Bad Faith Fauci, Part 1

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Fauci has destroyed faith in science. The FDA and NIH have diminished people’s faith in medicines and treatments, respectively. This is a terrible direction in which to head -- once a society loses its ability to trust its main institutions and authorities, bad things follow.
We cannot consider this to be accidental any longer.
So, now what?
Topics I cover in Part 1:
  • Fauci: “I am science!”
  • Remdesivir
  • Biogen’s new Alzheimer's drug and three advisory board members who quit
  • The NIH on Vitamin D is indefensible
  • Fauci on the “ethical duty” for the NIH treatment panel to act differently than they did or are





Part 2

To learn more about how the system is working against us and how to prepare, continue on to Part 2.


Attacks on Fauci = Attacks on science
FDA Approves Biogen Drug
FDA panel member quits
Remdesivir Trial Endpoints Moved
Covid 19 NIH Treatment Panel Conflicts of Interest
Covid Treatment Guidelines for Vitamin D
FDA Remdesivir
FDA on Ivermectin
Third member resigns from FDA advisory panel

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Thank you Chris and the team for another powerful presentation!
I have a suggestion for a way to slowly help push back against censorship on platforms like YouTube. I’m following your Rumble account which I gather does not do the sort of censorship YouTube is now famous for. However, I never really watch your videos there because they either don’t get posted or come out after they’ve been on YouTube. I most certainly understand and agree with trying to continue to get your message out through YouTube since that is where the audience is. However, if you perhaps premiered your presentations on Rumble first, or at least at the same time you would be incentivizing the growth of that platform. (Sort of a “show me the incentives I’ll show you the outcomes” sort of thing.) Then if you promoted the fact that these videos could be seen first on Rumble you would be further encouraging the viability of it by giving people a tangible reason to seek you out there first.
I don’t know what sort of back end work would be involved in doing this, but just offer it as a thought for a small way to change the system, and make your channels of out reach more robust.

Sensible Frya! The first lesson that she taught her children was self-control, and the second was the love of virtue; and when they were grown she taught them the value of liberty; for she said, "Without liberty all other virtues serve to make you slaves, and to disgrace your origin." The Oera Linda.
Sorry Frya, I'm losing it. The scientific method demands that we sift through all the evidence and adjust our Models accordingly. Therefore, the evidence presented by historian, Dr. David Jacobs must be taken into consideration. A Model gains street cred with it's Predictive powers. Everything I observe is consistent with the evidence he presents. A statistical analysis of a survey showed that 5% of All humans are abductees. (Yes Gladys, worldwide.) An effort on an industrial scale by Hubrids and their team. Their "Change" is upon us.

This whole Covid 19 has turned into a classic “trainwreck” and thankfully the wheels are starting to fall off. Kunstler blog today is all about Fauci.
It’s a good thing I had my suspicions regarding CV19 and waited before reacting. Now we are getting reports that teenagers and those in their 20’s are suffering from “heart inflammation”. Where was the British press when in their initial studies there were reports of unexplained “spinal inflammation” from the AstraZeneca vaccines during the trial phases. You know something is up or at least a red flag should go up when they are given indemnity. I listened to a 10 minute presentation from the Lead Doctor who also is the Lead Scientist for Moderna. It’s shocking how he describes this vaccine because as you listen you realize it’s NOT a vaccine but a drug that as he puts it, “hacks the bodies operating system”. He even goes onto say that in the future they will be able to upload your bodies data to the Cloud to share it with other medical institutions.
Kunstler nails it in today’s column:

WRT brain function, be aware that your brain cells require energy.
If they become insulin resistant they starve. Type 3 diabetes. Diabetes of the brain.
Dramatic (if temporary) improvements are reported with the consumption of MCT (coconut) oils.
It turns out the brain Prefers Ketones to kiddie smack. (Sugar)

Now why would the US government co-operate with their erstwhile enemy to fund a bioweapon?
Because whoever is running the show (here’s looking at you, Mantids), couldn’t care less about our (human) political arrangements.

Incredible to think there really are evil doctors in the world. What’s driving me to madness is pondering whether or not he really knows the truth, or has simply been brainwashed by Big Pharm, & half a century of not looking into the desperate eyes of a patient who really needed his help.
I dearly hope that even if this plague vanishes from the earth, great minds will continue to pursue these numbskulls till the end of time, so that history documents this properly. A holocaust of mismanagement has occurred, & I for one won’t rest easy until it has been exposed for all to see. I’ll be talking about this until the day I die.

