Busy Days

For those looking for a new podcast this weekend, there won't be one I regret to report. We just simply didn't have the time to record one this week.

Why not?

Well, in addition to the regular schedule of fresh articles you see here, there is a lot happening behind the scenes that's not visible (yet). In fact, save for the final few weeks leading up to last year's launch of the PeakProsperity.com website, this is the busiest we've ever been.

Doing what? you're likely thinking. Well, for those interested, I'll give a sneak peek into what my last few weeks have been like.

To begin, for such a lean operation there's a surprising amount of work that goes into the regular weekly routine. This includes stuff like determining the content schedule for the week, sourcing said content and getting it ready for publishing, updating our macro outlook and determining the implications of the week's developments, fielding podcast interviews as well as PR-based ones, handling customer service issues, paying bills & bookkeeping, partner relations, business development, etc, etc etc...

On top of that, though, is a boatload of other work - some of which I'm super excited about, and some less so.

I'm most energized by the new content we're working on. I still need to be a little cryptic about it, but it's coming together extremely well. Jason and I are spending 12+ hours a day together (pretty much every day of the past 2 months - no joke) working to bring Chris' analysis to life in a way our site has never done before. I realize I'm waaay too close to the work to be unbiased, but I think it's looking awesome. I predict the new production capabilities we're now refining will be our preferred way for presenting big ideas in 2014 and beyond.

OK, enough of the mystery tease. We'll reveal the details by the new year.


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