Banking on Prosperity: A Critical Look at 21st Century Wealth w/Mike Maloney

Welcome to another thought-provoking edition of Off The Cuff!

Joining me in this exploration of the vast difference between currency and wealth is a very special guest and a dear friend, Mike Maloney of An acclaimed author, Mike’s insights in his latest book, “The Great Gold and Silver Rush of the 21st Century,” are more relevant than ever in today’s economic climate.

Mike is a true authority in the fields of money and metals and in this episode, he shares his profound understanding with us. Like me, he is concerned, bordering on alarmed at what is transpiring.

We discuss the critical difference between money and currency, a distinction that has profound implications for our understanding of wealth and value. Furthermore, we delve into the concept of the great wealth transfer, a cornerstone of my own economic philosophy, and one that Mike has elaborately expanded upon in his seminal works that especially also include The Hidden Secrets of Money series.

Enjoy everyone!

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A Great Escape!

Good stuff Chris! Great to hear from Mike and his perspective on gold and currency. If I weren’t already living overseas in a place I like I’d be very interested to join him there in Puerto Rico. For those stuck in the states looking for a place to go, and there seem to be many here at PP, it sounds like a wonderful opportunity.

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The Difference Between Currency And Money

Mike Maloney is one of my money gurus. The Hidden Secrets of Money series is an outstanding education on money and fiat. The first person to introduce me to the concept of fiat, AKA inflation, was my spiritual guru A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, although I was so uneducated at the time, His Divine Grace’s purports on the subject matter went right over my head!
Mike Maloney’s series offers the education needed to understand the concepts. A great series to watch with your older kids or grandkids.
Early morning wake ups? YES, on an almost daily basis. I think a number of things contribute to the that, but I speculate most of it comes from our rapidly weakening magnetic field. As another example, for the first time, we saw rabbits scampering about the fields in broad daylight right smack in the middle of the day. I had never seen that before. Anyone else? A weakening magnetic field could trigger some kind of epigenic signal in our DNA that automatically puts us into an alerted stage because it’s bad on so many different levels.
It’s bad in the sense that too much UV light can penetrate our atmosphere. It’s bad in the sense that more X-rays can penetrate our atmosphere; more protons can penetrate; I think even more microwaves can come through. A strong magnetic field blocks a whole bunch of space weather from penetrating our lower atmosphere, without that strength there are consequences and outcomes. And then there’s all the free floating anger and anxiety.
Hahahahahahha. I’m having a “Big Short” flash back of the sexy lady in the luxurious bubble bath defining derivative betting. It’s hilarious. And those gambling bastards get paid first.
Hey everyone, speaking of San Fran, check out this X posting about where the sam hell did all the homeless people go and why isn’t there a single video of any of these encampments getting cleared out? And apparently people are complaining of friends and family members getting disappeared. Anybody here have any news on the San Fran street cleaning?
Just wondering, Mike’s kudos to Chris on his current events coverage over the last several years sounded almost like a mea culpa-I’m sorry sort of kudos. Am I off base here?
Not as optimistic to pin my hopes of a better future on even more technology. Personally, I think that’s the opposite direction we need to be going - especially with the imminent threat from the Sun combined with a weakening magnetic field and our misplaced reliance on the grid. I would focus much more on less complexity rather than more complexity in my systems structures. Very happy to hear Mike is so far into his homesteading plans and of his plans to feed the island.
Looking forward to Mike’s next big production!
Speaking of charts, here’s another excellent interview with an honest American hero who has number crunched the VAERS stats and reveals the fraudulent shenanigans of the CDC’s manipulations and falsifications of the VAERS reports:
Happy ThanksGiving Everyone! I’m off to start the curd-bird!

Plan B Location

Hello Chris,
Had a brief talk with you at Honey Badger Gathering about community and a plan B location. Figured some of this conversation tied nicely into that talk. If you would like to continue that conversation in more depth I’d look forward to doing so.
Happy Thanksgiving

Mike Maloney Link On Youtube

On Chris’ YouTube, there’s a link to Maloney at the bottom of the page. I think that needs updating.


Great to hear Mike and Chris ’ s very balanced view
Sufficiently scary to motivate to action but with a positive outcome after the rehab
Maybe like open heart surgery and rehab to fully recover. If one is in ok shape,eatting healthy and doing the rehab work it is much easier and out come is better.

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Atmospheric Co2 Is Still Dangerously Low.

The long term trend of atmospheric CO2 partial pressure has been declining for the last 50 million years. It is now low enough that most plants species struggle to get enough CO2 for photosynthesis. Some species have evolved ways to concentrate CO2 better, but there is still a trade-off between water loss and CO2 acquisition.
The current rise in CO2 is a bit of a reprieve. It is particularly beneficial in semi-arid regions because it allows more plant species to colonise these regions.

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Contact Mike Maloney Regarding Puerto Rico Property

Mike mentioned he had parcels for sale to like-minded individuals. I would be very interested to learn more. What is the best way to contact Mike?
Regards, Mike


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Mike is a true expert in the field of currencies and metals and in this episode he shares his insights with us.
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Wealth Transfer

As we will explore, when we assume that gold acts as “real money” and perfectly maintains its purchasing power during rapid inflation, then the higher that the rate of inflation rises, the higher the percentage of the average gold investor’s starting net worth that ends up belonging to the government. So that if we realize a 400% gain instead of a 100% gain, our real loss would increase from 25% up to 40%