CBDCs Arriving Soon, Chinese Land Near U.S. Bases Already Here

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Concerns are mounting over the strategic acquisition of farmland in the United States by Chinese nationals and the Chinese government, particularly around military installations. The overall amount of land purchased may be relatively small, but its proximity to key military sites, such as B2 stealth bomber and drone training sites, has raised eyebrows. The denial of a wind farm project to a Chinese landowner and the Chinese government’s ownership of a grain elevator, which could potentially impact American farmers, have further fueled these concerns. The issue of foreign entities owning land in the US has been questioned, with lawmakers and the Biden Administration reportedly making efforts to limit Chinese ownership of land near military bases.

In the realm of media, American TV presenter Tucker Carlson’s recent coverage of the war in Ukraine has drawn criticism. Accusations have been made that Carlson lacks objectivity when it comes to Russia and the war in Ukraine. His videos about Russian supermarkets and the Moscow Metro have been scrutinized, with some claims being debunked. The phenomenon of Westerners being drawn to alternatives to their own societies has been highlighted, with the dissident right’s fascination with leaders like Vladimir Putin and Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele being noted.

In California, examples of establishments closing due to rising crime continue to pile up. The Antioch Community Library in Contra Costa, California, was abruptly closed due to safety concerns, including drug use and sexual activity on the premises. The decision was made to prioritize the safety of patrons and staff amidst a rise in violent and property crimes in the area.

A recent study has found that even one amalgam dental filling can expose pregnant women and their offspring to dangerous levels of mercury vapor. The study showed that all pregnant women with fillings exceeded at least one “safe” exposure limit for mercury vapor, with exposure levels increasing with the number of fillings. Mercury exposure during pregnancy is a concern due to its ability to cross the placental and blood-brain barrier, potentially harming the fetus.

In financial news, the Federal Reserve is exercising caution in reducing its balance sheet to avoid a repeat of the repo market turmoil caused by Quantitative Tightening (QT) in the past. The Fed aims to gradually withdraw liquidity to prevent disruptions and has introduced a Standing Repo Facility as a safety net. The importance of QT in managing inflation and the need to carefully monitor the balance sheet reduction process have been highlighted.

Finally, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are being viewed as a significant threat to individual freedom and privacy. The potential for CBDCs to be programmed, monitored, and censored by governments could lead to complete control over people’s spending, identity, and lives. Concerns have been raised about the political landscape for CBDCs in the United States, with President Biden’s authorization of CBDC exploration and the lack of resistance in Congress. The technology for a US CBDC has reportedly been developed and could be deployed quickly. The potential for CBDCs to be introduced in a similar manner to major legislation passed during emergencies, such as the Patriot Act, TARP, and the CARES Act, has been suggested. Individuals are being urged to take action by boycotting the dollar and moving into self-custody crypto, gold, and silver as alternatives to CBDCs.


Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) Pose a Threat to Financial Freedom and Privacy

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) threaten to replace the cash we use with programmable, trackable, and censorable tokens controlled by governments. Your financial choices could be suppressed, and privacy eliminated. Based on what I’ve learned and experienced directly, this could happen before the 2024 election. The best way to stop it is through direct action, not through politics.

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Fed Aims to Avoid Repo Market Blowout as it Navigates Quantitative Tightening, Reveals FOMC Minutes

QT-1 blew up the repo market. This time around, the Fed wants to avoid that type of debacle so it wouldn’t have to “prematurely” end QT-2.

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Study Shows Even One Amalgam Dental Filling Exposes Pregnant Women to Dangerous Levels of Mercury Vapor

Even one amalgam dental filling may expose pregnant women and their offspring to dangerous levels of mercury vapor, according to a study published this month in Human & Experimental Toxicology.

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Antioch Community Library in Contra Costa, California Abruptly Closed Due to Safety Concerns

“We’ve also had drug activity and drug use both inside the library and on library property,” said Brooke Converse, a spokeswoman for the Contra Costa County Library System.

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Tucker Carlson’s Bizarre Videos in Russia Raise Questions about Objectivity

The incident made it obvious to me that Tucker was not a truth-seeking journalist and that when it came to Russia and the war in Ukraine, at least, he had no intention of being objective.

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Chinese Ownership of Farmland Near US Military Installations Raises Concerns

But when you look at it strategically around military installations, it’s really concerning.

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Catherine Herridge recently made a scary but cryptic comment about something bad that may happen in 2024 in the US. Some kind of “security event” that couldn’t be predicted. I’m expecting something like that too (and likely a “false flag” by our own people but blamed on an enemy), but I’m not a national investigative reporter who can be assumed to have contacts “in the know” who might leak something like that to her. Her comment blew up for about 36 hours but since then it’s been absolute “radio silence.”


After that, Herridge was laid off by CBS. She was perhaps their best reporter. Things that make you go, “Hmmmm….”

Today Jonathan Turley reports that CBS has taken the highly unusual and very concerning step of seizing all her office files which have very sensitive documents in them, especially about confidential sources. CBS has informed Herridge which, if any, of her files they will return to her! That didn’t make me go, “Hmmmm.” It made me go, "WTF!!!”



Tucker’s interview with Putin was interesting. He is not a russian shill.