Australian Covid Documents Released

This episode comes to us courtesy of the mouse army of researchers over on Twitter headed up by the inestimable Jikky The Mouse. This is really extraordinary material that reveals some ridiculously inept or darkly evil people staffing the health agencies, particularly for you Australians out there. You’re going to want to pay close attention to this, particularly Part 2 where I name names.

The short version is that Australia’s version of the FDA, the TGA, had information in 2021 that (1) some Pfizer Covid vaccine batches had contamination issues that (2) correlated highly with batches with excessive death and adverse event signals and (3) did absolutely nothing with the information in terms of warning the public or providers and (4) then went ahead and actually extended the shelf life of at least half of the known bad batches, presumably to assure they were used up or something? It’s quite mysterious and troubling.

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Looking Forward

I can’t wait to hear your analysis on this topic.



Great video as always Chris. Any chance you can do a video on “shedding” - either proving or disproving the concept? (that a newly vaxxed person can shed the protein and infect another person). Seems like proteins get made, circulate in the body - so why could they not be breathed out during respiration and infect someone?


This Whole Thing Is Operation End Baby Boom Demographic Bulge

Convinced until proven otherwise.


So They Were Sending The Death Shots To The Nursing Homes?

Or were the institutions something other than nursing homes?


Australian Foi Docs

Why are there differences in batches? Is there a way to tell if someone got, “a bad one” and is there a way to cleanse/remove these spike proteins? One of my sons was required, (forced) to get three Pfziers so he could attend Med school in Innsbruck, Austria. He has so far not experienced any problems but I would like to get him to get these things out of his system if possible. Thanks!

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In Australia the institutions named are similar to Aged Nursing Homes but are specifically for persons with a disability who can not live unassisted by themselves. Often an oversized or purpose built home which may house 4 or 6 or so permanent residents all with a disability supported by 24/7 care staff. They may have a spare room for temporary residents so as to offer respite to worn out families.
Our aged nursing homes are generally now for those who are aged or palliative, after years of campaigning to move younger people with a disability out of them for more age and disability appropriate quality of life provisions.
Older people in a nursing home now with a disability will only tend to be secondary to their age, eg. wheel chair use secondary to diabetic amputations or obesity or stroke etc, these other homes cater specifically for people who are generally younger but have a permanent and major disability such as muscular dystrophy or Downs syndrome or quadriplegia etc.
Our Government spends a FORTUNE on aged and disability care. They have in recent years created new service streams and attempted to streamline services, but it’s a financial black hole and does not cater well for the recipients with most genuine needs. Workers are paid low, recipients miss out, and the ‘managing companies’ in the middle gobble up huge profits by skimming the difference between the governments hourly rate for a service and the paid rate of the worker. Also providers of professional services, such as occupational therapy or podiatry etc know how large client funding packages can be, and encourage clients to use up all of this funding each year, because if a client does not use their funding one year it is reduced the following year.
I’ve had clients who were rorting the system while other clients with greater need miss out or wait months for badly needed services and supports.
I see this batch matching as a very deliberate kill off and clean out if those batches went to disability homes.


A possible place to look for information is here,
this leads to the database;
A far as I know this is the best resources for asking such questions.
As an exercise, I entered the batches listing in this video
ALL THE PFIZER SPECIFIC BATCHES show very high death rates and severe reactions. In the video 7 batches are listed. I checked each and every one of them against this database.
For example
However, I inputted the 3 of the 4 specific batches listed in the video that were supposed to be problematic in Australia. There is an error in this video, you can see in this screen shot at timestamp 37:32, that one batch (FH3221) is listed twice.
I checked each of the batches listed, FL5333, FH3221, 000062A, FK6268, FK0738, FL7649. All of the batches seem safe according to the VAERS data.
My feeling is that the VAERS data is being manipulated. Those good batches for Pfizer employees are being poisoned to make them look bad and those apparently bad batches are having the records removed to make them look good.
I DO NOT TRUST THE GOVERNMENT or the health authorities anymore, and probably NEVER AGAIN. They have done too much bad stuff to believe them. Their reputation and trust is completely gone.
In a system that would be fair and honest, you’d think the FBI would be raiding the office and factories of Pfizer to confiscate their records to check for these manufacturing issues. But we don’t live in a fair and just society anymore.
The FBI seem to be doing the job to protect the ‘ruling party’, influence elections and persecute citizens for opening their eyes and noticing the weird stuff taking place. Thank you Elon Musk for exposing much of the fraud. There is way more that we may never know.


