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I was on Bill Sharon's show "What Needs To Go Right" Thursday, 12/18/08.

You can listen to the recorded podcast by following this link.

Note: Bill had a few technical difficulties and the podcast really begins at about the 9 minute mark.


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Chris dont forget your international audience, im not sure what EST is, what time is that for us in Ireland?

And the phone number, do we need a prefix in front of that 718? and whats the brackets for?

EST = Eastern Standard Time, 6 hours behind CET, which is Central European Time (e.g. Germany, Denmark, France)

I expect Ireland to be GMT (or WET, which is the same), which is 5 hours ahead of EST, so 6pm EST should be 11pm GMT. To verify, click Though a German page, you will instantly see the current EST time left to the US flag.

The international phone number should be +1 718 766-4829, given that +1 (or 001) is the international code of the United States. (718) is an area code and seems to be in New York.

Yes, 6PM here on the U.S. East Coast is 11PM, or 23:00 in Ireland. Also, 718 is a NYC area code. You’ll need to dial your internation dialing code, then 1+718+…

Please have a Guinness for me!

Dia duit trathnona barrt, an bfhuil gaelge agat? Good to see some irish on here, failte! Whereabouts in irl are ya?



I do have a question that has been bothering me. Peter Schiff said that one of our main problems is that the US has become a service economy and that we don’t produce anything. I struggle to see how we can get out of this "crisis" when it is indeed true. How important do you see this being for the US to get back to some sort of stability?
Thanks for your imput

Chris and Bill… Thank you for the podcast. I thank you both for your time and for sharing your knowledge to continue our education. Hoping when you both again have the time, Chris will once again be a guest on Bill’s show.


Great podcast Chris and Bill.

I missed the event live but I was happy to see that I could listen afterwards. For anyone else that wants to listen please just jump to the 9:50min mark or so which is when the technical difficulties were overcome.

I think the depth of sentiment and warmth of the spoken word carries more of an emotional impact than the written word. For instance, it seemed more personal hearing you speak about you and your wife making the transition from standard of living to quality of life. Similarly, reading about living systems might cause some eyes to glaze over but hearing your metaphor comparing a tree to the financial world brings the material to life.

I also liked the references to Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point and "political will" being social change coming kicking and screaming from the grassroots to Washington DC. I agree that change will occur from the grassroots.

I hope that you can keep the link to this podcast handy for those that have completed the Crash Course because it makes a great supplement. Podcasts might also be a useful way for you to communicate some ideas of the Framework for Action.

Oh, and as always I appreciate it when you bring up agriculture. I see sustainable farming as the building block that the grassroots movement needs to set as their anchor for rebuilding our society. Once we move away from the concept of scarcity and realize that we can have more with less we can start to turn the corner and find out what humanity really can achieve on a social level.

All the best,



Thanks Michael, and Slainte Metalmongrel Laughing

i really enjoyed the podcast too, at the point Chris was talking about how society is run for the coorporations i was waiting to hear the word facist, but didnt and was wondering why until Bill asked him about how he just presents the facts in a non judgemental way and another peice of the puzzle clicked in to place, fair play Chris, i see, and i think you are very wise indeed amigo

And Bill well done for holding the fort while waiting for that reboot!! i really knew how you was feeling, i calculate that i have spent over 12 months of my life waiting for computers to reboot or do something, often in the presense of clients, that can be agony and you had a few thousand people listening!! i was squirming for you but you were madnificent, both of you

May I suggest a collection of links to these podcasts somewhere on the site? i know there has beena few that i have missed and they would make a great addition

cheerrs guys


Thanks for your talk Chris. Your message is most genuine through listening rather than just reading. I subscribed to Bill’s podcast via Itunes to hear again later. I’m sure you don’t have the time, but a regular podcast direct from might be great to keep spreading the message.

While the daily posts of Chris and others hear seem primarily financially and investment oriented, I like that Chris has a more broader view about the importance and value of rethinking our whole way of living.

I agree. I found the podcast to be quite powerful. If you can cut your 14 hr day back to something manageable, perhaps you could do a 5 minute weekly podcast. I found your train of thought to be similar to my own and look forward to meeting you in Rowe.



I’ve done all my (limited) xmas shopping at a local shop in walking distance from my office, except shortly after listening to this podcast I stopped by ToysRus. It was packed with parents armed with lists and cell phones scurrying around stacks of plastic packaged junk made halfway around the world. I recalled Chris’s words about no longer being enamored with buying stuff and I felt totally unconnected with the scene around me. I said to a complete stranger "Do we really think our kids want all this stuff???"; she smiled and laughed. I remembered then what my kids like most of all - just time with me. I left, spending only on a donation to the SA bell ringer outside.


Chris, What is this that Bill mentioned about a book you’re working on??? :slight_smile:


finally got around to listening to the podcast and am in alignment with most here on their feelings.

the one place i had an issue was at the end when bill stated he wasnt into conspiracy theories and did not find them useful.

i take that to mean he believes what happened was an accident or boys just being boys.he is entitled to his opinion but i am tired of hearing that the smartest guys in the room dont have a clue of what they are doing.

the idea that it is a fringe idea to believe that a group of people can get together to perpetrate a crime is ludicrous and the idea that being a victim is going to somehow lead to being a bully is absurd. i guess there was no conspiracy when kennedy got killed and he was not a victim.

those comments i thought were gratuitous and added nothing to what chris had to say.

i happen to see my friends and family who have lost lots of retirement money and jobs and careers and even families as victims. whether it is the system or a group of greed heads they have been victimized.

now if the discussion were to turn to what to do about it then that is another matter.

Great point Joe.
"The use of ‘conspiracy theory’ as a derogatory – as an epithet almost – is something the propagandists have perfected over the decades, and it’s a useful tool for eliminating articulate dissent and other points of view…"