Censorship, Resilience & Achieving Peak Prosperity on the ExCandidates Show

I’m excited to share with you a conversation I recently had with Steve and Paul on the Ex-Candidates. It was an early start to the day, but the discussion we had was both energizing and deeply insightful, touching on a range of topics that are close to my heart and central to our community’s focus.

In this interview, we dove deep into the intricate connections between the economy, energy, and the environment, drawing from my experience with the Crash Course and the insights I’ve shared over the years. We also revisited the tumultuous journey of the 2020 pandemic, where I had the opportunity to apply my scientific background to analyze and interpret the unfolding crisis. This was a period that not only put our collective resilience to the test but also highlighted the critical need for data-driven analysis amidst a sea of conflicting information.

Tune in, listen, and let’s continue this conversation together.

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Genghis Khan?

You didn’t use this a euphemism for Donald Trump, did you?

Nope. Just a metaphor for anybody who could take a really firm hand to root out the deep-state leeches and other assorted and dangerous parasites.
Genghis was rather famous for being a hard ass.

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Lab Leak Or Release

I think Tanaka et. al. hit the nail on the head. That many leaks? I could see one maybe but once Tanaka’s paper demonstrated that all had lab signatures, that moved me into the realm that these were releases. Perhaps Fauci and his cronies thought these were leaks, and led to believe this by intelligence agencies, when in fact perhaps these were DOD/Intelligence agency releases. Leak ( these happen ) and Releases ( that is an entirely high level of nefarious and criminal activity, e.g. crimes against humanity. I still think that Latypova and Watts are on the correct legal track. Recently Latypova had a very interesting graphic in a recent post where she basically explained that the terms EUA and EAU are two very different terms. EAU is emergency access which still require testing, follow up surveillance etc. while EUA is typically only legally applied to military countermeasures which are totally protected from all liability including fraud.
The link to that is here:

Intent Is Nearly Always Guesswork

I have been following Chris’s podcast since the very start of the Cvd outbreak. It was pretty real to me because, if you remember, one of the first cases was in Washington State and the second nursing home suffering an initial outbreak was also in King County. It was a few blocks away and on my way to work. Chris was the first, to my knowledge, that pointed out the significance of the furin cleavage site. Three years later, it seems that the adage is true, “Fuck around and find out”. I don’t really care who went into a remote bat cave in China and mutated a virus. It happened. Trying to guess what is going on in someone’s head is beyond my pay grade. It was a tragedy. I hope those responsible roast in He!!.
Also, oointing fingers at potential suspects often leads to wrongful conclusions. Start with examining past events without attributing supposed intent.
The events of the past three years isolated, divided and frightened many of our friends, family and neighbors. Purposeful malice? Don’t automaticalyy attribute intent to an event that could be an unintentional consequence. Whatever.
I think we should learn from the experience.

  1. The majority of Western populations were so threatened by the loss of their security bubble that they were more than happy to live in a lie.
  2. Our governing populace are more concerned about their next paycheck than their citizenry.
  3. Our salvation lies in questioning, challenging and resilience.
    It is time to stop wasting energy on trying to understand the intent of our governing psychopaths and move on to planning our future without, or in spite of, their existence
    I plan to spend tomorrow caring for my family, friend and my spiritual growth.
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“ Trying to guess what is going on in someone’s head is beyond my pay grade.”
But the first two items in your list are based on knowing how a lot of people were/are thinking and feeling. Hmmmm.
It can be valuable to infer future events by discerning current motives and thoughts. It’s best to gather enough data to see a pattern developing to make predictions likely to be more accurate.

Fossil Fuels Or Should We Use The Term Hydrocarbon Fuels?

Jerome R Corsi has information that fossil fuels are a myth. You can have “clean coal”.

That was an LOL moment for sure. Ghenghis Khan was almost as effective as the jabs as spreading unwanted DNA.
“The case for Genghis Khan’s genetic legacy is strong, if circumstantial. A 2003 paper led by Chris Tyler-Smith, an evolutionary geneticist now at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Hinxton, UK, discovered that 8% of men in 16 populations spanning Asia (and 0.5% of men worldwide) shared nearly identical Y-chromosome sequences. The variation that did exist in their DNA suggested that the lineage began around 1,000 years ago in Mongolia.”

So he got around a bit then?


Resilience is a firm’s ability to respond to and recover from unforeseen environmental shocks. Because organizational drift boss resilience is latent and path-dependent, it is difficult to directly quantify. This paper examines company organizational resilience in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic using pre-shock corporate social responsibility.