Best Axe Ever!

If you are looking to get stocked up on firewood while the winter season is a distant thought and you need a splitting ax,  the Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe is a great choice.  I recently invested in this new axe after getting a free load of log rounds from a friend and I can't recommend it enough.  It is super sharp, relatively lightweight, nicely balanced, and splits like a dream.  So if you need a new axe as part of your resiliency tool set (for those with wood stoves and outdoor wood fired ovens), take a look at the Fiskars line of axes

Fiskars X Series Axes


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I have heard good things about this Fiskers log splitter. Most of the Fisker knives and scissors are good quality and function well n my experience.
Have you tried the Vipukirves axe?

Certainly the ROI is not as good as the Fiskers. But it intrigued me enough that I had to get one shippind from Finland.  I'm a sucker for investigating new inventions (if at all affordable). 

As I mentioned the ROI is not there, but it workd pretty darn well.

Check out the videos online.  Thanks.

I had not heard of the Vipukirves but it does look like a great splitting tool.  Something to put on the wishlist to try out once I win the lottery.  When I start playing that is. I also have my eye on a lumber saw and this other hand crafted splitting axe from Garret Wade. I do love high quality hand tools.

I have two of these.  I liked it so much that I bought a second, although I pretty much buy two of every serious tool that I get.I have been splitting wood with it for over two years now and have close to five cord of wood split by it under my belt at this point.
The Fiskar Splitting Axe is much lighter than the traditional splitting mall and works on the principle of high velocity rather than weight of the head.  If you give it a long fast overhead swing it can split all but the largest or most grainy pieces, most on the first strike.
I highly recommend this tool.

Just a second vote for the PP community that the Fiskars product is great.  I have an earlier model, now about 5 years old.

I am very hard on axes- leave them out in the Pennsylvania rain and snow occaisionally, bounce them off of concrete, etc.  The Fiskars is still rockin'!  Things I like about my Fiskars-

Excellent weight and balance- it seems head-heavy, but perfect balance for me as I like the momentum I get going thru wood.

Good steel that resists chipping and rusting.  I really don't sharpen it much at all.

Good head design that really splits well (if you do your part)

Seemlingly unbreakable handle (believe me, with my aim, I've tried to break the handle many times!)

I own a splitting maul and wedges plus sledge for big logs, but I go to my Fiskars as soon as possible because it is so effective.

Note to novice loggers, avoid getting too heavy an axe, better to use as light as possible, such as the X27 (maybe one step lighter-and shorter) because A) lighter = faster swing= more force, and B) lighter = work longer with less musculoskeletal strain.

I think it is a great investment of fiat currency, if you use any amount of firewood.

Plus splitting wood is great exercise, really works different muscles than the elliptical trainer or cycle.  Spend your personal trainer dollars by investing in axes, sledges and wedges.

FWIW, I recently bought a Granfors Bruk double bit head which will get a new handle.

I have a small thing for axes and will be investing some of my USD in a Council Tool Hudson Bay axe (Velicut is the top of the line, the Hudson Bay design is the classic and an excellent value at around $100- how many lifetime things can you buy these days for $100?), and I've had my eye on a Granfors Bruks Forest Axe (just because I like axes).

So that's my 2013 shopping list- Council Tool Velicut HB, Fiskars X27 (as a backup to current Fiskars) and GB Forest Axe.  And re-handle my GB Double Bit.  Happy Logging!

No-thing beats the 13 pound "Monster Maul".
I've been spittling 40 years and this thing goes like stink.

All steel constrution, indistructable, never use a wedge again.

It's all about the weight folks, period.