Breaking news! Bailout turns ugly (satire, obviously)

Moments later, an angry electorate makes their presence felt

This is from my friend Keith Taylor, master of the highly competitive field of economic photoshopicommentary. Thanks to Ned38 for the idea (in the comments section earlier).

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Thanks, Keith.

For depicting Barney, Nancy and Harry in their true light.

Too bad their hairless, serrated tails don’t show! Money mouth

As predicted, in the early going the "markets" have decided that the dollar deserves to be bid up relative to the Euro and the Yen.


I can’t wait to hear the spin on this one…there is literally no economic rationale in the universe that can explain why something that is about to expand by more than a trillion units over the next year should go up in price.

But they don’t call central banks "non-economic players" for nothing.

My objection to this overt currency manipulation is twofold. First on the grounds that it is being done by the same geniuses that got us into the mess in the first place. Second because the value of money should be decided by the marketplace.

Oh well, best to just sit back and see where those 100 people who serve on the central bank boards think a dollar should be valued. I’m sure they have a target in mind…

Hi Chris,

I really really do understand frustration and why that picture was accepted. IMO I would remove - that one will be used against this site to indicate cult freaks with insane tendencies. You have lot’ of people focussing and being re-directed to this site (hopefully more).

Again, I agree with sentiments:

This was a great opportunity to correct the real value of money and let the current system collapse. Why money is so entrenched in people’s mind is obviously due to the fact that it is inculcated to the point that any alternative would seem perverse :frowning:

When I point peple to your site and re-iterate the fact that for several hundred years people could have burried a thousand pounds and then their grandchildren could have dug up well, . . . . a thousand pounds.

I am also amazed that people (in UK at least) seem to become bored when I try to indicate what it means that for the sake of money people will starve even when resources are in place:


"Hand Over Our Loot, No. 2, by Len Clampett:

are four things that must be available for paid work to take place:

  • The work to be done.
  • The materials to do the work.
  • The labor to do the work.
  • The money to pay for the work to be done.

any of those four things are missing, no paid work can take place. It
is a naturally self-regulating system. If there is work to be done, and
the material is available and the labour willing, all we have to do is
create the money. Quite simple."

yourself why it was that depressions happened. All that went missing from
the community was the money to buy goods and services. The labour was
still available. The work to be done was still there. The materials had
not disappeared, and the goods were readily available in the shops, or
could be produced but for the want of money.

I am tired of seeing advertisements from charities (here in UK) statng that for just 35p (something trivial) a child’s sight could be restored and we have $700 bail out.

How ironic it is that the dealers in money, bankers and others, are the last to realise the greatest benefits of an abstract trading system! Money will always atract money and that would be bearable if not for the fact that all power corrupts but when money makes money and that money is the life blood of a society then that implicitly states a cancerous growth has taken hold.

Feel free to edit as you wish: I appreciate your efforton this site.

That would sort the problem.

A sad day in history - just like other dissapointing periods. I still think Chris is right and it will come out in the wash, stall it for a period but peak oil (just one problem) will ask you to solve the paradox of: Where do you get the food from when crops are used to generate the fuel to distribute the food that used to be grown in the fields now used to grow the crops to generate the fuel to distribute the fuel from fuel crops? Never underestimate energy returned on energy invested - it may have a nasty sting in the tail !! I am always amazed at the level of energy stored in petroleum - millions of years stored and released in a quick flatulent release of maybe 100 years??

Best regards to all.

we all knew this was going to come out this way and i am quite sure it will pass but i will call and write till i am numb. and when it is over i will still call and write.

the thought occurred to me that it was GOLD—MAN ----SACKS.

i hope every one knows now who is behind this. we will never see the faces of the ones who perpetrated this though on occasion we have drunk their wine.

unless and until we can rid ourselves of the fed and frb we will always be right where we are homeless on this continent fighting for our very survival beholden to our masters. the rest is all just the gory details .

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Hasn’t anyone read the papers? Everything is perfect now! Just listen to the "experts":
"This isn’t about a bailout of Wall Street, it’s a buy-in, so that we can turn our economy around," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.
So there you have it. We’ve all been wrong! It’s not actually a ‘bail-out’ after all!
Gregg, R-N.H., said: "I don’t thinkwe’re going to lose money, myself. We may — it’s possible — but I doubt it inthe long run."

SEE? We're all going to be rich!

"I don't know of anyone here who wants the center of the economic universe to be Washington," said a top negotiator, Sen. Chris Dodd, chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee. But, he added, "The center of gravity is here temporarily. ... God forbid it's here any longer than it takes to get credit moving again."

OOPS! Isn't that what they said about Iraq? Well, that doesn't matter, 'cause we're all gonna be rich! I'm starting to get giddy again about going to the polls this November. Is this a great country or what?


"I really really do understand frustration and why that picture was accepted. IMO I would remove - that one will be used against this site to indicate cult freaks with insane tendencies. You have lot’ of people focusing and being re-directed to this site (hopefully more). "


Very very good point. When people start talking about conspiracies ( it really does not matter if you are correct or not) it makes it even harder to get the average guy on the street to listen to you, and makes it a million times harder to have a rationale debate about it. You are giving those who are happy with the status quo the ammunition to win the argument before it has even started.