Cause Unknown: What Explains Excess Death Among the Healthy? - Part1 w/ Ed Dowd

You asked and I finally delivered an interview with Ed Dowd, the former Blackrock portfolio manager and author of Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022.

In Part I we discuss this phenomenon, why it’s such an obvious thing that’s being studiously ignored by our “society” and what the implications are going forward. Ed Dowd, of course, is a special guest for the upcoming can’t-miss event of the year, our live (but also recorded) webinar exploring the power elites by stepping into their shoes and steelmanning their arguments. You can obtain tickets here.

In Part II (for subscribers at this stage, as always), we delve into his financial experience to explore the mysterious actions of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve. Ed can really connect the dots like very few others across the many dimensions of our current predicaments.

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Here Is The Link To The Skynews Media Taboo Comment About His Book.


Australia, Et Al

Not so sure Australia will be able to turn around on this faster than the U.S., unfortunately, because they do not HAVE a Constitution (to ignore, as our leadership has been doing) and they have WEF-trained Young Leaders running the joint with the Chinese CCP as their model. They have come down on anyone asking the wrong questions or providing intel even harder than here in the U.S.


My History With Ssri’s

Just a comment from my personal experience of N=1. In my teens and early 20’s, actually for most of my childhood too, I had terrible depression. I was in some bad situations likely contributing to this but it was horrible, the most horrible feeling you can imagine, it’s more physical than mental, you just can’t even describe it. For some reason it went away at night but as soon as I woke up I could feel my brain shifting and it came back like a freight train. Therapy didn’t work so we decided to try Paroxetine. The shift was quick and incredible. What was interesting is that I could feel the machinery in my brain trying to make me depressed, but I wasn’t getting depressed. It was very noticeable. After a few months my brain’s machinery no longer worked this way and I eventually went off the drug. I definitely had a chemical problem in my brain and the SSRI fixed it; not sure how but it filled the void.


Fascinating. Glad you recovered (if that is the correct word). Thank you for sharing.

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Ssri Alternatives

Since we are talking about SSRIs…My daughter has been dealing with anxiety/depression for years. While SSRIs helped her somewhat, they didn’t really ever fully resolve her issues, nor was I satisfied that the doctors we were working with had a good explanation for the root of the problem. About 3 months ago, while “doing my own research”, I came across a book by a doc named William Walsh called “Nutrient Power, heal your biochemistry and heal your brain.” He apparently has years worth of data (30k+ patients) around mental disorders and there are several different biochemical imbalances that can all present as anxiety/depression. The trick of course is figuring out which imbalance to deal with - and there might be multiple issues. The great news is that they appear to largely be manageable through nutrient therapy with simple things like Magnesium, Zinc, B6 and/or Folate. The fascinating thing to me is that things that appear to be “settled science” like “Omega 3s (fish oil) are good for everyone” is wrong in my daughter’s case. For her, Omega 3s are bad. Similarly, folate can be bad for some people while it can dramatically improve others depending on their underlying issues.
We are literally just beginning her nutrient therapy regimen, so I have no results to speak of, but I am very hopeful. For anyone who is dealing with mental disorders (even autism & epilepsy are discussed in the book) I’d strongly recommend at least reading the book. Also, he’s got a whole website called that has videos and info that are very informative for those that are interested. I’m happy to discuss our personal experience with anyone interested.


Yes my experience was decades ago when we didn’t understand diet well. I’m not endorsing SSRI’s due to all the bad stories we hear. It may be that if I had tried some thigns you mention, I could have tackled it another way. But they do appear to work for some people.

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Life Insurance

I’ve wondered about this ever since hearing the 40% increase in deaths of working age last year, but will there even be enough $$ to pay out to those who survive at some point? I don’t know how an insurance company works, but is some of the money paid in by person A used to help pay for the death benefits of person B (C, D, etc.)? In addition, I had hoped to start life insurance claims for both of my children before they get to that expensive stage in their future, but will that money go the way of retirement funds (ie, is it even worth it)?



Unfortunately it’s wasn’t and isn’t incompetence, it is deliberate. Again, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, the more you know about it from the creators of it the more you’ll see it IS a De-population plan and agenda.

Ed Dowd

How nice to once again see two heroes in this battle for reality speaking to one another. I’ve been following Chris since his first Covid videos in early 2020. With each new voice of reason to emerge my list of people I’ve grown to appreciate has become large enough that to follow them all and to hear what they all have to say would require more hours in the day than are available.
This gives me hope.

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High Disability Claims In The Early Months Of 2022 May Have Been A Signal Of Fraud Instead Of Vaccine Harm

I’ve been hearing Ed count the early 2022 disability uptick as a vaccine damage signal. Disability claims are hard to get. There’s lawyers whose practice centers on appealing denial of disability benefits. Coincidentally, Spring 22 was the first months of Biden. Maybe we need to know the political party affiliations of the new recipients of disability insurance during that period. Or maybe it was a carte blanche “stimulate the economy” action to approve claims without challenge…An election campaign action.

Drug Ads

I have been noticing in drug ads that sometimes there’s phrasing at the end similar to “Let your doctor know if you have taken a shot or may become pregnant”

SSRI’s are definitely not for everyone! Ever heard of Serotonin syndrome? Elevated serotonin levels can cause severe psychosis.
I witnessed a case of psychosis where the patient was coming down from a psychotic episode, then took another SSRI tablet and went straight back into the psychosis. Only after drying out from the SSRI did the psychosis abate.

A close friend who is a therapist says SSRIs are only ever meant to be a stop-gap until the person can get therapy and/or resolve underlying issues. They aren’t meant to be taken for years and years.

Thank u Chris martensen I’ve been following you since January 2020 I was in the Seattle area when supposedly the 1st COVID person to enter the US from China came there and was sick for a week the only way I could sleep was because my body was exhausted from coughing all night. I did an online search and found you and was able to understand why. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your work. I have never been a follower of mainstream media or thought and take pride in thinking critically and I’m blessed to have found people like u, Dr John Campbell, Gary Null, Pierre Kory, and now Ed dowd. Ive found something to fight for now, the truth, and as they say ye shall know the truth and that’s what will set us free. Thank you for speaking the truth and allowing me to be part of ur tribe.:v:t3: