Assange's Extradition, Green Hurdles, Israeli Airstrikes

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In a notable development concerning international law and human rights, the United States Embassy has communicated to the British Foreign Office its commitment not to seek the death penalty for Julian Assange. This assurance also includes provisions for Assange to invoke First Amendment rights during his trial. Despite these assurances, concerns have been raised by Assange’s legal team and his wife, Stella Assange, regarding the actual applicability of these rights, given Assange’s non-U.S. citizenship status. The legal nuances surrounding the First Amendment protections for non-citizens and the separation of powers within the U.S. legal system add layers of complexity to the extradition proceedings. A hearing scheduled for May 20 will further examine the credibility of the U.S. assurances, potentially influencing Assange’s extradition fate and sparking debate over free speech and legal protections on an international scale.

Transitioning to environmental and economic concerns, the global shift towards a Green Economy faces significant hurdles. Despite intentions to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, challenges such as the slowing growth of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the U.S., declining sales of home solar panels, and the inefficiencies of wind and solar energy contributions highlight systemic issues. These developments raise questions about the viability of current green initiatives and their impact on the broader economy, especially considering China’s real estate downturn and its potential ripple effects on global debt and economic sustainability. The narrative of perpetual economic growth is being scrutinized in light of these environmental and financial challenges, suggesting a need for a reevaluation of our economic models and energy dependencies.

In the realm of U.S. politics and governance, recent congressional hearings have brought to light accusations against former Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy regarding his account of the events during the January 6 Capitol breach. National Guard whistleblowers have contested McCarthy’s statements, particularly concerning his communications with the District of Columbia National Guard. These allegations, coupled with criticisms of the Department of Defense’s inspector general report, underscore ongoing tensions and questions about the military’s role and decision-making processes during critical moments of civil unrest.

Meanwhile, political financing remains a contentious issue, as evidenced by a significant financial contribution from one of George Soros’ nonprofits to a far-left super PAC. This donation, part of a larger trend of substantial political contributions, has sparked discussions about the influence of money in politics and the strategic funding of various advocacy groups and political campaigns. The involvement of Soros’ son, Alex, in steering the family’s political contributions has also attracted attention, highlighting the continuing impact of wealthy individuals and families on the political landscape.

On the international front, tensions in the Middle East have escalated with reports of explosions in Iran, Iraq, and Syria. Israeli airstrikes targeting Iranian military and nuclear facilities have prompted a complex response, including flight diversions and the establishment of a no-fly zone over parts of Iran. These developments contribute to the ongoing narrative of conflict in the region, with market reactions reflecting the global interconnectedness of geopolitical events and their economic implications.


US Embassy Provides Hollow Assurances on First Amendment Rights for Julian Assange

The note contains a hollow statement, namely, that Assange can try to raise the First Amendment at trial (and at sentencing), but the U.S. Department of Justice can’t guarantee he would get those rights, which is precisely what it must do under British extradition law based on the European Convention on Human Rights.

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The Myths of Energy and the Economy: A Closer Look

It is a myth that wind and solar truly add to electricity supplies for the US and the countries in the EU. Instead, their pricing seems to lead to tighter electricity supplies.

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National Guard Whistleblowers Accuse Army Secretary of Lying About Capitol Breach Details

“At no time did Gen. Walker take any calls, nor did we ever hear from the secretary on any of the ongoing conference calls or the secure video teleconferencing throughout the day,” Capt. Timothy Nick, who served as Maj. Gen. Walker’s personal assistant on Jan. 6, 2021, said during the hearing. “This I know because I was with the command general the entire time recording the events.”

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Soros Nonprofit Donates $60 Million to Far-Left Super PAC

The Fund for Policy Reform gave $60 million to the Democracy PAC in the first quarter of 2024; the Democracy PAC subsequently sent $21 million to Democratic committees in support of various congressional candidates in both the House and the Senate.

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Israel Strikes Iranian Nuclear Facilities, Simultaneous Explosions Reported in Iraq and Syria

Israel – having once again ignored Biden’s pleadings not to escalate the already tense situation – is retaliating against Iran’s weekend strike, which was itself a retaliation against Israel bombing Iran’s embassy in Syria on April 1.

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