Bonus: Chris with Clint Russel on Liberty Lockdown

On the topic of shedding, scientists have been vaccinating wild animals and releasing them into to learn if the shedding of the vaccine can “protect” other animals.

As for why Congress is not investigating the covid cluster, well, Congress set this up by way of the PREP Act and CARES Act. They opened up the money spigots and everybody got paid, even surviving family members got a check if their loved one’s death certificate said “covid.” Why did Congress set this up? 'Cause they are fully compromised, that’s why. James O’Keefe recently did an undercover date piece with a Congressional Staffer, who claimed most of our representatives go to sex parties and most just vote how they are told. Oh, and this mark/staffer just loves Nancy Pelosi! But he works for a Republican. Go figure.

Wanted to throw out confounder regarding Big Pharma’s influence. I think Chris mentioned this is more than big pharma, they can’t have this kind of reach, however, if the DOD was operating under the label of big pharma, then it would make much more sense. I think that’s the situation. The illegal development of bioweapons is being conducted under the cover of “health care” and big pharma has been co-opted by the DOD.

As for that preparation part, I’ve finally started a really close to the house mini garden for those veggies and herbs I use on a regular basis. In the permaculture language, I think this is called a Zone A. The plants are in mini raised beds made from plastic barrels of varying sizes, which are cut into 1/3’s, the two ends have cut outs, then we sand and paint the new ‘pots,’ place them on the bare ground, fill with dirt, plant and mulch. Annuals probably won’t root to the ground, but perennials do. We’ve had good luck with these plastic mini raised beds, while recycling the barrels. The plastic containers are good at keeping in moisture. Oh, and this little garden is so close to the house, no critters have filched my veggies!


Can we just start calling all this what I’ve been calling it, OPERATION GRAND SLAM


@cmartenson, one of the best yet!!! Holy shit… had the hair standing up on my arms :frowning_face:

The bit on FLCCC recent observations are nuts and very scary. I suspected it but you confirmed it publically. Starting to feel a little like now is the time to YOLO every day. Just feels so overwhelming with them coming at us at every angle every day… Sheesh!


My spidey senses increasingly say that the events we see and experience are simply a long time coordinated distraction away from what will eventually turn out to be what’s really going on. Right or wrong, that’s how it feels to me.


I agree. I’ve known evil people too and they are exactly like whatever is running this show. Same exact traits.

Chris said they either want to reduce the population or reduce resources per person. I would say they are doing BOTH.

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I caught that too but did not think Chris meant it that way. It is clear God is allowing this, but He will only allow so much before He steps in. People here are mentioning sin, that is why God is allowing all of this. It is refreshing to be in an environment where “sin” is not a dirty word.


One of the traits of evil people is a lack of understanding consequences to their actions. A crappy person abuses you. You don’t want to see them anymore. They always act surprised. They should have learned in kindergarten, if you’re not nice to someone, they won’t like you. I think we can learn a lot about “them” by studying Narcissistic Personality Disorder. There are tons of vids on YouTube about it, some very good ones.

There is also a principle that has been observed by theologians re evil: The Principle of Contradiction. They always contradict themselves. It is good to isolate the contradictions in trying to wake people up.

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I think he did mean it at that moment. It is the sin of pride that veiled the might of the Almighty from his sight, but judging by yesterday’s podcast, he recognized it to a large degree and opened his mind quite quickly.

Sorry, but I don’t think you should be judging.

I don’t believe I was passing judgment. I tried to be helpful by sharing my perspective.

From my point of view, it appeared that @cmartenson made a statement—shot an arrow—that was misleading—missed the target, which is a sin by definition.

To me, it seems that of the seven deadly sins, pride would best describe this particular instance. It measured God from the limited perspective of a human being.

Every sin can be described as a form of shortsightedness. Pride, in particular, misinterprets the fact that we need to have a healthy faith in our abilities (with God’s help) to face whatever is coming our way.

The sin of pride involves placing too much emphasis on our abilities while disregarding God’s role.

Sloth would be another sin worth mentioning here. The point I’m trying to make is that we all need to be very deliberate in choosing which ideas we want to endorse and give life energy to.

I would not be so bold as to accuse anyone here of committing a sin and I would think this is against forum rules.

I’m afraid I’ve lost track of your train of thought. Not so long ago, sin was not deemed a dirty word, but now it is against the rules?

It seems you and I conceive of ‘sin’ somewhat differently.

I am not accusing anyone of ‘committing a sin’ but merely warning of a possible blind spot.


We all sin and I would hope someone who cared for me would nicely point out the ways in which I might be “missing the mark.”


As would we all. But an online forum is a tricky proposition for such things…after all, that’s probably best left up to our very closest confidants and life partners.


I acknowledge the need to further develop my ability to connect with others.

However, in this specific situation, we are not delving into into the shadowy realms of secret endeavors but into the broad daylight of intellectual exchange in a public setting.

I recognize that the term ‘sin’ carries personal connotations that are difficult to overlook. My purpose in using this term is to highlight the relationship between our beliefs regarding the nature of reality and God, and how these beliefs allow evil to influence our lives.

If this approach seems overly simplified, I am more than willing to provide additional clarification.

@chiara-fjm If you earnestly think so, tell me. Be nice, or be a jerk, but tell me.

Thanks ahead.


I would always be nice. I would hope so. Do you mean I should tell you if I think you’re out of line? Ok then. I would want to know too. We need each other esp now when It’s easy to go off the rails. But sin and thinking you know what is in someones else’s heart is an entirely different matter.

Sin actually requires reflection, that’s the definition of sin. You can’t sin by accident. And we have gotten off-topic at this point, so think we should reel it back in:) Great to see so many people doing such good work and waking people up. “They” have a fight on their hands.

I think we are getting to the core issue of evil here. One could argue that there is no evil without sin.

You seem to suggest that sin is a conscious and deliberate act against the will of God. However, if sin is defined in such a way, it would imply that an atheist cannot commit a sin, yet they clearly can.

You’re assuming that everyone has full control over their thoughts, emotions, and the resulting actions. But, it is also quite evident that most of a person’s mental activity is compulsive and repetitive, and people go to great lengths to relieve the pressure from their mind’s activities.

Or maybe I’m mistaken and don’t understand what you mean by sin. Can you provide a definition or further clarification?

Dude, my son is coming home in a bit and I have to clean the house. So, how about let’s take this over to a more appropriate thread, where Chris was talking about sin…and I will give a brief response…