Bonus: Chris with Clint Russel on Liberty Lockdown

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Hey, this one was wild. To be fair to myself, I was operating on just a few hours of sleep after traveling home from a very long and super-energetic output at the FLCCC conference.

Which means, my filters were down.

That led to some wild dot-connecting and quite declarative statements. Clint (Twitter: is a solid interviewer with great context, allowing this conversation to roam where it needed.

With that…I hope you enjoy this!





They are still using tax dollars to push these vaccines.


When I realized the jab was an American/China joint venture I was more than concerned . When they mandated it on our troops in 2021 despite knowing it didn’t work and was obviously killing people, I became frightened. I told my Son’s mother who is from Hong Kong “When Americans realize what is happening the racism towards the Chinese will make Black racism look quaint in comparison”. That was 2 years ago and just like the controlled economic and heath destruction from within, it has taken longer than I expected. I fear what is coming though as people wake up to the reality.


For Chris :joy:


Here’s my “steelmanning.” I agree with Naomi Wolf and Chris when they say it’s EVIL. Spiritual evil. I don’t mean everybody involved in our problems are evil, but the core of it is evil people. You can understand it if you accept the fact that genuine evil LIKES causing pain, death, and destruction. There doesn’t need to be any other motive (eg. power, money, sexual satisfaction, etc.). Evil just enjoys causing pain and destruction and will choose to cause them even at the risk (or certainty) of losing their own money, power, status, freedom, etc.

Most people haven’t known or interacted with people who are genuinely evil, so that’s why they’re stumped trying to figure out what’s going on. I’ve known some of these people having interacted with them in police work. They’re very simple operating systems and easy to understand once you understand spiritual evil. But those realizations are very frightening and demoralizing so most people put them out of their minds and look for some other explanation that’s emotionally easier to accept.

Here’s the good news about people captured by evil: they fear physical injury and pain, especially if it’s very intense and/or long-lasting. They actually fear pain more than death which is why they sometimes commit suicide or suicide-by-cop to avoid the pain they see coming. You can control them to some extent if you can legitimately threaten them with pain, even pain that eventually leads to death. But don’t bluff. They can almost always see through a bluff.




Yes! There it is!

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Awesome podcast yet again, but I don’t how wild dot connecting is was , seemed totally logical to me

so either I’m wild and crazy too "totally possible by the way :slight_smile: " .


“When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

― Arthur Conan Doyle

BTW I’m guessing you’ll cover the FLCCC 0 1,2,3,4 rating in detail later in a daily take in the future… caught that bit as a new nugget and my antenna went up…


I laughed, not with mockery but with a lightness in my heart, when I heard @cmartenson speak of a path so fixed that not even the Divine could alter its course. Know this, such a notion is a dance with Lucifer’s shadow, for those unacquainted with its silhouette.

Spotting the darkness in another is as easy as seeing the moon in the night sky, yet confronting the shadow within oneself is the true journey. Here, in the garden of the self, the shadow hides most cunningly.

Many voice their despair at the darkness outside, not realizing a part of them secretly adores the very darkness they decry.

This adversary, I name it sin. For our contemplation, envision sin as a vine from the depths, a tendril of the abyss, creeping into the sanctuary of one’s being, entwining around the soul’s essence, subtly steering thoughts and desires. It whispers, commandeering our thoughts and will, thus leading us astray, leading us on paths untrodden.


Jesus that bit shocked me.

PeakProsperity group-buy of d-dimer tests?


@cmartenson, are there any publicly available references for the microclot assay results you mentioned, historical or present? 'cause that’s the most terrifying thing I’ve heard.


Great interview. Didn’t hear any crazy dot connecting. Just what we have all experienced. Nice job.

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This was a fascinating podcast with many new ideas and fleshed out nuggets from things I was curious about or didn’t know i didn’t know.

Here’s where I’m at. This is clearly being orchestrated. Way too much, way too fast. How many times was the word inorganic used? The question is who is orchestrating this and why and then we can get to the what and what we do about it.

I think a resource war is a distinct and solid theory, but I just don’t think that is it. The people in charge aren’t complete idiot’s. Evil yes, idiots probably not. I don’t think that they necessarily fear reduced resources because they are creating that situation - not due to extraction of natural resources but through arson, regulations, etc. no, I think this is something else.

My best guess as to what this is, is that it something else. I have become more and more convinced that there is a pole shift cataclysm coming in the coming decades. I realize that is bonkers and thought so myself up until a couple years ago (amazing how every off the wall theory makes sounds much more plausible after the last couple years). A catastrophe checks off pretty much every box.

As a thought exercise, if there were a cyclical catastrophe coming that would kill off 80% of the population and you were an elite that knew about it and evil as hell, what would you do? Probably get us to start killing each other and probably start preparing to ride this thing out - that’s what I see. Could you imagine the power you would have if everyone left owed their lives and livelihood to you? They could own the entire world and literally create the bloodline that would repopulate the earth.


So the solution to the Drake equation is that we bio-weapon our way to extinction.


You frame this well. Per the cyclical catastrophe hypothesis, Goliath would be motivated in putting us in a civil war where we are focused on our immediate environment and not on them. Per this hypothesis, they should be organizing civil wars in areas and cities they think are going to be unsurvivable. They should also be cleaning out areas that they are going to be settling in.

I strongly suspect that this evil has a supernatural/spiritually evil component that isn’t being addressed and they either feed the info and plans to the cabal or they are the leaders of evil. The cabal ritual at CERN is a sign. There was a Google executive that stated he gets his information in the dream state which is a supernatural ability to download technology and ideas. My tired brain can’t remember this person. I’m seeing supranatural signs here and there.

My biggest question is which group of entities in the supernatural world are feeding the supernatural information to TPTB.


This is 100% supernatural. There could be an argument that they manifest reality by believing in it only… but I see scripture unfolding.

I do need to keep myself in check a bit as every civilization at pretty much every time in history has had parts of it that thought the apocalypse was near. So…. Obviously, a lot of false positives on that one. Still, the feeling I’m getting I weigh heavily and the actions seem to be leading us to a path to ultimately have to choose a side. Do we take the mark of the beast and eat or do we starve and have our families stolen? Obviously, a third path would be preferable.


Any chance we (all of Europe) can catch this on Odysee?

Kathy, I read this as double speak which is really saying, “… for all you poor both financially, physically, and mentally, please come take your death shot. We really can’t afford to take care of you anymore.”

that ensure greater equity and access to COVID-19 vaccines by those disproportionately affected…Blockquote


Hey Robert, I’m pretty sure the pfizer jab was a Chinese/German collaboration that included contractually that China would NOT be using the same product in their country.

Voytech, beautifully said. I was thinking about Chris’ comment that this is 5th Generation Warfare so we don’t know who our enemies are. Ultimately, our true enemies are greed, lust, anger, illusion, envy, etc. These are the true enemies of the self/Self. And “the senses are a network of paths leading to death.”

And death is a solo flight.


Yeah, wot, we’re all probably contaminated with the shit. And I think it’s by way of a black field microscope that you can see the condition of the blood. It should be separated red blood cells that are free floating with possibly some white blood cells present.

When the blood is messed up, the red blood cells stick together in weird looking tubule structures, or have ragged edges, or may even look like jelly.