Thanks for asking this question- especially after the festive “hugging friends/family” in festive season — I heard (somewhere?) that nicotine interferes with the ace receptor in head - gets “rid of nanobOtS” blood/brain barrier and body prefers the nicotine (you’ll still have complications with lungs etc - probably works well with “sacred plant” - no doubt why “they” banned it in 1937 ? Thanks

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That was my thought as well. If the government was sending bad batches to such expensive care homes, intentionally, then it is murder and a way to save money for the system. It definitely stinks and it seems that this was intentional. Of course there will never be any prosecutions for this.
I can only hope that those aggrieved can join together to make enough noise to get some justice and try to prosecute those in charge of these decisions.
It seems that governments have tried their best to rid their populations of elderly and retired people. Think of what Cuomo did in New York State by sending infected people to nursing homes. Same thing happened in Ontario and Quebec and I’m sure nearly every jurisdiction.
Remember the early cases in Italy were almost exclusively in the expensive lakes region of northern Italy and it was elderly that died. Maybe this too was not by chance, even though the (completely untrustworthy) media said it was because of the fashion industry/fabric trade between Wuhan and Milan.
Almost like the government could eliminate a large expense and at the same time scare the younger, non-vulnerable population to take these jabs. It’s evil anyway you see it.


There was discussion about nicotine being protective and perhaps also Niacin (Vitamin B3, nicotinic acid) and other similar nicotine related compounds. I wonder if other forms of Nicotine (other than smoking) such as patches, nicorette gum or even inhaled nicotine from electronic vaporizers would have similar benefit without some of the social and health drawbacks of the tar and smoke.
I would not be worried about hugging, kissing or more with friends and family. I don’t see this being transmitted between people using these vectors. I would be concerned about blood transfusions as an unvaccinated person. Some stories in the media about illness after blood transfusion.
It is either due to the ‘spike proteins’ or weird proteins created by fragments of mRNA being transferred in the blood and less from the actual mRNA itself. As we learned in this video, blood is comprised of plasma and red blood cells primarily and red blood cells do not contain a nucleus and cannot transcribe mRNA. It is less likely that mRNA lipid fragments will circulate long in the blood stream. They shouldn’t be in the blood stream at all, if the injection does not hit a vein and get directly injected.

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Nope, before the vaccines arrived, they sent infected people to the nursing homes to eliminate the population. See Ontario, Quebec, New York State, Italy and many other locations.
Their methods worked, they eliminated expensive end of life care and social benefit payments and they scared much of the rest of the population to take the jabs for their protection.
Really evil.


Terrible Quality

Why this very low resolution? I cannot read most of the text in the documents, giving me a severe headache. Great stuff, just sad the quality was better on a TV in the 60’… Even worse on Rumble. How do you expect people to pay for this?
Cheers :slight_smile:


Australian Eugenics Program?

So, it’s fair to conclude that Australia executed a eugenics program to get rid of disabled children.
I wonder if Australia is the only country consciously killing some of their children…


Please Upload Video To Odysee

Would you guys please upload the video to Odysee as well, so that people can watch there or download if they want to? Do the same with Part 2. One of my problems with Sovren is that it doesn’t let you choose the streaming quality manually. It’s set at “Adaptive” and can’t be changed.


