Chinese & Financial Crises, Hillary to Replace Biden?

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Political dynamics are under scrutiny following the recent G7 summit. Reports suggest that President Biden’s performance at the summit has raised questions about his leadership, with some speculating that Hillary Clinton might be drafted at the August Convention. This speculation is fueled by Clinton’s longstanding ambition to become the first female president and her perceived readiness to take decisive actions on the global stage.

In international affairs, concerns are mounting over China’s potential influence on Europe’s weapons production. A recent explosion at a chemical plant in Hubei province, which killed three people, has highlighted the critical role of nitrocellulose—a material made from cotton—in the global supply chain. This incident is part of a broader examination of China’s military development and its implications for global security.

On the health front, a study has explored the potential link between spike protein-specific immunoglobulin G4 (IgG4) antibodies induced by mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and cancer progression. The study found that a third booster dose of mRNA vaccines significantly increased IgG4 antibody levels, which are associated with worse outcomes in various cancers. The research suggests that healthcare authorities should monitor IgG4 levels in vaccinated individuals to assess potential long-term side effects, including cancer development. Further research is needed to understand the mechanisms behind IgG4 class switching and its impact on cancer progression.

In economic news, discussions about potential financial crises have highlighted the impact on bondholders and broader economic implications. The conversation suggests that bondholders could face significant losses, and more drastic measures, such as capital controls or wealth confiscation, might be necessary. One proposed measure is the revaluation of gold on the U.S. government’s balance sheet, which could inject trillions of dollars into the economy and reduce the debt-to-GDP ratio, albeit at the cost of high inflation.

The concept of “The Great Taking,” as discussed in David Rogers Webb’s book, posits that global policymakers have quietly shifted the ownership of financial assets to a general claim system, potentially allowing governments to confiscate assets in a crisis. Despite the grim outlook, some experts remain optimistic about the U.S.’s long-term prospects, citing the country’s strong legal system and property rights. They believe that after exhausting all alternatives, the U.S. will eventually adopt policies that lead to high inflation, industrial policy, and wage growth.

Recent statements from key figures like Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan indicate a shift in economic policy, focusing more on national security and less on maintaining the real value of the bond market. This shift suggests that while some financial interests may suffer, the broader American populace could benefit from the changes. The emphasis on prioritizing Wall Street and certain Washington interests at the expense of the middle and working classes appears to be waning, potentially heralding a new era of economic policy.


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…we now have confirmation that Biden will be replaced on the Democratic ticket in the coming weeks. Will it be Gavin Newsom?

Included as part of this scoop is Kamala Harris stepping away from VP to be new Governor of CA. Now that’s what DEMOCRACY looks like!