting as the old Chinese saying goes.

I wish I believed that the worst of the social unrest was behind us. I don’t. Given the actions of the Fed and Plutarch’s quote, and the total lack of any pushback from the media on these matters, I am anticipating grapes for the elites and worse-than-cucumbers for everyone else for many years to come.

Which means it’s time for you to more seriously consider your approach to personal security, especially if you live in or near a city. I certainly am.

As a true mark of the turning, a growing number of my friends who would never have considered owning a gun before are now thinking about doing so. All sorts of formerly ‘hard’ decisions suddenly become up for grabs when folks start feeling more physically vulnerable.

But personal security is far more than ‘owning a gun.’ It’s a mindset as well as a behavior set. And above all, it’s about avoiding trouble in the first place.

It includes taking sensible steps to protect your home from being an easy target for crime. It means having a plan and well-practiced skills in place to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from violence. It means aligning with neighbors to watch each others’ backs. It means practicing with whatever tools or systems you adopt so that they are second nature to you if you ever have to use them.

For those without extensive experience and training (which I assume is just about everyone reading this), the best presentation I’ve ever seen covering the practical essentials you need to know to maximize your odds of staying safe is this video from Peak Prosperity member Tom C., a 19-year veteran inner city police sergeant, given at our most recent annual seminar:

Here’s a brief 3-minute clip from it in which Tom is fielding Q&A on the audience’s top concerns:

Tom's full seminar presentation is 48 minutes long and addresses key safety & security issues including how to reduce your threat risk profile, situational awareness, what to do (both mindset and actions) if in danger, how to create "layers" of defenses, as well as good home security options. Peak Prosperity’s premium members can watch it in full here.

Not a premium member yet? Enroll now to get access to the video.

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I had an anti-body test. It was fast and painless.
But I was sad about the results, negative.
I did have covid hands the other week.
Oh well, it is, what it is.

…and the filly has been exposed.

expose a big truth, keep repeating it until the world knows the truth:
All roads lead back to the fiat money system:
Broken countries. Broken trade. Broken bond markets. Broken manufacturing. Broken businesses. Broken housing markets. Broken Labour markets. Broken people. Mal-investments. Wealth inequality. Big Government. Mass immigration. Overpopulation. Nature fighting back. Wars. Even climate change.
End the FED. End the ECB. End the BOJ. End the PBOC. End the BOE. End the SNB. End the RBA
Bring back The Classical Gold Standard.

I started a side business in 2012 teaching handgun licensing classes and conducting private self defense training which I later expanded to firearms and ammunition sales. My thinking at the time was to find a business that might grow inversely with the state of the society - the worse things got, the more money I would make. The plan was to offset losses in my “normal” job that would result from the inevitable breakdown of the economy.
This was one of the best decisions I made (financially) as I have been training and selling like mad for the past few years but especially the last 3 months.
Mostly first time gun owners interested in self defense and home defense. I have literally sold every single round of ammunition and every firearm I had in my inventory, and have had training requests double.
This latest spasm of destruction will just make the situation worse. Interesting times.

Re-watching the movie V for Vendetta in the middle of the Coronapocalypse. It’s amazing how closely this distopic sci-fi movie matches the current state of the world. I won’t add any spoilers so if you haven’t seen it, now is a good time to watch a very underrated film. If you have seen it before, rewatching the movie now is a very different experience than it would have been back in 2005.

I posted this earlier today on another thread before Chris’ article(s) came out.
“Another thoughtful video from Nate at CanadianPrepper, this time regarding the recent protests concerning George Floyd’s death, “America is Burning: BE READY!” (5/29/20).”

Someone asked for pictures of a chicken coop. This one seems applicable to the current troubles. Ask yourself, are you inside the chicken coop or outside of it.

The security and self defense strategies discussed here are reactive. The people protesting the death of George Floyd are, IMHO doing it wrong, but they are being proactive.
Reactive strategies have limits.
I’m not a huge fan of Trump, but I’ll use one of his sound bites to simplify my point. We will not “drain the swamp” with reactive strategies. Proactive strategies will be required.
For example, most of us will, if infected with Covid-19, not be allowed to choose the course of treatment we believe to be most effective. We talk about it, but that isn’t rapidly changing anything.
That’s just one small example of the crisis that is barelling down on us. Yet, for the most part, we just quietly watch and prepare. I include myself in that indictment.


I went plant based for health and nutritional reasons, but once you make that transition, you can no longer ignore what animal agriculture has, by necessity, become. Books and films about plant based nutrition, invariably include small sections on animal cruelty and the effects of animal agriculture on the environment.
There is no longer enough arable land to meet the ever increasing demand for meat without CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations).
When I was growing up, we raised cattle. Animal agriculture today bears no resemblance to how we ranched in the 1960s.
If people knew, in detail, how their fast food meat was sourced, a large number of them would reconsider their eating habits, solely on the basis of animal cruelty.
The plant based lifestyle profoundly benefits health, the environment and animal cruelty.
Pick your favorite reason and consider recovering from the rampant (and society encouraged) food addiction crisis. If you think it’s not an addiction, I encourage you to do some research in that regard.
Post script on humor: In the Sci-fi novel “Stranger In A Strange Land,” Robert A. Heinlein makes the point that humor is misunderstood. There is invariable a dark side, or “fall guy” involved, You laugh, so you won’t have to cry.