Remember When Conspiracy Theories Were Fun

Hi Chris. Long time viewer, first time poster.
For many years I followed conspiracy theories mainly as a mental exercise. I would jump down all of the rabbit holes just to follow the logic and to understand how things worked at the deeper level. A lot of them were complete trash and some (as we know) turned out to be completely true.
The depopulation theory was always one that I could never disprove but could never believe as it was just so astounding to consider the possibility. However as this whole covid thing has gone on I am now almost completely convinced this is what is happening. Incompetence cannot explain the nefarious things that just keep popping up, If it was incompetence then it should land both sides evenly however that is just not the case.
Obviously I hope that this is not the case but it is becoming more and more difficult to see it in any other way. These are truly strange time we live in.
Thanks for all the great work you do.


Request For Episode

Chris, could you also do a video on another one of Jikky’s threads - the one about the banning of anti-biotics for pneumonia following a covid infection?



Thanks so much Chris for rushing to get these 2 important updates out without your crew and during a holiday. You are very much appreciated.


Vaccine Analytical Data

Hi Chris,
I have worked in this industry for 20 years. There are a few concerns I have on what you presented.

  1. A cert of analysis would always be provided with a batch shipment. I have never seen a request for the raw data from a Health authority for every batch.
  2. The CoA normally comes from the manufacturing site. I have never seen Re analysis by a health authority on arrival in the country. That would require method transfer to every country in the world. That’s not going to happen.
  3. The raw data provided would have been at time zero. You suggest that the extended expiry date batches may have degraded and that why the impurity level is high. To demonstrate that you would require re analysis of the batch in question after the original expiry date.
  4. In order to extend shelf life you have to provide stability data 25% longer than that which you have stated. For example 9m stability would require 12m data. Also stability would be required within approved temperature ranges and accelerated stability would also be required.
    In summary if the data is legitimate the additional peaks should be investigated. As to whether these peaks are stability related we would need to see an analytical time plot from time zero out to the longest approved time period. Please don’t see this as negative feedback. As a community by combining our expertise we are stronger.
    One additional comment.
    My understanding is that the individual country orders take priority and that any additional vaccine available then goes to the Pfizer employees. Also the company allocation would come through a different supply chain for financial reasons. For these reasons I would have expected internal employee vaccines to have different lot/ batch numbers. I wouldn’t assume cherry picking.

I think in a normal situation what you write would be correct but this COVID therapeutic emergency broke most rules. I’m sure the manufacturer provided some CoA document with each batch. I believe any government with any capability would have this Agilent analyzer for the RNA strand length. From my experience with the FDA and CDC (in China) they take lots of pride in their expensive analytical equipment and won’t think twice about purchasing a machine that may be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This seems to be basic fundamental instrumentation for this particular type of therapeutic.
I can’t recall the exact specifications but say Pfizer promised 90% mRNA intact to the European drug agency. WHen they could not meet this standard in production batches, the European drug agency reduced the quality requirements to something like 50% intact strands in order to be approved. This information has been disclosed a long time ago.
Chris contends and is most likely correct that over time, bad procedures have been normalized such as reducing the need for the ultra cold storage and transportation, extending shelf lives etc. Anything to reduce wastage as the expense of safety and health of the poor people that were forced to take this to lead a normal life. There was a reckless abandon about the whole process. They don’t care about quality and they really don’t care about outcome. It was clear the vaccines were a failure very early on within months yet they continue to push them. It’s evil.
For sure there are bad batches with strong safety signals. All ignored, perhaps not ignored by those in the know but possibly pushed as Chris suggests to the most vulnerable and expensive people in the socialized medical ‘system’, such as the elderly and disabled. The odds as he states that this is random are extremely low. Basically he mentioned that 4 out 8 batches with extended validity were of the most defective batches out of over 200 batches used in Australia. The odds are very low that this is by chance.
I’m not sure how it is shown that Pfizer employees and their families got special batches. I did not exactly catch this connection. I did however, search each and every batch listed in this video that were either connected to the extended dates with special mRNA curves and the batches listed that were specifically for Pfizer employees and their families. You can search here at this site, www, What I found surprised me, the Pfizer batches had the worse safety signal while the other batches listed as bad had almost no adverse events. I’m quite confused but I think the database has been scrubbed or manipulated. Otherwise it does not make any sense.

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