Australian Covid Documents Released

That, for me, is one of the most damning bits of information out there. Specifically, that the same people who funded EcoHealthAlliance were the ones telling doctors not to use antibiotics for post-viral pneumonia as early as 2019. That shows intent of malice and foreknowledge…or one hell of a coincidence. And I think we’re well beyond believing in coincidences at this point.


This is precisely why Martin Armstrong’s computer forecast is that heading into 23-24 there is going to be a loss in government confidence around the world leading to civil unrest and governments collapsing.


Tsa Funding Source?

This video is very enlightening, Senator Rennick asserts that the TSA is “funded by Big Pharma”. and he also talks about changing the nucleotides in the spike protein in the vaccine to make it last longer along with some other stuff that Chris would understand a lot better than me.

I call Troll. User just joined today…
I have no quality issues with this or part 2 in any way.
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You can take Niacin but it flushes the whole system and you need to take 2 Melatonin 300 mg with it. I take it for peripheral neuropathy but only tolerate 100 mg.

Regarding your peripheral neuropathy, I hope you are aware there are many cases of it being caused by vitamin B6 toxicity (overdose). The recommended daily intake is about 2mg, so check all your supplements if you are taking any to see if they contain large amounts of B6 (mine did - up to 60mg in a Magnesium supplement I was taking).
TGA: “Up to 5 August 2022, the TGA had received 32 adverse event reports with sufficient information to establish a possible causal association between peripheral neuropathy and products containing vitamin B6.”
“In response, the TGA has strengthened labelling requirements so products containing daily doses over 10mg of vitamin B6 must carry a warning about peripheral neuropathy.”

Employee Lots Not Tested

The obvious reason to not test lots reserved for employees is because they were saline. An Agilent analysis would have spotted that right away.


Can’t Access

Cannot open on tv using screen mirroring which I always do. Cannot find on Sovren. No other options for viewing available

Why Employes Had Custom Batches

I found this video on Bitchute where Maria Gutschi, who is a pharmacist and a regulatory specialist from Canada, reviews the manufacturing documents. The really interesting part starts at 14m. If I understand this correctly, the samples that were used for testing were made in a process that produced product in small batches. To produce product on a commercial scale, the process was changed. The new process did not produce that same quality (quality was explicitly lowered) and was never verified to be compatible. I think that explains why employees were really picky about what they injected. It is so damning that regulators knew about this problem and did nothing.

Outstanding: Gladly Renewing A Year Of Peakprosperity

Like so much of Chris’s content, this piece and the 2nd part are masterful distillations of complex, crucial info. Years ago a brilliant former employee of my search marketing firm thought that a promising patent/tech idea consists of easy micro-payments per article read; that, as awareness increases of the corruption of MSM wherein news is sold to the highest bidder, ever more people will pay for good information. Without such payments, news sources must sell news as “advertorials” in large part because Google has taken north of 75% of MSM revenue. I just went to ensure my credit card info is current, and found my annual renewal happens in 5 days–a happy day for truth. (And no, I and my firm have no financial or work relations with Peak Prosperity; just encouraging more people to support this service, so we all benefit.)

Thawed Use By Dates

Lol at the use by dates after thawing for Pfizer vaccines. It makes sense if only looking at economic reasons:
There’s less kids under 12 whose parents are willing to vaccinate them (with orange label vaccines), so after thawing it can sit there for 70 days, to allow a chance for the vial to be used up.
There’s more adults going in for boosters (purple label vaccines), hence they can use up the vial within a 31 day expiry date, after thawing ?

The Final Proof Of Lockdown And Mask Impact

Could The Lethality Of The Batches Be Caused By Their Age?

The part about the ‘death batch’ being held for the disabled group does seem to darken the picture. However, is it possible that the harmful aspects of the shot were increased with the storage beyond the normal shelf life? if so, then maybe the implications are not as dark as ‘intentional culling’ of disabled young people. Could that be a reason for the correlation?


There’s a few bits of data where I did not quite understand what you were saying:

  1. There were 10 batches which resulted in more than 1 death; do we know that all 10 had evidence of mRNA contamination, or do we just know this about some of the 10 batches?
  2. You say that out of 8 batches that had their shelf life extended, 4 were on “that” list - which list is that - the death list? In the table, it shows that there were 10 batches with more than 1 death and 5 of them had their shelf life extended. So is that an error - 4/8=5/10=50% - or have I misunderstood something?
    Is the assertion:
    a) out of the 10 batches that had more than 1 death, 5 had their shelf life extended; or,
    b) out of the 10 batches that had evidence of mRNA contamination, 5 had their shelf life extended?
    If it is a), playing devil’s advocate - if a batch had its shelf life extended, then that means it was used for longer (= likely although not necessarily, has had more doses administered), and possibly used in a more degraded state, so it would not be surprising that it would result in more deaths (I guess the factors would be - being used in a degraded state, and having more doses administered - which may be correlated to “being used for longer” but is not the same).
    If it is b) then that’s truly dark. But do we know it’s b)?

?? Correct use of data for analysis ??
There seems something wrong how the data is used…
It seems for me: (but assumptions only on seeing the video, not the real data !)
All batches were prolonged which have expiry dates in 2022 and beyond. (about 30 ?)
And in these 30 batches there are 4 dark batches with 2 or more deaths (especially one with 6 deaths !!!)
So it is not that explicitely 4 bad out of 300 are choosen, the propability calculation is nonsense in this case. Not that the batch with 6 deaths should not have popped out at once.
I think the other dark batches were just too old to be prolonged at all, otherwise they would also pop up.
So for now it seems only complete ignorance of the data and moving forward with instructions from pfizer/moderna, regardless of batch results. A blind dog should spot out at least the one killer charge.
Could someone clarify on this ???
yours rh

I doubt it, as here in Australia elderly, and disabled people were in the first groups to be encouraged and able to access vaccination. ‘Vulnerable’ etc.
In saying that I had clients who only took it because 1) they were refused entry to their disability day programmes if not vaccinated, 2) my employer rang their family to ‘encourage’ their vaccination and vaccination of wider family members, citing risk to staff. There was talk of financial kickbacks for assisting vaccine uptake but I have seen no concrete evidence.
I did have one client with an elderly very natural health inclined parent who only had their first jab a week before I lost my shifts for not having it. So we had worked together for the best part of 2 years without killing each other from covid!
This stinks to high heaven plus some, and I say that from the perspective of someone who worked in the disability sector.

About Those Amino Acids…

At about 9:05 - In human nutrition, there are nine essential amino acids (histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine), not seven.
At about 9:15 - The concept of “combining proteins” in vegan/vegetarian diets is an outdated idea from the '70s, but remains stubbornly persistent as something that “everyone knows”, even though it’s wrong. The fact is, all vegan foods contain contain all nine essential amino acids, and it does not require any “careful planning” to get more than enough of all of them on a vegan diet. (to use the term “food” loosely, the only “foods” that don’t contain all nine essential amino acids are refined sugars {including sodas and some candies}, refined oils {whether derived from animal or vegetable sources}, and gelatin)
I can go into more details if needed, but this is important because these incorrect statements of fact limit where I can share this video, which is otherwise excellent; among my circles, too many people would get to that point in the video, and stop the video, accusing you of not knowing what you’re talking about, and in a form of tribal poop-flinging, they’d dismiss (or reflexively argue against) everything else you have to say. People are weird, like that.
Also, the stop codons may be translated into an additional two amino acids (selenocysteine and pyrrolysine) in some species, so technically there are 22 proteinogenic amino acids, and also well over a hundred non-proteinogenic amino acids, but this is the stuff of footnotes, at least among my circles.

Just wondering…
If/when the synthetic mRNA from these “vaccines” finds its way into a person’s intestinal tract, can it find its way into intestinal microbes (bacteria, archaea, fungi)?
Can those microbes make selenocysteine and/or pyrrolysine when they see certain stop codons in the synthetic mRNA?
Can those microbes then make proteins that would never be found in in vitro or in silico models of human or other mammalian tissues?
Could those proteins be toxic or otherwise pathogenic?