Censored! Most Recent Covid Video Banned By YouTube

Well, we knew it was coming, and we’re surprised it took so long, honestly.

Youtube took down my most recent video which merely went through the most recent data on Ivermectin.

Here’s the video reposted in its entirety:

It’s nothing personal, and has nothing to do with my qualifications or the veracity of the material. Even a front-line doctor with heaps of direct Covid experience has been banned/blocked by farcebook:

Dr Kory Pierre makes numerous excellent and impassioned points in his Senate testimony which farcebook decided people shouldn’t see!

Adam and I have received emails from people using the Nextdoor app which also took down my video and any commentary on or about it.

It’s a full-on information war folks, and I wish there was anything noble or good to say about it. After ignoring, blocking and then slow-boating any possible alternative non-big-pharma drugs, the entire ecosystem of big social media platforms has joined forces with the CDC/FDA/NIH/NIAID to stifle anybody who might talk about effective therapeutics.

Science doesn’t matter. Lives don’t matter. The economy doesn’t matter. Who will stand up to this true axis of evil? If not us, then who?

I stand for science, I stand for logic, I stand for integrity and I stand for this community. It’s crunch time folks. We’re there. It has arrived at our beach - the first waves are now lapping at our feet.


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Keep going Chris

Not a surprise. I don’t use social media of any kind so I’m not sure how I could pass on your video. Input would be awesome.

Thanks Chris for reposting!!

Not a surprise. I don't use social media of any kind so I'm not sure how I could pass on your video. Input would be awesome.
Just copy the URL from the bar at the top of your browser and paste wherever you like (email, Twitter, etc.) Or copy it from right here: https://peakprosperity.com/censored-most-recent-covid-video-banned-by-youtube/  

“If you speak the truth, have a foot in the stirrup.” - Turkish Proverb


“If you have no problems, get a goat.” - Persian proverb

Youtube took down my most recent video which merely went through the most recent data on Ivermectin.
I really don't understand the motive(s) of the TPTB on Covid. Things like 911-inside-job make sense to me (Israel and a dozen others had a motive, it started 7 wars). But does anyone here have a theory who's running the whole Covid thing and why? It's simply beyond question anymore it's a political hit job, either a manufactured virus or a natural one being used for political gain. But it's so dang coordinated worldwide, who's running the show? Any theory would be welcome.

It shows just how desperate They are. By that, you know where They are vulnerable.

Whatever it is that They can’t stand, keep on doing it.
It’s called a siege. It takes a while and it isn’t fun.

It worked in the Middle Ages. It will likely work now.

Keep it up, Dr. Chris. It’s going to work.

We stand with you and for you Chris. And for what you are standing for.
The world has gone bat-shit crazy.

“They ‘trust me’, dumb fucks”-Mark Zuckerberg describing Facebook users who trust him with their personal data (if you are offended by my quoted foul language, then I apologize)

…lemme go git my trebuchet!

When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.
~George R.R. Martin

Thank God this is American and we can sue anyone we want . I believe in the end of this so called censorship by MSM and social media, these company exec will not only be poor but spend the rest of their lives in jail/. AND that would not even come close to justice for all the loss of life and harm they have caused.

It’s still hard to comprehend these smiling bastards are just plain evil but I keep working on it. At some point, elitism and greed finally run into tar and feathers, the guillotine, AR-15’s…
Keep it up, Chris, we appreciate it and do what we can to support your efforts.

you are not profiting from selling snake oil with “baseless” claims. You are showing science and facts… and whether to facts show something and imply something, is not a violation of terms. Just because the FDA or authorities are unaware , ignorant unknowledgeable or corrupt, doesn’t discount the facts whether something cures of treats a disease. But even by their definition , if something does, then it is a drug. I am pretty sure ivermectin is a drug… AND off-label treatment in the USA is a thing , it is legal and you do treat other conditions with drugs that have beneficial side-effects or other effects…

Get up to speed on the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, at weforum.com. As insane as it sounds, there are people who want to crash the world population, and the world economy, because there are just too many of us and we are just too fond of consumer goods. That, and they truly truly believe we have gone past the tipping point on global warming, and since they want to keep all their lovely stuff and privilege and private jets, some of us (a whole lot of us) just have to be swept of the global chessboard. Some of the elites are true eugenecists, like Bill Gates, whose father was head of Planned Parenthood. Bill had tetanus vaccines contaminated with hcg which vaccinated these young women against pregnancy. It was given to women of child-bearing age in Africa, and sterilized many 10s of thousands, perhaps 100s of thousands. It is hard to wrap your head around evil when you are a normie.


In my opinion: This fascism was predicted and will get much, much worse. See for example Dark Ages America. Fascism grows until everything gets destroyed. Prove me wrong. Any examples of reasoned arguments that politely delivered, cause a reversal of fascism? If so let’s follow such example.
We already see the next phase, of getting pushed out of ISPs, removal of domain name ownership, spoofing of emails, denial of service by credit card companies and paypal, etc by other truth searchers at the bleeding edge.

  1. some people here are real truth seekers and will become the remnant. I suggest that such people develop non-internet based ways of getting in touch with each other to share information. Until systemic collapse (which I dont expect in my lifetime) things are going to get much, much worse. The complacent Germans in their democracy refused to believe what was happening around them in the 1930s, as well.
  2. for those who really want truthful dialogue, we will need our own peer to peer pathway. I wonder if others agree with this and can work with me starting next year some time…
    Some other countries are in much better shape. Ivermectin clinical research results from overseas and much lower covid rates ex US are ample evidence of this. There is real optimism outside the immediate collapsing empire.

I keep saying people( our governors ) are not this dumb, it must be by design. I am sure it is , and it is all in the scheme. The question is there are lots of us , but not enough because the average person is brainwashed by the MSM propaganda machine.