Bayer/Monsanto Dominates Food; Insects Proposed as Solution (And More!!)

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Global food systems are under scrutiny as various organizations influence agricultural practices, often impacting local farmers and traditional methods. Bayer/Monsanto, following their 2018 merger, dominate a significant portion of the world’s food supply, integrating agriculture, food, and health industries. Cargill, in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the USDA, has contributed to the monopolization of U.S. meat processing, creating logistical challenges for farmers. The Wellcome Trust, linked to GlaxoSmithKline, funds initiatives to reduce meat and dairy consumption, advocating for plant-based diets. The World Health Organization supports this shift to combat disease and climate change, while the World Economic Forum promotes insect-based diets as sustainable. The Rockefeller Foundation and Bill Gates push for systemic changes in agriculture, including synthetic meats and geoengineering. USAID also promotes insect-based diets and carbon tracking. These organizations’ agendas are shaping global food policies, with future discussions expected to delve deeper into their methods.

In legislative news, U.S. Representative Alex Mooney has reintroduced the Monetary Metals Tax Neutrality Act (H.R. 8279), aiming to eliminate federal income taxation on gold and silver coins and bullion. Supported by the Sound Money Defense League and Money Metals Exchange, the bill seeks to treat precious metals transactions similarly to the U.S. dollar, arguing that they should not be taxed as collectibles. The bill has garnered support from Reps. Scott Perry and Randy Weber and aligns with a national trend of states eliminating sales tax on precious metals. The bill’s proponents argue that taxing nominal gains on precious metals is unfair, especially when inflation erodes the value of Federal Reserve notes.

The Department of Justice has indicted Dr. Eithan Haim, a surgeon who exposed ongoing transgender surgeries on minors at Texas Children’s Hospital. Haim faces four felony counts of alleged HIPAA violations but insists no medical privacy laws were broken. The DOJ’s actions are viewed by some as an attempt to silence dissent against the Biden administration’s policies on child gender-transition surgeries. Haim’s legal battle has broader implications for the debate on “gender-affirming care,” with potential consequences for medical professionals speaking out against such practices.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for May revealed significant fluctuations across various categories. Durable goods prices dropped sharply, energy prices decreased, and food prices remained flat. Core services, which constitute 65% of the total CPI, saw a minimal rise, marking the smallest increase since October 2021. Core CPI, excluding food and energy, rose by 2.0% annualized, the smallest increase since August 2021. Housing components showed mixed results, with rent and owners’ equivalent rent CPI rising. Motor-vehicle insurance costs decreased, while maintenance costs increased. The data highlights ongoing adjustments in the post-pandemic economic landscape.

The challenges of car dependency are highlighted by individuals who cannot drive due to disabilities or financial constraints. In cities with reliable public transit, like New York City, employment does not hinge on having a driver’s license. Research indicates that around 30% of people in states like Wisconsin and Washington are nondrivers. The concept of “fifteen-minute cities” is proposed, where essential services are accessible through walking, public transit, or alternative vehicles. This vision aims to reduce car dependency and promote inclusive and accessible communities.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has warned CNN that excluding Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from its upcoming presidential debate would violate federal law. Kennedy alleges that CNN, along with Biden and Trump, breached the Federal Election Campaign Act by not using “pre-established” and “objective” criteria for candidate participation. The FEC clarified that “presumptive nominee” is not recognized in its regulations, putting CNN at risk of prosecution for violating campaign finance laws. Kennedy has requested the FEC to ensure his inclusion in the debate based on CNN’s criteria.

A century-old Catholic institution in St. Louis, Missouri, announced its closure due to low enrollment and financial strain, reflecting a broader trend of college closures. In 2023, 33 universities and colleges closed, with 13 closures already this year. The decline in high school graduates has reduced the number of college-bound students, particularly impacting smaller institutions. Transparency from schools about their financial health is crucial for students to make informed decisions about their education.

A U.S. State Department official, Daniel Fitzgerald, has admitted to significant issues with the allocation of U.S. funds to Ukraine, describing the amounts as “stupid” and acknowledging that some funds are unaccounted for. Fitzgerald revealed that U.S. taxpayer money supports the entire Ukrainian government and half of its electrical grid. Concerns have been raised about the effectiveness of this financial aid, especially given the economic struggles and high inflation faced by U.S. citizens. The State Department is fast-tracking the hiring of additional foreign service officers to oversee the financial aid in Ukraine. Project Veritas, the organization that conducted the undercover recording, aims to promote a more ethical and transparent society through its investigative efforts.


The Hidden Hands Behind the War on Food Sovereignty

In every war, there is necessarily an enemy force, and the war on our food supply is no exception.

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U.S. Representative Proposes Bill to Abolish Federal Taxes on Gold and Silver

“My view, which is backed up by language in the U.S. Constitution, is that gold and silver coins are money and are legal tender,” Rep. Mooney said.

Source | Submitted by carolynnedwards

Biden DOJ Indicts Whistleblower Doctor Who Exposed Transgender Surgeries on Minors at Texas Hospital

The Biden administration’s Department of Justice (DOJ) has indicted a small-town surgeon who revealed that ghastly transgender surgeries were being secretly committed on minors at Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH) after the hospital had purportedly discontinued its transgender program.

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Services are big, and that one-month outlier was massive, and it drove down Core CPI and overall CPI.

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We can still create a future that isn’t reliant on—or limited by—cars.

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FEC Warns CNN: Excluding Kennedy from Debate Violates Campaign Finance Laws

The FEC has now made clear that the phrase “presumptive nominee” is “not in the FEC’s debate regulation,” and therefore does not exempt CNN from the prohibition on excessive campaign contributions.

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Fontbonne University Closure Highlights Growing Crisis in Higher Education

The tuition-dependent school is citing low enrollment and financial strain among the causes.

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State Department Official Admits ‘Stupid Amounts of Money’ Unaccounted for in Ukraine Aid

“We’re taking about stupid amounts of money and what are we getting for it? I couldn’t really tell you.”

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As the article on Dr. Haim says, “the process is the punishment.” This article also links to an article about Jeanne Marshall, the older woman arrested for performing a rescue at the DC late-abortion clinic, which appears to have been doing illegal abortions and killing babies born alive. She and her companions did break the law and should have known what the consequences could have been. However, the treatment they have received has been a series of human rights abuses.

…Famous pro-life activist from the 80’s, Joan Andrews Bell, was also present and sentenced. She was imprisoned in Florida for several years and many came to her defense, including California Governor Jerry Brown (yes, you read that correctly). She eventually was released, wrote some books and married Chris Bell, founder of Good Counsel Homes for mothers and children (I worked at one in my 20’s and got to know Chris and Joan), which are located primarily in New York.