Censored Again!

Medical Totalitarianism

Quite evident within the profession and extending to the broader society.


Actually, you get two premium pieces this week. What would have normally gone out as a public offering (today) PLUS the usual attendant part II (tomorrow).
Here’s today’s



I like the idea of wandering thru different areas in space that may change basics.



We’re looking forward to a brighter future without these charlatans.


Eh who is the expert? Many highly qualified doctors agree with your statements…so…who the hell are they kidding…

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Badge Of Honor

Congratulations, Chris. Being censored by YouTube pretty much proves you are over the target. You should wear their ban like a badge of honor.


Could happen, right? Can’t exclude that possibility…

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Chris-go to locals.com like VivaBarnesLaw and The Duran. Barnes is working with Rumble to circumvent YT.


Hit A Nerve? They Can Feel Pain

Unfortunately The pattern here last couple years is if you hit on a truth they don’t want out you get kicked off whatever soap box you are standing on look at dr kory even Joe Rogan or heck even a former president. That’s how high this power goes… So something you covered is just too close to the truth and too dangerous for them to become common knowledge… Was it the pokes at Fauci? Doubt it the conservative media is having a field day with him all over Facebook and nobody else is getting censored… How about the UK vaccine mortality data. Now that has some interesting connections. You can see over the past 2 years of nudging before they throw the hammer COVID lockdowns vaccines gas inflation Ukraine it’s a pattern. And wats going on now big scary ba5. Boosters mask mandates in la . New super jab coming for all variants… pattern indicates new COVID fear and new vax requirements coming probably before the election… Now at this point it’s pretty much common knowledge except for the 20 percent jabbing their kids that the jabs are at best useless snake oil to make big pharma and gov money… yes injuries are coming out too but not into the 80 percent common knowledge area yet… Now if I’m a bond villain gearing for another virus scare and new vaccine push. I simply cannot have somebody on YouTube with large following withdata convincing the 80 percent my vaccines are actually making things worse… how am I going to scare people into taking my new super vax then? Now I know some of you are thinking it could just be some fact checker that doesn’t like the message but at this point there are so many coincidences that argument is no longer viable. There is some silver lining in this though…“THEY” are not so powerful they can not be hurt…and something Chris covered threatened “Them”. Even a giant can brought down by a thousand cuts… Maybe they can cut YouTube. But if everyone on the tribe passes the info to 3 friends and ask that their friends pass it to 2 friends. The same damage can be done…


Consideration In The Covid Jabbies Data?

3rd dose booster (as related to all cause mortality) Could it be that there’s just not enough data yet to know what the real numbers of all cause mortality are related to the 3rd booster?

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There will actually be 2 premium videos this week. One today that would have been on youtube, and another video tomorrow.


Thank You

Thanks for your great work, Chris and the PP team.


You Tube And Henry Ford

Henry Ford used to say that is customers could buy his Ford model T automobile in any color, as long as it would be black.
You Tube continues that long line of thought.
For You Tube, you have total freedom of expression, to place everything, as long as the topics are what is “approved” by You Tube at any given moment.
For You Tube, science is whatever suits them at any given moment.
You can listen to all the experts, as long as they are the “right” experts, like Fauci.
As you can see, You Tube allows everybody to exercise it’s free expression, in order to say what the You Tube allows you to say.
After all, we have free will but they own the social media platform.
Unlike the old Greece and Rome, in which the “agora” was a public square open to everybody, these companies that have created these social media platforms have created “closed squares”, and you have to obey to their rules.
Thank you for your work, Chris.


We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Science!

“ If YouTube wants to be proactive and to help advance the actual truth and science, they would fund debates and allow a vigorous scrum of ideas to form.”
That’s a very important point. Many people seem to have lost the concept of science. The juvenile behavior of big tech, their condescending and patronizing attitude toward content creators, the pretense of authority on any subject, is taken for granted by their consumers.
That’s why showing the contrast of actual scientific debate is important. Maybe some people can be confronted with the contrast in as plain terms as possible and come away at least having sone doubts about the supposed authority and expertise of the “fact checkers” and guardians of “community standards.”
FYT. Complete bastards.


Possibly. It’s a time series, so it’s possible that people vulnerable to vaccine death were ‘harvested’ during shots 1 and 2 so that death goes back to baseline?
Or there’s some systematic bias in the sorts of people who do and who don’t get shots.
Could be lots of things. That there hasn’t been anything but official obfuscation and blocking of nearly all legit inquiry is all the tell you actually need in this tale.


Opportunity To Build Parallel Structures

I’d like to suggest that you post what would have been the public presentation on the other platforms that would allow it like Odysee and Rumble as you usually would. They are parallel structures and it seems to me they will grow best if we feed them. They have their weaknesses but also strengths, the prime strength being that they will share what YouTube censors!


Youtube Censorship

I’m pretty sure it was the uk data they didn’t like. That is what struck me, suggests a period of increased danger following vaccination (21 day timepoint listed), but if you cross that hurdle you are relatively safe again.
No normie who took the vax and thinks it saved them from their mild covid (ie current strain) wants to believe they are making a dangerous choice for themselves or their grandchildren. They are old and fully locked into their narrative. It is sad.


The Bit That Got Us Censored

In case anyone is wondering (and assuming that YouTube actually yanked this video for medical misinformation) here’s the relevant bit:
I can’t see anything that counts as misinformation in there.


Enemy Action

I just don’t see a way out of this that doesn’t descend into a civil war or other terrible conflict. Reminds me of the ending of the Mark Whalburg movie - Shooter. “You can’t always clean up the streets with a gun. Even if that is exactly what’s needed.”


You do excellent work, Chris Martenson. I have followed you since mid-2008 and became an enrolled member in January 2009. I know of people who view your videos but have not signed up with PP. All of them speak highly of the site. Your track record is superb.