These people understand that they cannot change the system from the inside. They are profoundly powerless. I include myself in this group of the powerless.
As a doctor, I cannot prescribe HCQ w Zinc for SC2 in Virginia, for example. There is no defense against false charges from the FBI, confiscation of property by police, imprisonment and torture on terrorism charges.
I hold a terror that I will die in the hands of a military / police force, also. And, that there is nothing I can do to affect this. Powerlessness.
For me (race = white), it is not a race issue, though I do understand that for several minority races it is an order of magnitude worse than I experience. It is about powerlessness in the face of an uncaring, abusive and unjust system. (Police, prosecutors, the FBI, banking laws, laws that crush small business, medical research and laws based on profit motive, wars based on fabricated narratives, etc.) Lying. Lying. Lying.
My personal action choices seem to be:

1) I can withdraw from the system. Or, 2) Burn the system down. 3) Hunker down and hide (protecting myself and family), secretly hoping the the system is not burnt down and will be there to serve me in the future.
When the pain, terror and rage are big enough, we become willing to kill and die to destroy what threatens us. Unfortunately, this is the whole system. The rules have been captured and tweaked for the advantage of the few. If the system is burnt down, there will not be the food, water, electricity, public safety and many of services that I depend on. Lots of people will die. I will be at risk also. So, am I really ready to burn it down yet?

Desperate people who feel they have nothing to lose become dangerous.
SandPuppy I hear you. I’ve made the same list. My knee jerk response to your post was I’ve already done #1! But then I realized that, at this point, my social security and alimony checks still arrive!
I think the system is burning itself down. And it had to. There is no easy way of “transition” as much as many of us want it. Will some of us not survive this? Unfortunately, yes. And that prompts the question for me: what is my part? What am I called upon to do?
I am thinking creating “islands of sanity” or “remnant pods” could be a 4th option? Actually, at this point, it may be our only option…

Definitely worthwhile!

sand puppy,
Your post sums up exactly how I feel.
I spend a lot of time strategizing on how to handle what is going on now - as well as what is coming.
Invariably, I am taken back to the conclusion that a massive “storm” is unfolding and I am going to be caught up in it - one way or another. I (and a lot of other people) are going to take major hits.
We can prepare all we want. We might be able to mitigate the pain but we won’t be able to stop it. And, depending on how it plays out, individuals might not be able to even mitigate the pain - no matter who they are nor how well they have prepared. They might just find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is simply no way to prepare for that. These are just the sad facts facing us all.

Angi (and everyone),
Often times we find a video that articulates our viewpoint very well and are tempted to just post it without comment.
You have to know that most of such video links will never be looked at by most people. It concerns the time/payoff ratio for the prospective viewer.
When you put up a video link, I would recommend several explanatory comments.

1. Who is talking 2. What is the point you are trying to make? (Don' make us watch 30 - 60 minutes of video to try to guess what you are trying to say!!) 3. What specific sub-group at PP would be interested in this video. 4. Summarize the main points and issues. Special bonus if you put in specific minute markers to point to the specific issue you want us to hear?
This is not a criticism, just trying to help people with something to say say it effectively.

That movie is one of my all time favorites.
The scene where V imprisons Evie and her awakening and baptism is one of the greatest scenes in movie history.
It is one of the few movies I have bought. Time to watch again.
Thanks for the reminder

Sand_puppy - Agreed with a couple exceptions. My assumptions in making the post is /was that the PP community is a mostly aware & educated group and I would anticipate that most people know that R. Kennedy Jr. is a major voice of reason and education regarding: Vaccines in general, Bill Gates and his vaccine mandate, Big Pharma and political power, etc. Dark Journalist is an alternative media personality who likes to delve deeply into issues that he feels are especially important to bring to the attention of the public. I posted it because it might otherwise fly under the radar of those who are not able to take the time to seek out credible alternative voices to be found online, that are sincerely trying to get good information disseminated to a wide audience. Angi

If things go down too far, there will be about 400 nuclear reactors around the world that won’t be taken care of. You know how that goes.

I don’t know if this has been seen elsewhere. The article discusses (speculation?) that the umbrella man is a police officer who has been involved in several incidents to incite responses. I do not know what to think from afar, but it certainly gives me yet more reason to mistrust the ‘managers’.

Anyone else watching the Spacex launch live and laughing at the mass social denial? What an utter waste of resources, in terms of both physical resources and human attention, in a hopelessly futile attempt to travel to and colonise the Moon and Mars, with no identifiable benefit other than to fill the egos of some ultra rich entrepreneurs and to satisfy the science fiction fantasies of the public. Well, that’s what movies are for, we don’t actually have to put in the energy to try to go there.