I’m a retired civil engineer. Civil engineering can be best described as applying the best science available to the proposed project. There’s a joke among engineers that we could do a much better job if it weren’t for the client’s wishes. Of course, they’re the ones who live with the outcomes and they’re the ones who pay the bills. I tried to do my very best to produce the very best product for my client’s needs. Nonetheless, I always succumbed to their wishes after it was obvious that I couldn’t convince them that other options were more technically sound.
Because I was part of an institution, I basically trusted institutions early in my life. I assumed that there were enough checks-and-balances to keep institutions operating honestly. When journalists found misdeeds, it strengthened my opinion that grand balancing was occurring. That’s the way it is supposed to work.
I had a real comeuppance when 9/11 occurred. Buildings just don’t collapse the way any of the 3 World Trade Center buildings collapse. (That is, without help.) As I studied the collapses, I was astonished that media weren’t addressing key issues. It was almost as if they were paid to look the other way. The last-stance entity that I trusted to keep nefarious organizations in check had checked out.
Since then, it has gotten worse. Mainstream media is little more than a lapdog for the moneyed interests. Are they questioning Remdesivir’s efficacy? Are they promoting real science behind vitamin D3, zinc, and off-patent medicines like HCQ and Ivermectin? They’re following the money and only reporting innocuous BS or trumped up charges on anything against big Pharma’s interests.
I think it is a little more sinister for Dr. Fauci. He knows what he has done during his career with the NIAID and NIH. He knows that there are trails connecting his authorization of public money for research into gain-of-function on viruses. His actions support that he is battling for the remainder of his life in a position of power and also to be kept out of jail. Telling people that he is “SCIENCE” just supports this tact.
As long as he promotes big Pharma’s issues, he’ll get their collective support. They don’t have a special affinity for Anthony Fauci. He’s just a conduit for their bottom-line needs. They’ll support him as long as it’s profitable. As soon as he’s a liability, he’ll find himself exiled … or sharing Epstein’s fate. They only play nice when they win.
Where are journalists when we really need them?

I’m not making a judgement as to whether vitamin D works against CV19, but we have to remember that correlation is not necessarily causation.

The stats on Vitamin D are compelling. When 90%+ of hospitalized Covid19 patients are Vitamin D deficient, that number tells us something. When it comes to vitamin D, the good news is: It can’t hurt you and it will probably help you. So why not use it? And why the skepticism?

Hladini, I agree with you. The best way to get the attention of something like YouTube is to stop using their product. This is the approach used to change our agricultural systems, and I have now seen local farmers switch to organic production, not because they believe in it, but because it has become more profitable due to market demand.
Because of the growing censorship, a larger portion of the videos I now watch are on Bitchute and on Rumble. As a user/viewer, I have found that Bitchute is more compatible with my PC and iPhone than Rumble. I don’t know why, but I find Rumble slow to load and otherwise problematic. My vote would be for Bitchute over Rumble.
In the long term though, I am hoping that as a society we move to a decentralized video sharing platform that will be immune to censorship. As I understand it, the Theta crypto project is developing such a platform. This project is already functional for certain types of video. Assuming it can be scaled as I believe it will, it could be transformational in providing a censorship resistant, and faster, video service.

When Chris got his start on this, back in the mid 2000"s, there were a lot of brilliant people using the newly published material [Kenneth Defeyes] about impending peak oil [see Chris’ Crash Course]. One of those people, Dmitri Orlov, wrote about the 5 stages of collapse from his personal observations and from family and friends reports about the collapse of the Soviet Union. His predictions for peak oil USA have been almost exact.
Here is his February 2008 blog report on the subject. Loss of faith in institutions, like Chris is concerned about in this video, is part of it. Read about all the stages for yourself, review the Crash Course [the mathematical limits of this predicament] and decide for yourself.
Anyway, I’m glad Chris is still here and going on stronger than ever.

There is no point in exposing these miscreants if we continue to follow their advice mindlessly. WAIT FOR MORE DATA before taking this Gene Therapy/Vaccine! Even more important is to PROTECT the young and the children from this vaccine steamroller. It makes no sense to claim that they “NEED” it. They do not. I am a Pediatrician, for what it is worth, and this intervention is terrifying to me. The threats of coercion say it all.

Only the unvaccinated can change their minds. WAIT FOR THE DATA!

“Before mass leaders seize the power to fit reality to their lies, their propaganda is marked by its extreme contempt for facts as such, for in their opinion fact depends entirely on the power of man who can fabricate it.”
― Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism

Taking down this suggestion, David, thank you!

“…whether vitamin D works against CV19.”
Thats because it doesn’t work against C-19 so much as it works to make your body healthy. A healthy body does not get sick from C-19 or any other diseases. This is true for most all the prophylaxis regimens and it might even be true with IVM.
This has been the problem from the beginning. Testing for HCQ and IVM where they supposedly put some virus in a petri dish and toss in a couple of HCQ or IVM pills and see if it kills the virus. Ignorant! It’s like putting some sperm in a petri dish and throwing a condom in with it to see if it kills the sperm.
Healthy people tend to be less sick, an inconvenient fact that the likes of Fauci the leaky Faucet does not want to get out.

That is one of those cast away statements that always makes me smile (puke?). The action of vitamin D on many ailments is well know and scientifically understood. This is not correlating my wearing a red shirt with the frequency of sunny days.

I learned about Germ Theory but I never considered Terrain theory as it’s own separate concept.